July 7, 2020

DILEMMA (contd) p3

Do you think ,is ….can you get a pulse?  I enquired still scared to death.’What is wrong with the universe ? And why is it against me today’.Chineke !
‘Wait babe ,I’ll be right back’ with that he left ‘ I was contemplating on giving mouth to mouth to the individual sprawled on the floor, Thank God KJ got a pulse.
Where the heck did he even go to,we’re supposed to be saving her for crying out lord.
Poor Gina !!
KJ came back with a bucket of water and the next thing both Gina and I were covered in water.
Jesus Christ! ‘What’s with the ‘ Johnson’s and  reviving people with water.Drench me twice ,shame on him . I didn’t even bother speaking to him ,I simply wiped my face with my hands and shifted my attention to Gina.
The good thing about their horrible means of resuscitation is that it always works.Gina was already moving her hands and mumbling things.So I quickly knelt close to her and tried to make out what she was saying.
‘D-did I hreak ma hone’she enquired writhing in pain.I was totally confused because I didn’t get what she was mumbling.
Ma hone!’ She said a little bit louder
Oh! Your phone! Christ Gina you were hit on the head and the first thing you ask of is your phone?
You’re not even OK in the head and my mistake must have just worsened your messed up head.
KJ and I managed to get her up and we brought her to my room,her phone was not broken thankfully but it was wet.
We checked her head for bleeding and KJ decided to get a doctor  that’ll check her properly. Gina was a bit better atleast she was vehement enough when she asked if I also spoilt her earpiece.some people and gadgets!
I helped her wipe water off her body with a towel and while I was cleaning her up she kept staring at me like a lost soul.I dissemble her phone so that it could dry
Finally with a grin plastered on her face she spoke’ Mer,what were you guys doing alone in the apartment, and why are you wet’
Really! did this girl happen to lose her whole sense from the hit,
‘Gina we were not doing anything, especially anything that you’re thinking about,you have a rotten mind.I got wet from the water KJ used to revive you.
But it was the second shower of blessing I got today’
Oh! She managed to say,slightly disappointed’ I was hoping for a mind blowing gist ,especially from a boring girl affianced to a boring guy’ Well thank God nothing happened between you two ,I’m sure KJ would have been having series of nightmares after doing anything with you.
Girl,you look like Dracula and I don’t mean hotel Transylvania Dracula,he’s way too cute.You look like Dracula 3000 in the flesh .
Thank you ‘ I said still checking for other wounds that she might have sustained. I didn’t see any and I was relieved. But I still had to wait for a doctor to check her out before coming to any conclusion.
‘Mer, you said second time you’re getting wet ,how’d you get wet the first time, oya oya spill’ besides I wasn’t even expecting you home this early.You were supposed to be seeing his parents and don’t tell me that they disapproved of you and sent you on your way so fast and that’s why you’re here’
Because if that’s the matter I’ll trace Mr’s Johnson to her office wherever she works and pay her back with a bucket of water ,just like her son did me’
I was smiling when she finished because as stupid as she sounded I couldn’t help but think of Gina baptising the poor old lady,but then not because of KJ’s water pouring act ,but hers .Mr’s Johnson was actually the one who began this chain of water bathing today and it partly made sense if she received hers too.
Bad bad thinking, she’s my soon to be mother in law she doesn’t deserve that,Gina I’ll tell you what happened later,OK just rest.
Mr’s Johnson doesn’t deserve your fury yet.let’s talk about you breaking in instead,You have a key and how did you climb a story building and break into the kitchen.You could have died today, you know’
She sighed and narrated how she forgot her keys at her boyfriend’s house,got soup stains on the dress she had gone to his house with,and had to come back with his hoodie and joggers.And how she got her experience of breaking in and entering from many ‘sneak out to parties’ she had done while growing up.
I left the room with a new secret uncovered about my friend ,and decided to finally rid myself of the zombie look.
KJ returned later with a young doctor who proceeded to check out Gina’s body.Who seemed to have enjoyed bombarding him with irrelevant questions about his sex life. The poor doctor was already embarrassed and  one could tell he was praying to be done with his work.
When he finished I saw him off with KJ and went back to prepare dinner.Finally the day was over and while I stared at the ceiling I couldn’t help but wonder about seeing that monster today,and most especially how he was my fiance’s father.
‘ How am I going to survive this,God help me’ I managed to drift off to sleep but the demons weren’t kept at bay,for I saw him there again.

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