June 18, 2021

DILEMMA CH4 (contd) p2

As I stood facing my mom and the Johnson’s, I thought of many scenarios being played out in my head
First scenario
Mom introduces me as her daughter, I remain dumb ,KJ very astonished and upset and Mr Johnson probably grinning
Second scenario
I don’t let mom finish her introduction before running out of the restaurant ,as fast as my leg can carry me .that would be embarrassing and mom and the Johnson’s would probably come after me
Third scenario
Cut mom off from her introduction if she hadn’t told the Johnson’s already that I’d be coming .

I did a brief analysis of the three scenarios and decided to go with the third,I thought it best for KJ to hear about my family from me and for some reason I felt it was better for me to keep my family away from Mr Johnson. I still wonder why my parents want to expand their business with him,he did bail on them the first time after he decided to play with me.A part of me did wonder if Mr Johnson knew that my mother was my mom.He did come to our house on that faithful day or maybe he also didn’t know I was a member of the family.
‘Well Mr Johnson… James meet my dau’ mom was caught off by my voice screaming niece .
I’m her niece’ I repeated making signs to my mom with my eyes,hoping she’d catch them and play along.
‘ Her brows arched up, probably wondering if I was okay,but she decided to play along thank goodness.
My niece Chinenyenwa ,she is like a daughter to me ‘ she said stressing the daughter to imply that she didnt enjoy the show I was putting on.
KJ got up and  kissed me on the forehead looking very surprised that I knew my mom,which was funny.Mr. Johnson acknowledged my presence by nodding .So much affection coming from my soon to be father in law.
KJ was pleased to know that I was related to my mom and gave me the’ we’ll discuss about this later’ look.His look was simple, to stare into my eyes till I felt the heat of the intense gaze.
Mom was however curious to know why I had allowed a kiss from KJ and why they seemed quite acquainted with me.
‘Nana ,this is my fiance the one I told you about and Mr Johnson is his father’
Pleased was an understatement for what mom was feeling ,there was a big smile plastered on  her face and she had to give KJ a very long bear hug.She also managed to pull the grumpy Mr Johnson into a hug .
We ate and talked about many things,well mom talked mostly about me(the embarrassing stories of my childhood) while KJ laughed .Mr Johnson let out a  smile or two and continued with his lunch.
Mr Johnson took care of the bills while my mom,KJ and I waited for him in the car.
Mer hun I never knew I had competition, you didn’t tell me of your love for RMD(Richard Mofe Damijo) ,you even shot Stella with a toy gun out of jealousy ‘ KJ said laughing.
I was very embarrassed at that,when I was a child I loved the actor so much that whenever we watched his movies,I’d dress up as a bride hoping he’d marry me before the movie ends,but sadly he wouldn’t. Stella Damascus was my competition, he was always her husband in most of the movies. Thank God I got over that love.
KJ received a call about an emergency at the office and had to leave immediately, Mr Johnson followed suit and I was left with mom and her driver.
‘ Something awful must have happened that made them both leave like that’ mom said
Yeah I think so,I was hoping to talk to him,I guess that’ll be later’ I responded.
‘ Chinenyenwa what was that all about? Introducing me as your aunt,you better have a very good explanation’
KJ doesn’t know that I come from a wealthy family, I always told him that I didn’t like talking about my family while we were dating ,I only gave very brief details and I never showed him pictures of anyone .I felt it wise to be the one to open up to him about who we really are’
Mom you practically dragged me out to this place and you couldn’t even tell me we were not going to be alone’
Well….I didn’t plan on meeting Andrew today I only bumped into him and when he told me the handsome young man was his son,I had to get you here by all means.He has a fine man for a son ‘
My mouth was hanging open by the time she had finished,was my mom half awake the other day when I told her that I was engaged or did she decide to deliberately forget that very important information.
Chinenyenwa oh please don’t give me that look,I thought you told me about that engagement just to make me happy and probably reduce the anger I felt towards you,I never knew you were serious.Besides Chinenyenwa it’s not the first time you lied about guys in your life.You told me Peter was your boyfriend in high school, I kept sending him gifts anonymously only to find out he was dating Lillian’s fat daughter.I got that boy a Rolex ‘ 
Laughter erupted from my chest upon hearing that,mom did pester me a lot about getting a boyfriend and I had to convince peter to play the role to get her off my back.
‘ Mom why would I lie about being engaged, I wouldn’t joke with something as serious as that trust me’
Well nenyenwa you can’t actually convince people that you are,when you don’t have a ring to show for it’
She was right about that I guess,my hand was bare not because KJ didn’t give me one,he actually got a very beautiful and expensive diamond ring.But I didn’t like wearing rings,it was one issue that made KJ and I fight a lot,but he saw that it was probably impossible to change that and just let me be.
I remember he told me after we had a fight about wearing the ring and I was very upset .that in his own words’ I don’t need you to wear a ring to show that you’re taken,I guess it’s me being insecure, I have your heart to show for it,don’t worry I’ll wear a ring for both of us’ KJ can be very sweet sometimes
I had decided after that day to wear my ring occasionally.
‘ Mom I don’t need a ring to convince people that I’m engaged you know,men would still come after me ring or not,men even go after married women’
‘ well nenye men would always go after a very beautiful lady like yourself anytime, and it’s because you are a product of a very fine woman like myself,don’t you see how beautiful and young I look, I’d probably ask for a role for 28 year old  woman and I’ll get it in a heart beat’
I ended up laughing at that,mom decided to drop me off at school and even though I tried to get her to leave she decided she wanted to meet my kids.Which was odd because mom was not really a child person.I could already sense a disaster brewing.
When we got to class I relieved miss Gloria and assistant teacher the duty of watching the kids and they were quite excited to have me back.
‘Everyone meet Mrs Onwuka  Edith she’s my …..’
I was cut off by a very loud and resounding ‘ grandmother!?’ ‘Wasn’t my mother saying she looked 28 few minutes ago,this must have hurt’
Oh boy! These kids are so dead today and mom had already turned red.

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