July 26, 2021


Chizzy!….mum called out “make sure you boil that rice before I come back “

“OK ma “. I was actually home alone and I couldn’t wait to go to the porch and receive some fresh air, the afternoon was so hot!!. – I wanted to take off myskin and sit in my bones..

Finally I was done and I was already receiving  the fresh air. I was eating my pureblissbiscuit until I saw Miriam. Miriam’s house was just opposite ours, a 26yr old lady who behaves like  a 10yr old. Ohmmm onye apari a(this stupid person) , I contained. 😒I kept on wondering why she was smiling at me, I knew she was up-to something fishy

She was cooking spaghetti, I  could see her through their kitchen window  because it was wide open and the funny part of it was, she also had ugu leaves and she added it to the spaghetti. Hmmmmm,what  sort of delicacy Could that be ?” Afo ga askwa nmadu ebe a “(í Just Hopesomebody doesnt sleep in the toilet)

“Chizzycome and eat spaghetti “Ifeoma said,  , “No ” I answered apruptly and grimaced

“No I will give you some “aunty insisted , the next thing I saw was a black water proof flying like a parachute rightinside our porch .Everywhere got dirty with the splattering of the spaghetti.

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“Thunderfire you there !” and  that was how we started exchanging words. It pained her when I called her olodo, the nexttime I see you for road….i go beat you! Miraim flared up, I go break you into pieces !! Í continued hurling insults at her.

You won’t do anything oo (I was actually scared but I couldn’t afford to make her notice it and I stood my ground)


Oh no…..this woman’s akara has finished ,I would have to wait for another round . I hadgone to a nearby street to buy akara for my breakfast, I didn’t want to eatrice like every other person In the house.

😶😶😶😶😶😶😶what!!!!!!! Guess who I Just saw, miram!!😭     my heart jumped into my stomach ,oh my God!  I’m dead oo, I started sweating profusely …what do I do now? I knew she had already seen me , I didn’t want to make it look as if I was aware of that,I had to detour … What I saw next was someone who was approaching me . Mama-nkwere was already putting my akara, I left both the akara and my money and zoomed off .My chest was beating fast Miriam chased me(kaii this anty can run oh no wonder she had this masculine body) . I ran as fast as my leg could carry me and immediately I entered our compound, Miriam hit me on my buttocks and my  short went down ( I was this veryslim girl when I was little) I just dragged the short up and ran into the house. I felt embarrassed because my playmates were laughing at me and thissmall boys had seen their Lil antys pant 😒


But waitooo, how could a 26 year old lady be chasing a 12yr old girl 😢

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