July 26, 2021


I turned on the cooker and started boiling water,it was odd that Gina wasn’t in the kitchen at that hour.She was always good at waking up early,I sat on the stool in the kitchen still rattled from my nightmare. I didn’t want to think  much about it so I kept my thoughts afloat .
Wandering about my family and other people that I missed.
Then it occurred to me that I had not called KJ’s mom to apologize. I really felt bad about how our meeting turned out .I was definitely going to call her as soon as I got to the office.
Where was Gina?
I began to hear faint panthing,coming from the living room,who knows what Gina is up to this time.
Five! Six! Seven!   Babes good morning oo’ she said breathlessly. I managed to mumble out a reply still astonished at my dear friend’s action.
Ginikachukwu Mirian Azubuike’ what are you doing? I mean I know what your doing , but babes ah ah na,what’s with this one.I couldn’t hold it anymore ,I started laughing. God is very wise indeed ,He deliberately put this girl in my life to be my own personal clown and she was always doing a heck of a good job at it.
I kept watching her barely lift herself up from the ground in the name of jumping.She was totally breathless at this point,and she was only at thirteen.’Any moment from now,she’s going to give up,I thought to myself’ while grinning.
And she was on cue, she slumped to the ground. This time my laughter reverberated around the apartment. When she finally managed to lift herself from the ground,she muttered something.
I was curious to know why she’d put herself through something tedious as jumping.My friend Gina was very slim quite alright, but exercise and anything pertaining to it was not her Friend.
One time that I managed to get her do a road walk with me ,she rested so many times and kept eating till we got back home.So when you see someone who abhors stressing her body in the name of exercise jumping,trust me it means something big follows suit.
‘Alika is not fit’ She muttered still trying to catch her breath,for someone who only jumped thirteen times ,she was panthing like she did a hundred push ups.Poor Gina!
What’s that ? I enquired who knows a knew slang or something. Gina was always updated on day to day slangs.so I won’t be surprised if she picked up something else.
Mer,you know when someone sees a very slim person and your like ,hey this girl or this guy is fit.Nnem it’s not true,your stature may not necessarily mean your fit.So alika is not fit.she explained
And why are you up so early M?she asked
Early?it’s almost 5oclock and your saying early ,I’m preparing for work or at least I was before I heard you panthing like a cheetah .Not that I’ve heard how it pants but considering how fast it runs ,it’ll suit you better’ I replied grinning
Cut it out mer,I’m only preparing myself for a bigger cause .Dan and I are getting registered at a gym ,his idea ,so that we can keep ourselves physically fit.So I’m building my body to adapt to exercise she said almost crying.
This was just too funny!
G baby ,you must really love that guy,if you’re willing to jump for him’ ,I just hope he’s willing to become a cheerful giver for your.
the guy got me a three packets of toothpaste for my birthday last year and it was not as if I had mouth odour or bad breath.I could still remember the way he wrapped those things so well.I kept thanking him as if he had actually gotten something cool.
You can imagine my face when I saw the tooth paste,which still had ‘buy two get one free’ label attached to it.
He’s not stingy, he’s just conservative’ Gina replied smiling
Conservative my foot,Oh what love can do to some people.I thought
‘Mer ,I’m  still surprised you’re awake by this time,last week I had to turn your phone off ,after I had silenced your alarm because it couldn’t wake you and it kept disturbing me.You and I know that you love sleep pass anything. So what’s happening?Are you also preparing for how to wake up early,while living with Kj
I had a nightmare’ and it’s about him you know monster man,the one I told you about long ago.
He actually resurfaced, but I’ll be fine’ I breathed out.for a while there I forgot what even woke me up in the first place.G I saw him at KJ’s  place,you won’t believe He’s KJ’s dad. I must have choked a little trying to fight back tears while Gina hugged me so tight.
Her expression was worse than mine, when I went to KJ’s house, Gina’s mouth was wide open and her eyes dilated.She looked like a rat being tortured in a lab
‘ Now I know why you came home early yesterday, who knew how you must have felt seeing him after all these years,I’m so sorry hun’ Gina added while patting my back.’It must have really shocked you, seeing him there after all these years,what’s even more horrible is that he is your ‘soon to be father in law’
I felt slightly better knowing that she was there for me ,finally we walked to the kitchen, split the boiled water, apparently Gina was stressed out from jumping just thirteen times and couldn’t boil her own water.
We just shared mine ,ate a little after bathing and left for work.
What a way to start a day!
Good morning miss Meredith,how was your night?’ Mr’s Patricia greeted trying to catch up with me on the stairs. Mr’s Patricia is a fellow worker like myself ,but quite older than I was .She was a beautiful woman who knew her onions when it came to being a diva.
This woman definitely looked nothing like her age.
I responded smiling and she told me about her son who just flew in from Australia, How he came bearing a lot of gifts and how he was very much single.thankfully no white woman snatched him away from her.I was surprised at her ,it was odd that she’d be telling me a personal detail after all we were not that close, but who Cares maybe she was trying to make small talk.
By the time I got to my own office it was already 8 o clock in the morning,I was very proud of myself that morning. Other days I practically ran to the office like a lady who’s house was on fire.trying as much as possible to get there before 8 and today ,I walked in Majestically into the place.well well well,who knew ! It did pay to wake up early.
I was shaken off from my thoughts, by a resounding ‘Good morning miss Meredith!’
My kids were up and ready to learn ,I returned their greeting and progressed to give all of them a pat in the head.For some reason I missed those children so much ,it was a long weekend after all.
Miss Meredith, my mom got me a new pair of shoes, Blessing said pointing at her new shoe,
Ummm ummm miss Meredith,my daddy got me biscuits’ Jonathan said waving the biscuit in the air’
They seemed excited and her happy and I kept giving out ‘ wow your daddy is awesome,your mom is great’.Maybe that was why everyone wanted to tell me what they’re parents got them over the weekend.
‘Miss Meredith,miss Meredith I found biscuits in my daddy’s drawer,it’s called gold circle .Paul said grinning  it’s even in my bag I took some ,I wanted to share with you.remember it’s good to share!
With that i froze’ Today was going to be eventful as well’……

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