July 26, 2021


I woke up with a raging migraine,I realized that I was not on my bed.It was pitch black so I couldn’t tell why the bed felt so strong. I was too tired to stand up so I planned on rolling to the edge of the bed then placing my feet on the ground before lifting my body up.I only managed to roll over twice before hitting the floor.I had also hit another person in the process,she  yelled out in pain and I knew who it was from her voice.
Jane! Jane! I’m sorry,could you please turn on the light and what are you doing on the floor?
I managed to move away from her body and she got up and turned the light on.I felt the light was too bright as it burned my eyes and made my migraine worse.I ended up holding my hands over my eye but atleast it was very clear to me that I was not in my home.
How did we get here? What happened at the party? Where’s Gina ?How come KJ is not here with us? I kept throwing questions at Jane because I couldn’t remember what happened at the party.
She was just surprised at my questions and tried answering all 
While she spoke things came back to me in bits,Then I remembered how I threw a glass of was it wine or champagne on KJ again.I couldn’t remember,I was in a serious mess,how could I have let that man get into my head.KJ would never cheat on me.
‘Jane I am very stupid ,what was I thinking .Have you spoken to him ,is he still angry at me.I let insecurity get to me that’s why I acted that way.I need to speak with him,do you have my phone?
Yeah it’s in my purse,KJ has also been calling you.Whatever happened you should know that KJ loves you enough not to disrespect you.He had a not so good past with women horrible even but he would never treat you poorly.I’ve seen the way he looks at you and cares for you he does love you.Women will always throw themselves at my brother which is quite obvious from what that skank was doing yesterday but he loves you too much to hurt you’
Thanks Jane,I better call him then ,how did we get here? The last thing I remember is throwing up in the rest room.alcohol never goes well with me’
You really don’t remember what happened last night? I got you home by myself and musa helped get you in here.You were quite the actress yesterday’ She answered smiling
I hope I didn’t cause any disaster or spill any money making secrets’ I had intended for that to be a joke but instead I watched Jane tense a bit.Then she stood up and went towards the kitchen
‘I’ll get you something to help with the hangover,Mer you are one strong,beautiful lady and I really do want you to be a part of this family and whatever happens I’ll be here for you”
When she came I had no idea what the concoction she gave me was ,but I gulped it down and took the pain killer she gave me.
She insisted that I don’t help her with breakfast and even prepared my water for bath,brought me clothes and served me breakfast. Jane has always been caring but the kind of meticulous care and attention I was receiving from her this morning was quite suspicious.

I texted KJ and told me to meet me at Jane’s ,I was so embarrassed at my behavior at the party.
He texted back and said he’d be coming in the afternoon ,thank God it was a Saturday and I didn’t have to go to school .I needed to get KJ something to appease him so I convinced Jane to drive me to the mall.
I knew just what to get him.

When KJ arrived I was  in the kitchen Jane left the door open, Gina had called us threatening to kill us if we didn’t get her ,she thought I was having a sleep over at Jane’s and left her to sleep alone in the apartment.
Jane didn’t want to leave because she never wanted me to help her out but she was the one with the car so she had no choice.I was slicing onion for stew and as always it brought tears to my eyes ,I went on to slicing pepper with my hands which I knew was a big disaster because I often rub my eyes with my hands and right on cue I rubbed my eye and the pepper slipped into my eye.
I yelled so loudly in the kitchen and was surprised when KJ appeared.He was very worried and my eyes were blinking so fast with the dried tears on my face.
He got me out of the kitchen and took me to the bathroom where he washed my face ,for someone who was angry with me he only showed nothing but love.Relief came to me but I had gotten my shirt wet.
I wanted to say something but KJ beat me to it
‘What were you thinking putting pepper in your eyes,you’re supposed to be more careful and where is Jane, I wonder why she doesn’t have a chef it’s not like she can’t afford one’
She went to get Gina and I don’t think she would have wanted me to help out,I’m just to clumsy that’s all,ummm can I talk to you ? not here though I’ve ruined this shirt.
I actually wanted to talk to him in the bedroom was because of the things I got him.I gestured for him to sit on the bed before I started apologising 
‘Ummmm baby I’m very sorry for what happened yesterday, I know I was stupid and acted a bit crazy or very crazy,immature when I saw you with that lady.I had no right to ruin your cloth and I shouldn’t have even tasted those drinks ,I’m very sorry for everything and I should trust you more and never let my insecurities get to me’
KJ never said a word oh boy he must still be really angry
‘Mer I had to borrow a suit at the party when I wanted to give a speech with father,mother kept asking of you and I told her you left because you were sick. The point of getting all those things I got for you was to let everyone know at the party,my employees especially that we were engaged. I wanted to announce it to everyone and I was very disappointed with how everything went. Mer we will be getting married soon and the key to every successful marriage is understanding, communication and trust. Whenever you don’t feel comfortable with who I’m with or what I’m doing just tell me,talk to me.we may not agree at first but we will work it out.
I am also sorry if I made you feel neglected but the lady I was with was a representative of her Father’s company and we plan on doing business together. We had history in the past and she crosses the line most times but I’ll never do anything to compromise what we have.’

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Ummmm , I don’t know what to say ,I ruined something big ,my surprise announcement. I’m such a mess.I’m very sorry ,am I forgiven?
He replied with a ‘maybe’
Really what do I have to do to make you forgive me ? I hate seeing you angry at me
‘Mer I don’t think I know for now’
Ummm I got you  something, but I think I’ll just eat them while I wait for you to come up with what will make you forgive me.I unwrapped one candy and started licking it slowly making sure that it was taunting him.watching him crave for something and not ask because of his ego was amusing .I decided to make things much more difficult for him.
Mer what are you doing? He asked suddenly very uncomfortable at the new development
Well while washing my face you also spilled more than enough water on my shirt so I think this one needs to go off and I need another one.
I actually started unbuttoning my shirt slowly and by the time I was done KJ was beyond amazed.
I know ,it’s not everyday I pull a sexy lady stunt,but this whole thing was working perfectly fine.No wonder some women had their husbands wrapped around their fingers.
If you’re not comfortable watching ,I think you should step outside a little, this won’t take time.
On second thought I think I need to find a color that suits this very sweet candy and it will take time.
So sat very close to him making that his eyes were on me
After some minutes of thinking within himself he finally stuttered and answer
‘Fi …fine,okay ‘
I didn’t quite get you mister ,what is fine?
I forgive you Mer ,stop tormenting me please and hand me one candy?
Laughter erupted from my chest ,typical of males to fall for feminine charms.
I think you deserve more than just a candy ,I scooched over to his position sat on his lap and passed the candy from my mouth to his through a kiss.I am so loving this sexy part of myself,I didn’t expect things to get  out of hand and the kissed turned into more kisses ,it was either the candy was making me want more or the taste of his tongue.little by little I began to unbotton his shirt and before I knew he was on top of me.
I was called out of this helplessly interesting situation by Jane’s voice 
” I do hope to unsee this someday ,ewwww!,j need a memory wipe’
Then followed another voice that responded with a laughter ‘It’s nothing I havent seen before’.Then her laughter ensued it was Gina of course.
KJ sprang to his feet and got his shirt on ,planted a kiss on my cheek and zoomed off.How wonderful I was going to be the centre of Gina’s taunting .
I slapped my forehead out of embarrassment and I yelled out in pain
‘From what I see Jane ,I think Mer and KJ are in talking terms,even tonguing terms too”
Give me food please I’m hungry!!


I was definitely going to the topic of discussion today,wait till Gina finds out that I haven’t cooked anything.
She stepped downstairs to the kitchen and I heard her voice echoing all over the house ,
Meredith! Chinenyenwa! Onwuka! Come down here this instant !You burnt the meat.
OMG! I forgot I was steaming the meat,I’m so dead

So tell me John what have you found out about that little tramp, I’m becoming very impatient, I need to remove her the picture as soon as possible’
Well Sir I’ve been investigating her ,I’ve followed her everywhere and her routine is from her house to school,back to house sometimes she goes to a man’s house with his kid.I think she’s tutoring the child.church on sundays sometimes your son’s house.Your daughter is also living with her now.But I discovered that the young man with the child seems to be affectionate towards her.So I had him checked out
Wait a minute john! Who is this young man?Do you have a picture of the young man?
Yes Sir I do ,here’s a copy of it
”Well well this is interesting, I happen to know this young man and I know just how to get him”
Get me my secretary I need to make an important call,well done Mr john,your pay will be delivered to you on your way out.Keep up the good job.
I just have the perfect plan to remove Meredith from my life for good.

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