July 26, 2021


The fact that my father locked me up in this horrible office of his has been a nightmare on it’s own. How could he do that to me, For years I had wished for a part of what I saw him do to my friend to be a lie but unfortunately it’s not. Now he also did the same to Meredith, mom has been living her life blinded by his fake, disgusting, stupid marriage to her. 
I had to get away from here, I need to save my mom from this lie, KJ needs to get a wind of all this. 
They even took my phone, stupid ass holes, if I could just get away from here I’d….. Wait a minute I have an idea. 
I started banging on the door, hey!!! Hey!! 
A very huge and tall man opened the door and came in, 
Yes!  Why are you disturbing my peace? Boss said never to let you out on any circumstance but to give you whatever you want. So make your request “
Well as you can see I’ve been wearing this cloth for days, I need a change of clothes and a bucket of hot water, there’s something wrong with the heater here and I can’t bathe with cold water. Make sure you get me trousers and tops, I don’t like tight trousers so make sure I can move my legs in the one you get me. Size 30 to be precise. I’m starving too so get food and be fast about it. “
He only nodded and on his way out he called me a spoil brat. If only he knew what I had planned out for him. 
It didn’t take long and be came back with everything I had requested for, I ate enough food and changed into the clothes he brought me and proceeded with my plan. 
Help!  Help!  Please! Help me! 
He rushed in and came into the office, 
” miss where are you,? What’s wrong? 
In the bathroom, please hurry!!  the hot water started rushing and it poured on my face, please help! Be fast”
I heard him approach and I pretended to be in pain and blind, I started moving towards the hot water he brought me earlier and by the time he got closer I threw it on his face “
He yelled out in pain and kicked him on his groin, he fell and i grabbed the keys he threw on the floor. I zapped out of the room locked him in and proceeded outside, there I saw two more guys talking with the secretary. There had to be another way out of this place, they’d definitely see me if I took that way. 
Of course, I proceeded to the window and I started climbing down, Thank God for Gina she gave a lesson or two about scaling buildings and thankfully father was afraid of heights and would only have his offices on the first floor. 
By the time I was down, I almost died of heart attack, Gina was definitely a fearless lady. 
I got out of the building quietly and hailed a cab, I didn’t have a wallet so or money but I promised him my wrist watch , he must have known the worth because he agreed immediately 
He dropped me of at KJ’s and left,
Luckily for me KJ was home which was odd and his house looked like a war zone. My God!!  KJ what the heck happened here? 
I broke up with Meredith ” he replied still lying down with a bottle in his hand. 
Wow, seems she’s not the only thing you broke up with, why did you break up with her what happened? 
” She cheated on me, I’ve got evidence they are right there on the table”
I picked up a picture and It was indeed mer and another man there, I looked closely at the picture and something didn’t just add up. 
KJ how come mer is just sleeping in the pic, I don’t know but KJ things are not always what they seem to be, there’s a big possibility that this is not real. 
Jane I know you like her but just stay away from this, she admitted that she kissed a guy, so it’s true”
She kissed a guy is quite different from I had sex with a guy, besides KJ you don’t know what Meredith has been through. If she’s managed to be with you all these and especially now, trust me she loves you. 
What do you mean what she’s  been through, I’m the one suffering here, I’m the one going through this crap because of how she broke my heart “
KJ mer is ummm, KJ mer was ummm…. This was even more difficult than I had thought it out to be
Mer was what jane!! 
She was…  I was interrupted by a knock at the door, it sounded like father, I immediately whispered to KJ to tell him that he hadn’t seen me at all. 
He spoke with father who was not thrilled with the state he was in, father asked him about me and he told him I was not with him. kJ returned while I went to peek to see if father actually left. And while he was walking away he laughed. 
Wait a minute, why hadn’t I thought of this maybe father had a hand in KJ’s breakup. I rushed back in asked KJ for a huge sum of money and left. 
It was time to meet the law and mom. 


Gina it’s totally useless calling him, it’s been over a week and he hasn’t he reached out to me, hasn’t taken my calls or replied my messages. 
I wonder how he is. 
Gina!  Gina!  Are you even listening to me? 
Yeah I was till I got this text, it’s from an unknown number. It says tell mer that father was the one who caused your break up, find out who he used, look for a clue there must be something you can use. I can’t come over because I think father has someone watching you. Be careful Jane, 
Jane!  Wow jane where has she been? 
Gina text her back please
She says her father locked her up but  she escaped, Gina replied 
Bastard ! Gina I knew it, that man is despicable. 
Just then my phone rang. 
Hello mom, yes I told you I was coming back but not now, mom there are things that I need to fix, I know I know, yes I’ll be back soon. Mom stop threatening me it won’t work, I miss them too what!  Mom that doesn’t work on me. No!!!  Don’t come here let me handle it for you, it’s not as if you enjoy these things. That’s really good, that’s wonderful you don’t want a merger anymore great! 
Mom I said I’ll come home ok
Mom kept saying chinenyenwa!  Don’t you dare hang up on me!  Don’t you dare, chinenyenwa! 
Mom can be so dramatic, Gina I think I know what to do, first I need to reveal something to the police, Mr Andrew has been left unpunished for too long. 
Gina grinned she had a part to play too

School felt different, Scott was more withdrawn, I could tell that something about me had changed and maybe the kids could tell, I needed to return to being happy but I couldn’t not with everything happening. I met the police and reported about being followed and they assured me that they’ll look into it. 
On my way home I decided to check into the hospital, I felt I needed to check my self, a part of me feared that whoever took my pictures might have done more than that. 
I just wanted to be sure, I never really got to check myself after my first encounter with Andrew so I couldn’t tell if something bad happened to me, but thankfully I didn’t fall sick or pregnant soi was lucky. 
I don’t think I’m comfortable with the test procedure doctor” Was this man serious about this two finger test. Wasn’t this the same as fingering a person.Getting a swab of my private part was for other things but to know if I was touched in any way. 
“Two finger test or Per Vaginal Test is done on a rape victim to check the laxity of the vagina and to determine the extent of damage caused to the genitalia of a woman, wasn’t that what you implied you had gone through miss? ” the doctor just poured out those words as if he was talking about what he was having for dinner. So easy for him to say he’s not the one opening his legs for a total stranger “
I wasn’t even sure that the photographer touched me, I had told the doctor that I wanted a confirmation.he was quite surprised when I told him I didn’t feel any pain around my private part. 
It took an hour of thinking before I decided to go with the test, after all there was nothing the doctor hadn’t seen before . I tried so hard not to think about the procedure but the result and it worked. 
The doctor told me to come back In 3days time to get my result and also for other tests to be run. 
On getting home I had to bathe three times just to be sure my body was safe from post medical embarrassment. 
I thought of KJ again, Nathan too and scott. How distant everyone had become, maybe there was really something wrong with me. 
I reached out to my drawer and started looking at the pictures, then something struck me. There was a tattoo on the guy’s arm. A tattoo of  an A that looked so familiar. 
OMG!  Marvel A!  Avengers A! Whoever did this to me was also a lover of marvel comics, how ironical. They save, he destroys. 
Tomorrow I’ll continue with my quest for truth, but first I had to fix things with my new friends Nathan and scott, I did need them.

Nathan called me and told me that scott wouldn’t be having lessons anymore and I was disappointed. On getting to school I decided to question him. It felt like the little boy avoiding me for some reason
Hey! Scott can I talk to you now? 
Is there something you want to tell  me , I need to know why you don’t want lessons anymore “
Well miss Meredith I don’t think I require that anymore, besides I don’t deserve you teaching me anything “he said looking away
Hey look at me, we are pals even if you did something wrong I would forgive you, you shouldn’t beat yourself up”
Ok I’ll help you find the truth, would you please come over to our house today

I was thrilled by the offer and I agreed to it immediately
After school I waited for Nathan to show up and when he did I was glad, he was surprised that I was coming along but we went anyway. 
On getting to the house scott dragged me to the kitchen, he was looking for something and I had no idea what. He was disappointed when be did not see what he was looking for and almost cried. 
What was wrong with this young boy, I drew him close and hugged him. When be calmed down I went with him to his room and helped him sleep. 
When I came down Nathan was just sitted on the couch lost in thought, I came down and sat close to him
“Do you want to talk about what’s bugging you? ‘
No not really, I don’t think so, I’m an asshole, I’m so weak and stupid, my hands were tied because I was indebted , god father offered to help me but he didn’t lend me the money he promised instead he blackmailed me to do something despicable. See mer you should just stay away from me I’m a horrible person “
I really felt bad for him so I hugged him, seems the Josephs need more comforting than the girl who lost her fiance. 
” KJ and I broke up, it’s been over a week now so I’m almost as distraught as you are, but I think you are not as tough as I am” I joked 
He laughed and hugged me tighter, when we pulled apart I felt slightly disappointed maybe I needed the hug more than he did, I was barely even holding myself together after our break up. 
Nathan just leaned in and kissed me, I simply went in, with the flow, but my mind won’t stop thinking of the last time KJ and I kissed, everything I had pulled on KJ and I wanted to get it out of my  mind. The more I thought of KJ the more I wanted to continue kissing Nathan. 
Something about his kiss had changed, he reached out for my shirt and started unbuttoning it, I was too preoccupied telling my brain that kJ and I were not together that I didn’t notice. Till I felt a hand on my tummy, no I couldnt let that happen
KJ stop!  I yelled  he froze 
Crap I just called him KJ, this was horrible 
I’m sorry I shouldn’t have, we shouldn’t have, I’m just too vulnerable at the moment. I picked my shirt up and when I looked up he had his hand on his head and the portion of his shoulder that had been covered by his T shirt revealed something familiar. A tattoo an Avengers A tattoo. 
I was beyond shocked, I zoned out
Mer! Mer!  Mer! 
Don’t you dare call me that you asshole, what did you do to me? I should have known, that’s why scott had been distant all these while, he knew what you did, how did I not think about this, you still had the efforntary to kiss me, you should be ashamed of yourself! 
Mer I don’t understand what’s going on? He replied
Don’t you dare play dumb with me, you drugged me didn’t you Scott must have seen you, that’s why the kid didn’t want me to take your stupid drink, you took my pictures even. See that tattoo of yours I’ve seen it before and it was on the man lying close to an almost nude version of myself sleeping. 
I was almost sobbing now” please  tell me you didn’t touch me please “
He only  shook his head ” I’m sorry mer, my god father Andrew Johnson he made me do it,  he threatened to leave scott and I homeless including my mom, he threatened my son’s life and he’s a very powerfulman, mer I didn’t want to do this”
But you did, I can’t believe I actually liked you, don’t you ever come close to me again, I don’t want to ever see you again ” I kept thinking of what Mary told me, Scott was indeed trying to protect me. 
I picked up my bag and left and while I was in the bus, I couldn’t stop myself from crying so hard, when the other passengers turned to watch my sniffing self, I simply yelled “o gini” and they all looked away minding their business “
On getting to the apartment I brought my phone out to text Gina and I was only at my first word, before a cloth came over my face and everything went pitch black. 
I woke very dizzy and disoriented but when I tried getting up I realized I was tied to a chair, then It hit me I had been abducted

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