July 26, 2021

DILEMMA CH-10 (contd)

Gina came back and met me in the sitting room looking very awful and she immediately sensed something wrong, she walked into the kitchen and got me a glass of water. I gulped everything and dropped the glass. Then she sat close to me, pulled me close to her and started patting my back. I thought I was done with the water works but somehow tears began to fall again. 
I told Gina everything that happened and she was also angry. Gina felt KJ was very quick to judge me
” I’m serious mer, stop defending him, he saw your pic with a man so what, he should trust you enough to know that you wouldnt do that, now mer the real issue at hand is how the picture came about. How can you not remember anything, were you drugged? I’m so confused and scared. 
I don’t know, I get the feeling that someone follows me, a black Honda car but I waved it off as a coincidence. The day I got drunk it was jane who found me, do you think that maybe Andrew must have done this that day? 
She just nodded
“The only other person who I’ve spent time with is Nathan and scott is always around us, well mostly around us but I don’t think he’d do such a thing”
Let’s not leave anyone out mer, besides I’ve seen the way the guy looks at you, if you ask me I think there’s love brewing in his heart”
G let’s not talk about this anymore okay, I think I’ve had enough of Andrew, I’m sick of being scared of everything, dwelling in the past I think it’s time for me to move on. But first everyone needs to know what Andrew did to me, including his wife and KJ. Now if KJ decides not to believe me I won’t care but right now all I want is for that man to pay for his crime “
I agree with you mer, and I’ll help you do whatever you want to do, but first please remove my headset from under your butt, it needs oxygen for staying there for long, my poor baby! 
Gina always has a way of making me laugh and with a matter of minutes I was laughing my heart out. 

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