July 26, 2021

DILEMMA CH4 (contd)

Mom, Gina and I were sitting quietly at the table just starting at each other.Gina had her questions which she wanted answered and mom was beyond pissed at me.
I finally cleared my throat and spoke’ Mom are you sleeping here ,should I prepare anything for you?
She only looked at me and nodded, I left immediately to get food stuff for what I’ll prepare for her,I had to prepare soup .
Wetin be #250? You can’t possible think of selling that at 250,that’s too expensive. I was referring to the vegetable the trader was selling to me at 250.
‘No be una go vote una current presido,now everything don cost,ordinary tomato dem dey sell one basket forty something thousand,every time dem go talk fight corruption rubbish!
If you no wan buy just commot from my front oo,no make me vex for you
I just paid her because I was in a hurry and left,I never even voted .so voting the wrong candidate shouldn’t be pinned on me.
Another election was fast approaching and I was planning on voting this time, maybe my vote would actually count.

I got home and started making preparations, Gina excused herself and started helping me still giving me glares.I know I should have told her but I wanted to leave that life behind .I wanted to be the Meredith I am here. I do hope she understands.
Mom ate in silence and when she finished she was ready to finish me with scolding.
Gina noticed the change in the atmosphere and decided to excuse herself.
Chinenyenwa what kind of life are you living here? I can’t believe you left home 3years ago just to be living like a pauper. What exactly do you want with your life.your father and I are more than capable of giving you the best of everything. Why do you keep hurting me eh nwa? What have I done to deserve this ‘ she complained with tears forming in her eyes.
Mom I’m sorry,ndo nu .I’m not just ready to come back home,I know I should have been in touch but I wanted to be away to discover myself.don’t cry please
‘ discover yourself you say,chinenyenwa you could have discovered yourself back home,you should know that running from your problems will never make it go away, your father has been worried ‘I snorted at her statement of worry from my father
Your brothers miss you so much ,even Adaugo said you’ve not been in touch with her .We are your family for crying out loud,stop detaching yourself from us.’
Just last week Vivian got married and everyone came but you,do you know how we felt when your aunts and uncles kept asking of you, even Peter cane back from the states last week .He’s been trying to reach you .nenyenwa bikozie nu ,please come back home.
‘Mom I’m engaged I’ll be coming back home soon,I’m very sorry for cutting you all off but honestly I needed to get away from things and dad was making things difficult for me with his idea of working in the company, I just wanted something different and I found it here.I am actually enjoying the simple life.
You are engaged? She asked with excitement
Yes mom I am,His name is James Johnson and he is an amazing person.
That’s good news,at least your disappearance got you something good,I do hope to meet him before I leave .Thank goodness you are normal ,I was beginning to ask God if you were normal .if you actually liked men ,nenye you have been the most unpredictable of all my children. I can tell what is happening with Adaugo and your brothers but you! No.You’ve always been too independent and secretive.Please nenye let us in ,let me in stop treating us like strangers.
I hugged her and promised to teach out more.My trauma made more self absorbed while growing up and I never had friends except for peter whom his parents sent to study. I had always carried my problems in my heart ,never liked sharing my issues. I felt guilty ,sad ,vulnerable and angry most times and I often detached myself from my siblings.
My father and I had a rough relationship and deep down I blamed him for what had happened to me ,it was because of him that Mr Johnson came into our lives and almost ruined mine.For years I always fell out with my father and when I decided I wanted to teach he went berserk.Father wanted me in the company ,but I was craving for freedom. One day I picked up my things and left our house. I left a note for my mom and my younger brothers and I had seen any of my family members till today .I guess I was too selfish by leaving and I never knew I was hurting my family as well.
Mom stayed for a while analysing my apartment, though Gina made her laugh with her funny jokes .She kept on saying ‘ I love this girl’ on her way out.Mom refused to stay with me,she said she had a business partner to meet .Dad told her to help him out since he was out of the country. Turned out my parents were expanding the family business and  a certain Mr Johnson was also involved. I just hope their Mr Andrew is not the same Mr Johnson that almost ruined my life.I didn’t want ask her if it was Mr Johnson. I was too afraid to find out if they were the same person.
Finally mom’s driver drove off after hugging me several times.I felt pained that I had made her suffer and miss me and I was going to change that.But First I had an apology to render to Gina.

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G I’m sorry’ I said as I walked into her room,she didn’t even make an effort to acknowledge my presence.She just kept doing what she was doing with her phone.
Gina and Instagram,I thought as I sat close to her. Gina was so fond of celebrities that I could actually bet that she was following almost all of them on Instagram.
‘ I wanted to tell you so many times’ I began ‘but I just didn’t find the right moment, soon we just became very comfortable here and I guess I felt very comfortable knowing that life was behind me’
She didn’t even flinch,I simply threw her headset on the ground and she screamed.
Meredith! Do you want to spoil my stuff? This thing here cost me 10k ‘
I tried to stifle the laughter that was almost escaping my mouth but failed miserably. It was just so funny how Gina valued her gadgets so much.How to get a lady’s attention.
You’re not supposed to be laughing M,infact you should be grovelling at my feet,begging for forgiveness. How do you think I felt when your mom walked into this apartment today? I’ve known you for three years,mer three years and it didn’t even occur to you to mention that you come from a family of billionaires’
G I’m so…. I was cut off by ‘The fact that our electricity got off and I went borrowing to get it paid when you can even buy this whole house and more is not amusing at all.Is is that I’m not trustworthy or do you think I’d be after your money.I’m just disappointed’
I’m sorry G it was bad of me to hide it from you,I guess I was selfish there,please I don’t want you mad at me.What can I do to make you forgive me?I asked making a puppy face.
‘ Well you can start by paying me back every form of contribution I have made in this house,getting me an I phone,I’ll think of others’ she replied smiling

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‘And I thought you loved me ,because of me G I’m hurt’i said pretending to be stabbed in the chest.
‘But mer eh ,this your mom dikwa funny,she erased everything you served her,for someone who was upset I was thinking she’d have rejected the food’ 
I couldn’t hold my laughter on hearing that and Gina joined me.My mom never jokes with her food,Dad would always get her cookies and Chinese whenever they had a falling out.And she would eat everything and still pretend to have tossed the food in the trash.
My mom was a food lover and not even anger could diminish that love.
I took Gina out for ice dream,which she did deserve considering how I wasn’t totally honest with her .We bumped into jane but she was in too much of a hurry to stay with us.Seeing her made me want to find out what actually transpired between her father and her Friend. I had a hunch that her friend was also molested but I had to be sure.

Gina ended up making a long list of the things she wanted from me,before we drifted off to sleep.
She included a trip to Dubai with all the expenses sorted by me,a trip to Paris,a trip to Disney land,I kept wondering why she’d even want that, a grown woman.A trip to Hawaii,a motorcycle and other ridiculously expensive things.
I agreed to all because she threatened to stop being my friend. I knew she was joking but I valued Gina so much because she was the only true friend that really got me.I was not ready to ruin that friendship.

I ran hysterically to work the next day and finally agreed to tutor Scott as Nathan and I spoke over the phone.I had to tutor him in their house for two hours and he was willing to pay handsomely.
Paul kept insisting that I tutor him as well as half of the class and I ran out  of excuses to tell them.
I left the school upon a request from my mom to come see her
Did I say request?  I meant a command properly garnished with threats and fake cries’ Chinenyenwa leave that your rubbish school and come and see your mother, how can you be so heartless ,you don’t even want to see me or spend time with me ,If you don’t make yourself available in the next thirty minutes at the location I’ll text you,I’ll call your father and tell him that I want to own a school’
I had to tell the principal that it was an emergency before he let me leave.
Things kids do for their mothers!
It was a nice restaurant with a beautiful outlet,the glasses were so polished and the ground shiny.I wanted to get the meeting over with and I walked really fast to get to my mother’s table.Mother was not alone sadly,for someone who craved her daughter’s attention,hers was divided. I couldn’t make out who they were at first glance,but the other man seemed to have a back view that was very close to KJ’s.Lookalikes I thought ,When I finally approached the table mom stood up to hug me and the two men turned to face me.
Shocked was beyond my current state!
Chineyenwa meet my soon to be business partner Mr Andrew Johnson and his son James Johnson’
With that the bomb exploded in my brain again.

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