July 26, 2021

DILEMMA CH2 (contd) p3

Hello ma,good day ma ,ummm I called to know how you are and to apologize for the other day,I was not myself and I completely ruined the day’.yes I finally dialed Mrs Johnson after kj texted her number to me.dialing the number alone took a lot of motivational speeches .
‘There’s no need for that hun,it was not your fault,I even got scared .But I’m glad you’re better now.We’ll have to reschedule another meeting,a proper introduction. One that won’t involve my ruining your clothes and makeup’ she responded
My son does have good eye,you’re a very beautiful lady .Didn’t even know he had it in him she said laughing heartily.
After a series of blushing, apologizing andthanking her for her compliments the call ended.I came to one resolution that’s Mrs Johnson was a lovely woman.
My kids and I learnt about personal hygiene, sums and finally culture before the day was over.
It was cool teaching kids but sometimes you have to get enough demonstrations packed in your head,and simple words too or else you’d just have wasted your energy.
Ironic how babies find it difficult to speak and we hard to teach them in our own words.
The day went well ,except for Paul and his biscuit incident that occurred, the day was pretty normal.
I had notified his father immediately and I could feel his embarrassment while he spoke over the phone.He didn’t even know his kid could reach his drawers.
I did give Paul a talk about gold circle, made him believe it was biscuit that only adults ate.He gave me puzzled looks but pretty much bought the idea.Though convincing him had cost me 3000#.I had to buy him biscuits to make him feel better but as soon as the class got wind of this.Everyone wanted biscuits too like Paul.
Finally they had all gone and I could head home and rest.
Kj called to let me know that he’ll pick me up from work, so I went out to the school garage to wait for him.
I stood admiring the play ground,I walked to the swing ,then took my phone and turned on music.
It was cool sitting there,listening to songs with my earpiece, it was very refreshing. I was so deep into what I was doing that I didn’t notice any one walk up to me.The music was loud ,my eyes were shut,so you really can’t blame me though.
My eyes fluttered open at a tap on my shoulders then I opened my eyes only to face him,the demon there in person.
It took me two minutes to snap out of shock this time thankfully. But he just stood there speechless scanning me from head to toe . Then finally he spoke
‘You know for such a naive girl ,you’ve managed to play this dirty game of yours for long,
Who would have thought that after all these years I would have to deal with a whore like you again’
Now you want to use my son to get to me,listen and listen very good ,you worthless brat.
It’ll be over my dead body! You hear my dead body that I’ll let you ruin my life and my son’s.
You disappeared the first time,it won’t be difficult doing it again, don’t force me to do something that’ll make you disappear again’
With that he walked away,I exhaled so deeply .I didn’t even know I was holding my breath that long.He just threatened me,that horrible creature threatened me ,I was freaking out again.
Deep breaths! Deep breaths! I closed my eyes trying to calm my nerves,then another hand tapped me .With a loud scream I jerked up and hit him so hard.
Mer! Mer! Hey what was that for? He said holding his face ,You just hit me’.
OMG! I’m so sorry KJ ,you just startled me,are you OK.
Wow! You have strong punch there ,you almost ruined my perfect face.Why are you even jumpy by the way,this place is the least place to be scared in’
I just ignored him and wrapped my hands around him ,I needed a little comforting and I seemed to have gotten it for a brief moment, just standing there in the playground standing there with him.welcome to my screwed up life

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