July 26, 2021


Mer! Hun! I’m not saying standing here hugging each other is not romantic but ummm,my legs are beginning to ache’
Sorry,wow how long have we been standing here? It just felt really good. I’m sorry for hitting you .I walked to the spring pulled up my bag and left with KJ.
I didn’t really want to talk about what happened with Gina so I decided to sleep over at KJ’s .We picked up food at a restaurant, cooking was very far from my mind and thank God KJ understood.
After dinner I called Gina to let her know I wasn’t coming back home and boy was she excited about the sleep over.She kept saying ‘go for IT girl’ like I was going for a trophy or something.
We played games ,watched movies ,two movies horror movies .Watching romantic movies might not really be good for me .Considering how most of them ended well but my own romantic story was at the brink of survival.
‘He’s only scaring her to get what he wants’KJ said .
What! I replied surprised.
‘ The demon, he knows they’re stronger than him ,he knows he doesn’t have a chance at this battle so he makes them get scared of him,then pounces on their vulnerability and kills them’
All they have to do is use what they have against him and for them to do that they have to make themselves immune to his mind tricks and voila he’s dead’
My mouth was wide open and my heart over joyed.
You are one brilliant, amazing,smart ,sweet fiance I know’ You deserve a kiss!
I pulled him to me and kissed him again,again ,again ,again and again.
He was surprised at first but the kiss got him and he totally forgot what he was going to say.
We continued watching the movie and suddenly I got more interested,’ The demon tried so many times to use fear to catch his prey a little girl,but she somehow managed to make herself immune to his tricks.
It was difficult but finally she defeated him
I was so excited at the ending that KJ began to give me strange looks’ the is she OK look’
But it didn’t matter,God had revealed what I needed to do to defeat this monster. How ironic that it had come from his own son.
Well,well,well Mr Johnson ‘girls do defeat their demons’.
KJ was tired so we went to bed ,wrapped in his arms comfort oozed out from all angles.And for the first time in 8 years I finally defeated the monster in my dreams.

I woke up to breakfast in bed ,how sweet of KJ but then he wasnt there when I woke up.He left a note of how he had an urgent meeting in the office and how Gina was bringing me clothes for work.
Did he just write work,
I sprang up ‘ work, work how could I forget that,I’m so going to be late today ‘
I brushed my teeth,had my bath barely touched my breakfast and kept meandering waiting for Gina to show up.
Finally she did and I hurried to the sitting room to get my clothes.
The things I do for you, I had to call that man with a protruding belly almost hitting the ground,that I have cramps’she said handing over my clothes
Mer! Hun please tell me you ,you actually did it, and if had to come all the way from our house to get you work clothes,on an empty stomach .it has to be for a good cause,here are your clothes.
Gina I’m not even going to answer you,call me boring but I stand with celibacy and I’m too late for work to be having this discussion right now,shoes please!
Yeah ,can we go now ?I said still combing my hair
Alright, boring! I wonder how you and KJ will survive marriage. Oh great! Mr. Joe is calling me ,let’s go .
Matthew please hand over there keys to your oga when he gets home okay,bye.

Remember when I was so proud of myself for coming to work so early,the wat I was strutting majestically into class. Well I was the complete opposite of myself yesterday. I was running so fast I bet I would have won an Olympic gold medal and by the time I was at the door to my office I was out of breath ‘Alika is not fit’ I muttered.I checked my watch and it was 8;15 .Thank God !!
Inspection by the principal doesn’t start til 8;30 ,a deduction in salary for late coming by that man was very far from me.I walked into the classroom still panthing but I’m very sure my kids didn’t notice because they were interested in something else, or should I say someone else.
Finally I was noticed’ Good morning miss Meredith’ they all chorused
Good morning kids! How was your night?I couldn’t make out what they were all saying because they kept answering at the same time but I was pretty sure their nights went well.

Wow,who do we have here? A new student. I should have known this was the source of their distraction.
Good morning miss Meredith, how do you do? I’m Scott and I’m new.he said gesturing for a hand shake.
I shook his little hand,this guy definitely did not come from around here I thought ,he had those English accents and such confidence.
Well good morning to you to Mr Scott and welcome to Nigeria.
When grandma said you were pretty ,I didn’t quite believe her but I must agree that I am stunned by your beauty.wait till dad sees you’ he said giggling

I was blushing at his compliments ,strange how a six year old can make a 23 year old blush.
Well thank you Scott! If I may ask ,do I know your grandma?
She’s a teacher here too,most of you know her as Mr’s Patricia Joseph. He answered still scanning me with his eyes.
Mr’s Patricia? Of course wait so you are the…,doesn’t make sense every six year old is single’
It was nice meeting you Scott and welcome to basic one.
Everyone say welcome to Scott,he’s our new student’

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I turned to the board and started writing our topic for the day.

The bell for break had gone off and I took it as an opportunity to start with my plan.
Hello, Mr’s Johnson I’m so sorry for disturbing you,I feel so bad about what happened that day and I was hoping that we could come over this weekend ,I hope you don’t have any plans?
Of course not,I’d be delighted to have you over.we are old people what plans could we possibly have than to enjoy our children’s company till we can’t anymore. She replied laughing
And it’s good that you called because Jane is coming back home this weekend and we’re throwing a party for her.I’d be more than delighted to have you over sweet heart. Just don’t scare us to death this time.
‘ I promise I won’t,ma , I replied laughing. Have a good day ma!

Step one has already begun
And the bell rang again, break’s over time to finish my job… 

Days flew by and before I knew it. It was Sunday already ,I managed to drag Gina to church and I could tell she was uncomfortable the whole time we spent there.To Gina Christians are judgemental at least our neighbour was doing a good job at that.
Mr’s Chinwe always gives anybody who doesn’t wrap herself in clothes from head to toe a ‘ You are a prostitute look’ and months ago when she had been having her night vigil she mentioned Gina and I in her prayers.It was funny how we could hear her in our rooms,it sounded like she was at our door praying.
‘God please save my neighbours, may they not go to hell because of prostitution,protect the young men they try to seduce and bring them to God,every marine spirit in them father I destroy by fire, onye bi n’igwe kwusicha mpioghari ha n’eme’
I wonder why her husband left her ,a fervent prayer warrior like her.The ones I felt pity for were her kids,the last time they bought animations home .she personally gave them a self conducted deliverance claiming the animations were evil spirits.
Gina doesn’t know that not all Christians are like that but I do.
After service we called KJ to pick us up, I had informed Mr’s Johnson that Gina would be tagging along and she was delighted.If only she knew what we planned for her demonic husband.

The first time I had visited I didn’t take in how magnificent KJ’s family house is.The house was well constructed, the architect who drew the plans is definitely a braniac,the water fountain, the flowers neatly cut and designed .Who knew what specie of axonopus compressus was grown and treated here.The mansion itself was breath taking .it was like a castle built in a beautiful garden.The devil sure did have good taste.

When we rang the door bell,we were greeted by a very happy Mrs Johnson, who kept insisting that we call her Catherine.
For some reason the monster was upstairs when we arrived.from time to time KJ would throw me a reassuring looks and squeeze my arm probably because he was afraid that I’d zone out again. Gina was busy admiring everything in the house and mouthing words to me.
We had offered to help Mr’s Johnson but she insisted that we let her serve or atlest she and her maids.Thankfully the maids were old women,who knew what that demon would have done to them if they were young girls.
Speaking of demon,he chose to finally grace us with his devilish presence ,I made sure to maintain eye contact, even though I was already shaking .This time it was my turn to play games and I couldn’t give him the upper hand.
Few minutes later Catherine called everyone to the dining room and called us to eat.I was definitely wining this war,I hadn’t fainted or gone into to shock since I got there,that’s one start to victory.
We barely sitted on the chairs like Mrs Catherine arranged,she made sure that KJ and I were sitting close to each other and Gina close to me too.But we were directly facing her husband and she.How sweet ,I was facing that dog.The empty seat close to her must have been for her daughter who I was dying to meet by the way.KJ was excited that she was coming back and kept telling me how I would love her.
The door bell rang and we all knew who was there.
Jane’s home! Let’s go meet her everyone ‘ Mr’s Catherine sprang to her feet almost pulling everyone up to meet Jane.Boy! She must have missed her daughter so much.
The door opened to a very beautiful tall young lady,wow! Beauty is definitely a Johnson trait.
She smiled at her mom, hugged her so tight ,slapped KJ on the head which made me Chuckle before pulling him into an embrace .She hugged me as well ,Gina too.But shook Mr Johnson’s hand barely making eye contact. That was odd,it looked as if they had a strained father – daughter relationship and they were trying to be on their best behavior for oursake.
‘Mark! Come on in now ‘Jane called out to a young man outside .When he got in ,she simply walked to him held his hand and said ‘ Everyone meet my fiance’.

That was a bomb,for one Jane had taken my being the only new person in the family idea and dumped it in the trash.But part of me felt good knowing that I had a partner in crime.
Mr’s Johnson was ecstatic at the news,she hugged mark so hard that I began to pity his lungs. But he didn’t even seem to mind,KJ shook him and welcomed him into the family .Mr Johnson just nodded at him.I was not even surprised at that, the devil is supposed to be rude.
Our sitting arrangement was slightly readjusted, KJ and I maintained our position as did Gina but mark was now sitiing in between Jane and her father.
The pair didn’t even act like they were related.
Lunch was served and everyone started eating ,KJ practically a plate of rice in less than five minutes and I was still battling with mine.
I wanted to be sure that the family was not the type that zipped up their mouths during meals before signalling Gina to proceed with our plan.
‘ Meredith, do you have siblings?’ Mr’s Johnson questioned
Yes I do,I actually have three siblings; An older sister and two younger brothers.
Our eldest is married with two kids and she’s a lawyer, my brothers are still very young. Still in secondary school.
That’s very wonderful’Mrs Johnson remarked.’ Your parents must be very happy to have seen their grandchildren so early,can’t wait to get grandkids out of you four.She gestured to KJ and I,also to mark and Jane.
We all laughed and continued eating ,Mr Johnson barely spoke and only gave a weak smile to conversations. Demon! I muttered in my heart.
I let out a cough and pretended to be choking and gulped enough water,Everyone threw concerned looks at me and urged me to eat slowly.Only if they knew why I had coughed.
OMG!! Gina shrieked ‘ Everyone turned to face her at once’
Noticing the eyes on her ,she apologized
Mr’s Catherine was too concerned and couldn’t let it go,so she asked Gina what had happened to her.
‘ I’m sorry I just received a horrible news from my colleague at work.He found out his neighbour’s daughter had been acting strange,he was close to them so he started investigating her.Their mother is a workaholic and is barely home but her fiance took up the job of taking care of the kids.The little girl was always withdrawn and scared so one day he decided to stay home and give her a talk.He missed work that day and had let me in on what he was doing.I never heard from him again till now.Turned out his neighbor’s fiance had been abusing a 13 year old girl,and he had walked in on him raping her.
Nobody spoke a word,but I could sense Mr Johnson tensing up,he wasn’t so composed as he was before.
Finally I spoke’ I wonder why some men are so evil,someone so close to the woman ,that’s just cruel’my eyes were fixed on his .And for the first time I sensed fear.
How can a man be so wicked ,I don’t even know what this world is turning into,I would definitely kill that bastard if the girl were to be my daughter ‘mark muttered
Jane seemed too concerned,was she crying? This was one emotional lady I thought to myself.
I would definitely kill anyone if they tried to hurt my baby’ Mr’s Catherine said looking at Jane
Who tried to fight tears back.
Andrew what do you think?Mr’s Johnson questioned her husband who seemed to be too tensed to contribute
He cleared his throat trying to regain composure and finally he said’ Bastards like him should not be allowed to see the light of another day,they should be locked up’
Satisfied with his contribution Mrs Johnson glanced at KJ ,For some reason through their contributions she felt better knowing she had no pedophile in her family.if only she knew
KJ was busy sniffling, I didn’t even notice he was crying, my fiance is a drama king.
He didn’t need to contribute at all his tears said it all.


Gina poured her emotions into the slice of chicken she was devouring ,for someone who had brought up the topic .She was only interested in making her contributions known to the piece of meat.Typical!
A deafening silence fell upon us and finally Jane spoke
Meredith, how did you meet my brother?please tell us your romantic story.Please I want to hear it?
I wanted to Coerce her into listening another time,but the way every eye in the room lit up and fell on me gave me no choice.Even Gina was eager to hear it which was amusing because she was the first I told the day I met KJ.
Well … I began
We met at a mall, it was hardly a meeting ,zero romance but a good urge to kill.
KJ bumped into me in one of the aisles in the mall as I was Picking up groceries. He didn’t even apologize and continued walking. I would have let it go ,but I was having a bad day and I guess I needed to vent somehow.So I dropped my cart walked straight to him as he was facing the cereals he wanted to buy and I shoved him so hard that he hit the cereals and they all fell to the floor.
He was pissed and demanded an apology but I didn’t even flinch, he owed me an apology first .we created a scene in the mall and the next thing we were dragged out by security.
I walked out of the mall and stood at the gate to get a cab,but none came my way.The rain started pouring and I was just too angry to try to get a shade so I just started walking under the rain.

I kept walking up until KJ splashed me with water while driving off ,I felt my anger boil ten times more.
With few minutes of walking I had started shivering, I halted when he pulled over his car and urged me to get in.I didn’t even resist just went in.He kept giving me wicked glances and finally called me a psycho.I was too cold to even start any argument so I just ignored him.

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