July 26, 2021


When we got to my apartment it was so dark,that we had to use our phones as torchlights to avoid hitting our toes on the stairs.
‘NEPA can really be annoying sometimes,’ I spoke.
The room was quiet,which meant Daniel was no longer around. I knocked twice on the door before the door creaked open.
I could feel that Gina was sad ,she would have probably said something funny when she saw me,instead she just muttered a greeting and walked back in.She didn’t even notice Jane behind me.Jane kept the things we bought on the table,we stopped at a restaurant and bought food, even got ice cream.I had sensed that we would need to eat them especially Gina who I predicted would be in a sour mood.
While Jane was unloading the food in the other take out bag she mistakenly knocked Gina’s headset over.I actually froze thinking she would have screamed but she didn’t even utter a word.
Gina must be in a bad place right now if she could wave off her precious headset hitting the ground.
Jane stooped low to pick it up and the light came back on,well NEPA was on cue.I had a flashback of the last time Gina and I went to pay the electricity bills,how she had created a scene because she felt that they were charging us above the correct rate.
We paid higher fees but the light was not steady, that day we were almost thrown out by security but after so many threats of burning the workers and the whole place the matter was looked into.
Gina was right after all,one of the staff had been stealing from people by making them pay higher after sending in wrong calculations from false meters.
That is the Gina I enjoy so much,seeing her quiet and sad brought me sadness too.
‘Jane! How did you get here? Gina finally spoke after she noticed Jane
I came in with Meredith, you probably didn’t see me it was dark anyways, so how are you? Jane enquired  very relieved that Gina spoke to her.
While they conversed I heated the food ,boiled hot water for bathing .
When I got to the living room I was surprised to see bottles of beer standing very close to Gina.
Apparently Jane had gotten them hoping We’d be alcohol lovers like her but unfortunately I was not.
I served the food and we ate in silence,not until Gina finally opened up to me what had happened.
The stingy boyfriend of hers had the nerve to cheat on her and he wasn’t even apologetic about it.Gina was very sensitive to that because she had grown up with a cheating father who put her mom through hell and discovering that about Daniel had made her remember her past.
I was beyond angry,I always knew Daniel was a horrible person deep down .stingy manwhore!
I could tell Gina was trying so hard to be strong in  front of us and I guess Jane noticed that too because she shocked us with a revelation.
Mark and I are not engaged, we are just pretending .I’m actually using him to piss my father off.My father’s business rival is Mark’s father and they are also arch enemies so I’ve been using him to get to my father.we are just friends’
By the time she had finished Gina and I were staring at her with our mouths wide open and our eyes fixed on her face.
What! Chei ! This girl you get mind oo’ Gina finally spoke after we recovered from our momentary shock .
Jane reached out for the drink beside her and opened two bottles. She handed one to Gina and the other to me but I rejected it.
I was alcohol intolerant and the last time I managed to sip the one Gina brought home she had to literally tie me to the chair.
Watching them gulp the beer made me wonder if I was the odd one in the group.
Thankfully our conversations became more active and Gina livelier ,we talked about the crazy things we did while growing up .
Gina confessed to stealing her father’s 50k one time,just because she wanted to show off in school,which earned her a suspension because a teacher found out and reported her.
Jane spoke of losing her virginity to her teen boyfriend who left her for another girl after that.She did pay him back by secretly leaking his nude pictures to the school.I didn’t even know how to handle her former revelation and now she was giving another one.
I was the only one who only did as much as running away from home.I was actually the least devious one out of the trio.
As the alcohol kicked in they began to talk about how much they loved their family,Jane kept talking of how she wished KJ was a girl and how she’d force him to wear bras whenever she had to keep secrets from their parents from him.
I decided to slip out to call my sister then,hearing them talk about family made me realize I was losing connection with mine.
My sister Judith was thrilled to hear from me ,though it was brief and we were interrupted so many times by her yelling to her kids to stop doing strange things that they were doing.I enjoyed speaking to her.
‘ I’ll call you again tomorrow OK ,take care bye’ I wanted to keep an eye on the two drunk ladies in the living room.As I walked pass Gina’s room I noticed that the place was wrecked ,I won’t be surprised if Daniel was bleeding after the horrible state I saw that room in.
I decided it would be best if I slept In the living room while Gina  and Jane shared my room for the night,hopefully they won’t throw up in it.
I helped Jane get to my room and she kept telling me how she loved  Gina  and I and how we were sisters and BFFs .Loneliness must have really dealt with her.
Gina kept sending Daniel horrible texts, she even sent one of how she pictured him being crushed by a heavy car.
I couldn’t get them to bathe so I was the only one who had my bath. I managed to get a pillow out Gina’s messed up room .
I wasn’t going to feel comfortable on the couch so I decided the floor was better.I closed my eyes briefly hoping to drift to sleep only to be woken by Jane’s voice saying
‘ these pillows are softer than the ones we have in that room,oh how fluffy’
The only problem with what she was saying was that it wasn’t the pillow that she was squeezing but my boobs.I had to hit her hands off my body and strapp them to her body.She threw her hands around me and I just gave up fighting her.Maybe it won’t be bad having a companion on the floor after all.
Gina soon joined in and kept calling me her fluffy pillow, I wonder what must have gotten into them.
I was now in between the two drunk ladies with Jane at my right holding me so tight and Gina at my left doing the same if not worse.
I finally managed to drift off to sleep few minutes later and I kept dreaming of myself squeezing in between my two brothers because I was cold and scared and they kept telling me they loved me but they sounded more like Gina and jane.


I woke up with so many aching body parts but I managed to get to work,Gina couldn’t go because of the state she was in and thankfully she had Jane to keep her company. I specifically told them to clean the whole house as it reeked of alcohol though I might have been exaggerating a bit.
Work went well as usual and during my break I spoke with KJ who told me he had two more weeks to finish what he was doing. I was very disappointed that he was not coming because I was missing him so much and I was craving so much for his kisses.
My routine of being picked up by Nathan continued and I got more comfortable around him,we discussed so many things and Scott was improving in languages. He sounded English pronouncing the words but it didn’t matter for now.He could identify all the alpahabets in Igbo language and call them out.

Jane decided to get more of her clothes and practically moved in with us.Gina was improving or at least so I thought .Apart from very mean words she’d throw at some cab drivers,street boys and even little boys ,I would say she was fine.One day she made a little boy cry when she yelled’ your papa na goat ‘ at him
I called my sister often and the other day I spoke with my brothers. They were thrilled and even suggested to come to Asaba but I promised them that’d I’d be back home.I did miss them so much.
‘M who’s the guy that’s been dropping you off at this house? Gina questioned
That’s Nathan the father of the boy I tutor,he’s been saving me transport these days,he actually invited me to see a movie today,but I turned him down .I was hoping KJ would be back by now’
Did you say movie,please let’s go and see it,it’s Friday and we are just sitting here like we are dejected. When we are three beautiful ladies who can go out there and rope in men to pay for our tickets except Meredith of course.She’s taken by my brother, seriously let’s go out and have fun.Jane suggested
Why don’t I call Nathan and ask if we could go see the movie with him,I’m sure he wouldn’t mind and Jane none of you are roping men in to do anything for you.
Nathan was of course thrilled that I decided to come and I had to beg him to let my two friends tag along.He suggested picking us up and I was glad he did.
When he got to my place we were already ready,though I didn’t quite understand Gina’s outfit. She was dressed like she was going to a club and while we walked pass Mrs chinwe she made sure she walked so slow and drew her already skimpy dress further up.Mrs chinwe kept muttering things about prostitutes and drew the sign of the cross in the air after we walked by.
Jane was enjoying every bit of the circus Gina was putting on and kept laughing, we had told her of our neighbour Mrs Chinwe and she was delighted that Gina was tormenting the woman.
Nathan got down from the car to open the door for us and I could tell the two ladies behind me were oogling with happiness. Scott was sitting directly behind his father and I sat 
beside Nathan.Gina kept poking me and Jane encouraged her by laughing.
When we got to the cinema Nathan took care of our tickets and we got in each with a chuck load of popcorn.
Nathan and I were sifted in the middle while Jane sat beside Nathan, Scott beside me and Gina at Scott’s right hand.
Gina and Jane were not so thrilled it was a sci fi movie and couldn’t point out any super hero except black panther.We had so many ‘ shut up’ coming from the back from the times we tried to explain what was happening in the movie.
Gina finished her popcorn and started eating off of Scott’s own who protested initially but became suddenly quiet and scared after Gina whispered something into his ears.Poor boy,I knew I should have never let him sit close to Gina.
‘It’s so sad that half of the super heroes disappeared,Tony did his best go stop thanos though’Nathan spoke as we came outside .
Iron man was my favorite super hero ,I liked the combination of wealth,humor and intelligence that he possessed. We decided to stop for ice cream and so many people were staring at Gina like she was a hooker but she couldn’t care less.
After we finished,I got Nathan and Scott food ,I felt I needed to do that seeing how he had been spending on my friends and I .He was not so thrilled with the idea but he still accepted it.
‘ miss Meredith ,would you mind my sitting right there in front with you,I don’t think I’m comfortable with sitting beside this lady here’ Scott pleaded
Yeah of course,come here there’s enough room for both of us’ 
Nathan threw a disapproving look at Scott but the boy was probably too scared of what was behind to bother about his father.
I picked up my phone and texted Gina and question her about what she had told Scott and she texted back 
‘ I told him that if he didn’t share his popcorn with me that I’d strip and the cockroaches crawling on my body will come out and eat everything’
I let out a giggle and tried so much to avoid Nathan’s questioning gaze.
When we got to my place Gina and Jane thanked Nathan and went upstairs. I stayed behind to talk with them a little before leaving. I hugged Scott and before I could even protest Nathan pulled me into a bear hug.
I was stunned but calm as well,I didn’t know why I did but I hugged him back wrapping my arms around him .I felt like I had needed a hug with everything that had been going on .I actually found my self sniffing his Cologne until the reasonable part of my brain made me pull out.
I smiled and bade them goodbye.
While walking up I picked up a paper,which must have fallen out of either Gina or Jane’s bag.
It read’ ST Peter’s psychiatric Hospital’ I now knew whose it was.When I got to the room I his the card in my bag and when they had gone to bed I pondered on what to do with it.
I remembered when Jane had told me of her friend saying a bad man was feeding her and I thought with so much conviction that the bad man could be Mr Andrew.if it was really Mr Andrew it meant that the lady was in trouble.
I tip toed to Gina’s room and started going through Jane’s things ,till I saw a file that had her friend’s name in it.
This was either now or never ,I  had to do something to save that girl and I knew just who to help me.
Hello mom
Chinenyewa why are you calling this late ,is everything okay? 
Mom I need you to do something for me,do you still have Dr Philip’s number? Please you need to make him do something this night for me .I’ll send you something on WhatsApp, please you need to do it this night.I’ll explain later,bye mom goodnight.
With that I snuck to my room and drifted to sleep.
That night I dreamt of KJ and I at the church on our wedding day but when the priest had told KJ to  kiss his bride I ended up almost kissing Nathan.
I had woken up after the dream but slept back almost immediately.

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