July 26, 2021


The environment was serene,a grassy land and the sound of birds chirping made me swoon with happiness.This place felt like home and oh how I have missed it. I kicked off my shoes and started to feel the grass under my feel,I kept inhaling deeply like someone who had been starved of fresh air.Being in the city for long breathing’development ridden’ air, made me realize that there was indeed a big difference between ,Savannah air and city air.
I closed my eyes savoring the mixture of fragrances that hit my nostrils,KJ had to be around somewhere I thought. He must have brought me here for some special reason. How sweet he can be.I grinned sheepishly
Suddenly I felt KJ’s hand wrapped around my waist,pulling me close to him.My eyes were completely shut and I wanted to enjoy every  second of the moment we were sharing. He turned me gently enough for me to be facing him and then kissed me.
This wasn’t normal ,for one I had kissed KJ enough to know how his lips felt,but whoever was in front me smelled like him’how strange’ but definitely did not kiss like him.I stiffened at the thought and slowly my eyes began to flutter open.’OMG ! It was the damn monster,I began to spit out as fast as I could,in the bid to erase the feel of his moth,worm ridden lips on mine.
How dare he? He was KJ’s father for God’s sake,then while he gave a wicked laugh probably to demoralize me.I noticed he had KJ’s shirt on him,not just any of his shirt.The shirt I had gotten him myself for his birthday.The monster looked at me and gestured towards KJ tied to a tree ,wounded and trying in his own way to riggle out.
Then he said in his hoarse and devilish voice’You can’t save him,you won’t until you give me what is mine,you belong to me’ you know you do.We both have unfinished business.
I began to hyperventilate ,but I felt unusually weak .I wanted to run to KJ and free him but my feet won’t even move.I tried screaming but the sound Won’t escape my throat.I was just stuck .
He gave a wicked laugh once again and with a strong force he pushed me to the ground.I wanted to curse him,to kick him but my body went limp.
Tears began to form in my eyes ,finally he was hovering over me a wicked smile plastered on his face.My whole being was fretting ,he dug his gross nails into my skin leaving marks,satisfied with his signature. He ripped my clothes off.
‘Dear God please save me ! I know I’m a sinner but please save me from this devil of a man
Suddenly my hands were not mine anymore ,they looked much smaller like a girl’s.
I kept on making incessant prayers in my mind since my tongue had betrayed me,he was set to devour me and finally ,the ground swallowed me.
I couldn’t breathe,I was slipping, don’t die mer! Don’t die !
I jerked up ,panthing like I had run a marathon. I was  sweating profusely and my heart was very close to Saturn dancing on it’s rings by now.My whole body was trembling and my lips clattering.
I began to mutter things like’ I’m fine,I’m great, I’m OK, I’m cool,’ just to calm myself and after few minutes I was calm.I reached out for my lamp and turned it on,I began to scan my body for marks but fortunately none could be seen.
Relieved I slumped to bed’stupid nightmare’
My bed sheet was on the floor and my pillows very close to kissing the ground, I must have messed up my bed while dreaming.
I reached out to my drawer and brought out my Bible, I quickly flipped to Psalms 91 saying each word as though the enemy was there.afterwards I gazed at my clock it was already 4;30 am .I sprang up to my feet ,I had to prepare for work .
I sauntered to Gina’s room to wake her, but she wasn’t there.She must have gone to kitchen to prepare food or boil hot water for bathing.

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