July 26, 2021


Can’t wait to see you too ,take Care of yourself hun,bye love you!’ KJ was finally coming back and I was excited to see him.I missed him so much and I couldn’t wait to make him pay for that.
Mom had done what I told her to do,fortunately for my family we knew a lot of people that could make things happen.I was finally at rest and I knew that by moving Jane’s friend I was also putting myself at risk.Who knew what Mr Johnson would do if he suspected me.
Why was I even thinking of all these things? KJ is coming back and that’s all that matters.
Jane and Gina were already up ,the pair became suspiciously hardworking since last week.I’d wake up to already prepared bath water,food and swept apartment.
Jane was indeed a good influence on Gina.

I was enjoying our new housemate more and more each day. Mom had called me the previous day and told me she was headed home.Dad was finally coming back so she needed to give him feedback on her meetings with Mr Andrew and also check if my brothers had completely destroyed our house.
I was not ready to speak to father after all these years, but I did plan on doing that once I came back home.
Jane ,Gina and I left for work the same time and it felt good to see Gina almost back to her normal self.
Jane dropped me off with her car and did the same with Gina ,how wonderful it was to have a roommate with a car.
So kids,today we’ll be learning about personal hygiene,do we know what these two words mean?
As expected there were few hands raised,good attempts and horrible ones as well.
I started explaining throwing in few fun things and they were able to understand.
After the class I was surprised when one of my kids walked up to me wearing a scowl .
‘ umm miss Meredith, can I ask you something’?
Yes dear of course you can ‘ I replied very curious as to what she had to say
‘When you said girls and boys could use deodarants like perfume to make their bodies smell nice ,did you mean everyone?
Well… I meant boys and girl who are very much older than you,the ones we call adolescents. You’re still young,but there are mild deodorants your parents can use on you.
‘ well it’s just that you mentioned perfume and I don’t think I can use it ,even if I grow bigger. It won’t be part of my personal hygiene.’she replied biting her fingernails
Mary stop biting your fingernails’ I reprimanded
‘ Why do you think you won’t use perfume,you should use it a lot when you grow bigger .a
As a lady you need it to smell nice ‘
Does that mean that my mom does not Smell nice,dad always beats her up anytime she uses his perfume,he calls her a eeetched ore’
‘ you mean he playfully beats her?’ I didn’t want go believe a man could raise his hand against his wife in front of the child.
‘ mom always screams  ,I don’t think its play Meredith, he has this mean face on when he hits her’
I was just distraught watching a six year old making a mean face of her father ,when he’s beating the day light out of the wife and at the same time trying to make out what her last two words meant.
You know what,I think your father will be more than willing to let you use his perfume, when you get bigger, he could even buy you one.Now don’t worry I’ll give you one as well ,in fact I’ll give everyone tomorrow. Just go and play okay’
Well she left very thrilled and I was sad,I had to do something about that,That girl had already witnessed something that she shouldn’t be able to and the image is engraved in her mind.Calling the principal about this could involve bringing the two parents and discussing it,which might not end well for the mother.Then the words finally hit me,wretched whore’.How awful the man must be
I had to fix this on my own and fast.Well time to reconnect with an old classmate.

School was over and I was waiting outside for KJ to pick me,I had called Nathan earlier to tell him that I Won’t be coming over .Speaking with him made me remember the dream I had,I quickly brushed it off.There was no way I was going to allow my subconscious cheat on my fiance but then a tiny part of me began to wonder how it would actually feel to kiss Nathan.
I was so lost in thought that I didn’t notice KJ walk to me,there was no way I could notice him because he came from behind me.He covered my eyes with his hands and I knew who it was at one guess.
There were only three people left in school and it was Mrs chioma and her husband Mr Jude .Mr Jude wouldn’t dare play such games with me,not if he didn’t want to be beaten by his wife.we the teachers knew what the poor man was going through in the name of love.But nobody wanted to be harassed by his wife after all it was their family business.
‘KJ I know it’s you,your cologne gave you away ‘I knew it was him 
He laughed and took his hands away ,he looked more handsome than the day he left or had I missed him for too long that I felt he was.something was different about him I could tell.
‘Come here’ I pulled him into a hug and inhaled enough of his scent to make me choke.The force hug was probably too much and it brought us to the ground.
I couldn’t stifle my laughter then.
‘Are these for me? I asked 
Yeah they’re for you ,I wanted them to be the first thing you saw,but you were so lost in thought, and I know why,you missed me so much so you were thinking of me .’
I was excited about the chocolate but I felt uneasy because KJ was wrong about who I was thinking of,I couldn’t tell him that though.
Yeah,I missed you so much ‘ I stared Into his eyes and I felt myself drift away.
I drew his face to mine and kissed him longingly, every taste I got from his lips and tongue,I actually craved for.he always loved taking lollipop and I could taste it from his mouth.
‘What,why are you laughing? Tell me or I’ll tickle you’
‘It’s just that you are so unique and funny,how many did you take before coming here?’ I questioned still wearing a smile on my face .’ don’t give me that ‘ i don’t know what you’re talking about look’
I took three and a half,there’s still half of it in my pocket’ 
I only managed to laugh some more, I thought men’s love for candy fades away when they grow but this man that was on top of me wasn’t letting candy go.
Can I have the half please? You’ve made me want the candy as well’  I replied trying to reach into his pocket
‘Don’t stress yourself hun,let me do the honours’
He got the remaining half and tossed it into his mouth before kissing me,we had our fair share of the tongue fighting before I finally got the candy.
‘KJ I think we need to go now,I don’t even have anything to wear for the party ‘ also I added’ I think I love the new moustache, you look more handsome with it.He gave me the biggest smile which made me laugh.
We sprang to our feet with that and went to his car
I kept staring at him on our way to my apartment and kept wondering how an Amazing person like him could be the spurn of an evil man like his father.


When we got to the apartment, we were welcomed by Gina and Jane.KJ was surprised to see Jane and I remembered that I hadn’t actually told him about her moving in with us, or even my home tutoring job with the Joseph’s and about my mother too. It felt like I was beginning to keep too many secrets.
Jane handed her phone to me and mouthed mom,apparently Mrs Johnson was not too thrilled with the idea of Jane moving in with us.She thought Jane was inconveniencing us.I had to reassure her that we were actually the ones inconveniencing her.
KJ left few minutes later and he dropped a parcel for Gina and I ,he told Jane that hers was at their house,because he was hoping to see her there.
After he left,the two ladies attacked me and took the chocolate he bought for me.how cruel  
We ate the chocolate and started preparing for the party, thankfully I had two wonderful ladies to help me prepare.

Wow Mer you look very beautiful, KJ does know what will suit his girl’ Gina commented
Jane,Gina and I set out to the hotel where the party was being hosted .
It was more of a celebration, something about their business being a family legacy and how they’ve kept it going for years.
Mr’s Johnson and her husband welcomed us before I got distracted with the food .
There were a lot of mouth watering dishes and the chocolate we ate only increased my appetite. I had to look for a way to start digging in.
Gina and Jane were talking with Mrs Johnson, KJ had not yet arrived and Mr Johnson walked away with his phone wearing a frown on his face.who knew what he was up to this time.

I received a call from the doctor I had placed my unfortunate mistake in his hands and it was not great news.
‘ what do you mean she was moved you idiot?She has no parents who could have moved her.Besides how can you be so foolish and careless. I pay you a huge sum of money to make that girl stay mad and your telling me she slipped out of your hands just like that.
Listen to me,if she’s not back in that psychiatric ward before Monday,I will destroy you.
Don’t you dare play with me’ 
Find out where she was moved to and bring her back!! Don’t call me until she’s in your hands.
I suspected that tramp had something to do with her disappearance, oh she was pushing me so hard! And I have had just about enough.
First she ropes in my son in the name of an engagement and then my naive daughter moves in with her.Now Jane’s friend is missing.
This girl had played enough with fire,it was time to get her burned .
My legacy will not be ruined because of a loose end,that I can easily tie’

With I left where I had taken my call to come face to face with the tramp.She was busy stuffing meat into her mouth that she didn’t notice me.
How ridiculous, I had to clear my throat to get her attention.

There were assorted finger food lined up and I was drawn to the beef,stuffed with pepper .The taste was so divine and I kept stuffing my mouth with it.till I was interrupted by someone
I must be lucky,for you to have remembered me twice in one night’ To what do I Owe the pleasure,daddy or pa.which should I call you now that we are about to become family sir?
He  smirked and picked a stick of the Beef and started chewing 
‘ I see why you eat like an animal, these things are tasty.I do need to increase his pay, maybe I might just be lucky enough to poison you with these.’ Then he picked another one and continued
You might get away with moving her,but you will never get to that altar with my son.
‘You do know that KJ loves me very much and fortunately he’s not like you and who do you mean by her?
He  smiled and said’ you might have my children fooled but you can’t fool me,it won’t be long mer,isn’t that what my son calls you. Very soon this your little charade of being a part of this family will end and quite possibly you with it’ Have a nice evening
Oh and I do hope you get acquainted with my son’s lover, I hear they had quite the thrill during his business trip,you know what they say” once a player always a player.
He walked away from me and came back again to pick up another stick .’These things are really good daughter,aren’t they?’
He left me standing there more vulnerable than I could ever be.

I started dialing KJ’s number but it went to voice mail.
Why was I even letting what that man said get to me,he was just lying.I stuffed more meat into my mouth before walking towards the crowd to find Gina and Jane.
I didn’t see them but I did see KJ arm in arm with a woman,who was by all means throwing herself all over his body.was this who he meant?
I felt my blood boiling and my heart beating extremely fast as I marched towards the two of them.
When I was standing in front of them ,KJ didn’t even flinch .He kept talking to her and his hands made no attempt of leaving hers.
He only said good evening mer, I felt like an idiot standing there and I did what I never thought I’d do.I stopped a waiter carrying a tray of drinks, I didn’t even know what they contained inside but started gulping everything.
I was at glass number two before KJ tried stopping me,well finally I had been noticed.
‘Mer,hun what are you doing? That has a lot of alcohol in it and you and I know that you don’t handle that well’
I tried taking another glass after glass number two and he held my hand.
‘ let go of my hand now and please by all means continue conversation with your friend’
He tried stopping me and I hit his hand off ,I was so angry that I took a glass and poured it over his cloth.
I stomped away from the scene feeling very funny and nauseous .I was angry and sad as well but I still managed to drink another glass before my belly fought back.
I staggered to the convenience and started emptying my gut,I felt bad that I had vomited all the good meat.But then I wasn’t sure I was seeing meat in the toilet.They looked like my kids,oh God no.
This is exactly why I don’t drink,I’m hallucinating now.
‘Paul come out of the toilet or else I won’t flush it,please guys just come out okay,I’ll buy you anything you want’
Tears started forming in my eyes and I just sat there begging the kids to come out.

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Gina and I had parted ways before I met KJ,she was busy man hunting in the party and I did wish her luck.I didn’t want to face my father so I looked for my brother instead .
He was wet and smelled of alcohol,I was surprised to see him in that state, then he told me what happened. I could tell that he was very worried about Meredith even though he was angry.so I opted to look for her.
Relationship drama,thank God I was single.
I searched everywhere and I couldn’t find her,maybe she had left the party.I walked to the convenience hoping to retouch my make up till I heard sobbing in the ladies toilet.A lot of angry women were outside the door and whoever was sobbing was not interested in their suffering bladders.
I got closer and the voice sounded like Meredith’s. Who knew what my brother had done to make her cry.
I walked to the door and called her name,thankfully she recognized my voice and let me in.The whole place was messed up and she didn’t let me flush .claiming her kids were in there.
She was so drunk and I had to get her away from the party.My parents didn’t need to see her that way.
I texted Gina and managed to get Gina down to my car,which was very difficult and exhausting .
My apartment was closer to the venue so I opted to drive her there, Meredith should never be allowed to drin ever again.
When we got to my apartment she screamed out loud when I told her to get  down.

She called me rat and started kicking,my gate keeper had to help me get her inside the house.
He was very much amused with what Meredith was displaying.
Exhaustion hit her after so many failed attempts of running away.She stand up and fall to her feet almost immediately.
Then she began to talk
‘Hey! You ! Rat ,yes you. Talking brat,hat,mat ,raat, rat yes rat.You don’t scare me one bit, no you don’t.I can’t believe I left my kids in the toilet, I’m such a horrible person.
But you! Yes you big fluffy talking rodent, you are no match to me.I might be scared of you a little,but trust me I’ll destroy you.
The only person who does scare me is Andrew Johnson’
At this point I thought she was just babbling because of my dad’s intimidating appearance.
But then she continued
I’m scared of him because he is more dangerous than you are,he has hurt me before and I don’t want him to hurt more people’ He is like the Satan in flesh ,the Damian,no Dumont, demon.
He scared me when I was little and he he hurt me but you,you are just a rat.of course you’re a mammoth, mammal but you don’t scare me.
What did Mr Andrew Johnson do to you Mer? I inquired very curious and scared as well,it didn’t feel like Meredith was making this up.Gina had once mentioned to me that Meredith had gone through an ordeal as a young woman which made her run away from her house. It couldn’t be
Mer please tell me what did he do to you?
Wow ,the rat begs ,so funny.I told you he was more evil and scary,you even beg at the mention of his name.
She laughed hysterically before whispering
‘ He raped me’
My heart stopped’OMG’!!!

come! Come closer I need to feel you,you big flurry thing’
I was in shock with the revelation Meredith made and even though she was drunk I couldn’t help but feel she was telling the truth.After all a man speaks more truth when intoxicated than sober.
This was all too confusing, wasn’t Meredith celibate because she is a virgin? Does my brother even know any of this?
I had to get more information so I continued to question
‘Mer I thought you’re a virgin,is it the drink that’s making you say these things,does KJ know?
She didn’t talk but instead she grabbed my hair and started giggling
‘ you big flurry thing,I do hate rats but you are an exception and we can be friends if you don’t mention my cheating fiance again’
She started crying’maybe he found out that I dreamt about kissing Nathan,now he wants to leave me’
I was really becoming tired of Meredith’s revelations.
KJ doesn’t need to know about the rape,because in my mind I am a virgin.Though I’ve never really thought about it.I only remember bits of the incident ,he attacked me but when I woke up he was gone.I knew he raped me because of the blood but I don’t remember him doing it.
This fluffy rat is making me talk,enough of all this .come let’s take a nap please.
I moved to the couch and sat down while she repeatedly patted my head. It wasn’t long before she drifted off to sleep .But she had rendered me sleepless,how was I supposed to deal with what I had just heard.
The floor felt comforting so I lay on it with my eyes wide open pondering on what to do.
My life had just become more complicated than it was before


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