September 14, 2021


I woke up with an uneasy feeling, but I couldn’t place my hand on one thing that made feel that way.Gina was ready for work and I wasn’t, sadly Jane wasn’t around to give us free rides. Who knew what was still keeping her. She didn’t call me yesterday so I was a bit worried. 
I couldn’t reach KJ over the phone even though it was too early to be calling. Maybe I was just scared  of the new development everything will be fine I had assured myself. 
Gina left before me and by the time I had reached the school I was very late. I didn’t even stress myself I just strutted to class and luckily for me the principal was not in school. 
On getting to class the kids were just sitted quietly on their sits, it felt somewhat surreal to see them well behaved without a new surprise up their sleeves. 
i got straight to business, we started with math and it took so much to get the ones lagging understand better. 
I had noticed how quiet Scott was and other kids too, it felt strange. Maybe it was because I had started with math maybe after break, they’ll come back to normal. 
KJ called during break and I was thrilled that he did and i promised  to come over to tell him somethings. The kids returned after break and  their moods didn’t change. 
Even though I felt uneasy I had to do something. So I decided we were going to play outside. 
I took everyone to the school playground and they were thrilled, we played tag, I pushed some kids on the swing. Then they tried to push me as well, I was having so much fun playing with the kids that my uneasy feeling peeled off. 
Finally we decided to play football, a lot of kids came to my side including Scott and I had to beg most of them to form another team, bribe them even. 
Scott played so well even got his legs to score, such great talent in that kid. I was so excited that I lifted him and hugged him. Finally we were done and while the kids went back to get their things I drew Mary aside to find out what happened.She definitely didn’t know how to hold a secret for long. 
Marys father had a little visit from my classmate who’s father was an inspector general and her father turned a new leaf.He had to, if he didn’t want more visits that could land him in prison for assulting his wife. 
“Mary I need you to tell me why everyone was quiet and a bit sad earlier? Did anything bad happen?
“Ummm miss Meredith I’m not supposed to tell you this’
Oh please tell me, I’ll buy you anything you want just tell me, it’ll be our little secret 
Really!!  Anything well ummmm Scott told us that his father had met an evil man and he wanted to hurt the person his father loves, so now his father is very sad because he feels he can’t save the person”
Oh, well do you know who the person might be? 
Well miss Meredith I think I have said too much Scott said we were going to save her””
Mary who’s the her?  does she have a name? 
It’s ummm Y…, she was interrupted by Paul who practically dragged her out to see her parents. 
Was she trying to pronounce Yvonne, why was Scott hiding this from me? 
When Nathan arrived I told him I was only going tutor Scott for an hour because I had an appointment with KJ and he was ok with that. Part of me wanted to talk about the kiss but I felt it was better to pretend nothing happened. 
Either Nathan was regretting what happened or he was in a really bad mood maybe what Mary told me was true. Maybe he was hiding something but was it in my place to ask him? 
After the tutorials Scott went to freshen up and I was left alone with Nathan who offered me a drink. I did need the drink after all the running I did earlier and I was delighted when he offered. 
It was so chilled that my mouth watered at the sight, I was about to take a sip before Scott yelled. 
Miss Meredith!! 
startled I almost threw my drink away, Scott asked if I wanted to see his new toys. That didn’t sound like an emergency so I told him I would after drinking. He kept insisting that I do what he was asking but I refused. 
I tried taking another sip and he held the glass, I was getting annoyed at this point. What was wrong with the kid? 
Please can we share the drink I’m thirsty as well”  he pleaded
Well I agreed to that, told him to get a glass so that we could share, but the kid won’t even move. He wanted to share the same glass with me. 
Nathan was so uncomfortable that he threatened to spank him, maybe he was over reacting. There was no need for that, I would gladly share my drink with Scott. Nathan kept trying to discourage the boy from drinking while I was dying of thirst. I was becoming so impatient with the way he was hammering about scott being disrespectful. I drew scott close and he took a sip and I finished the rest. So much drama for a glass of juice. 
The drink was so good that I requested for another, while Nathan went to get another one, he took his sweet time and I felt that I needed to rest my head a bit. I still had  thirty minutes more to spend here before going to see KJ. 
But as soon as I hit my head on the couch, everything went pitch black. 


Meredith! Meredith! A faint voice was calling in out to me, but who was that? I opened my eyes slowly and the face was too blurry for me to make out, the person smelled like Nathan. Why? I should be with KJ now. With that my eyes became wide open.
“What happened? i must have slept off, can you please give me a ride to my fiance’s, I’m too tired to take a cab, he is waiting for me? 
He only gave me a weird look
“Meredith you’ve been sleeping for hours, it’s 11pm, you slept off on the couch and I wanted to wake you but you looked exhausted so I let you be”
No! No!  You should have woken me, where’s my phone, I tried getting up but fell back immediately, maybe sleeping too much had made me dizzy”
My phone had recorded so many missed calls, from KJ and Gina, I even got a text from Gina asking me where I was and telling me to take KJ’s calls because he had been calling her. 
I texted Gina immediately and told her what happened. 
I called KJ and he was beyond pissed and worried too, I kept apologizing and he asked where I was. It then occurred to me that I never got there  tell KJ about Nathan and scott. What was  I supposed to tell him now? 
I lied that I was at a teacher’s  and slept off there because I was too exhausted, Mrs Patricia popped into my head and since she was a relative of Nathan’s maybe God won’t count it as a lie. 
KJ was relieved and promised to meet me tomorrow, Nathan on the other hand wore a strange look on his face, maybe it was because ofKJ’s call that I took. His eyes weren’t steady anymore and throughout the ride in his car he never said a word. 
As I got down from his car and thanked him and was about leaving till he came down and hugged me so tight. Apologizing for God knows what? I thought it was about the kiss so I hugged him back and told him that it wasn’t his fault. I’ve got an emotional baby on my hands. He shocked me with another statement “Just know that I really Care about you, I tried so hard.. But forgive me please”
With that he drove away. 
Strange, I got to the apartment so tired, I wonder why I was that tired, sleeping should have revitalized me. 
Gina was so angry and let loose her fury on me, called me names that were quite funny to me
She called me an ant, a goat, an idiot, an ape so many beautiful animals to qualify me. I just walked to my room and within seconds I was already asleep. I was never going to play football with the kids again. 
I woke by 10am with a strange head ache, I did need to check myself up maybe my body was not 100% okay. Gina left a note saying that I was a fool and I should call my  principal. 
Wait a minute 10am in the morning, what was I thinking I was super late, I waltzed into the kitchen and Gina didn’t even leave me hot I hated bathing with cold water but I had to. By the time I was finished it was almost 11am. There was no point in going at all, I called the principal and faked a sickness and thankfully he bought it.  
I decided that I was going to enjoy the day so I got myself snacks from the refrigerator and walked into the sitting room, only to find KJ sitting on the couch with a very bad look on his face. 
My mind went too  jane immediately, had something happened to her? 
KJ! How long have you been here? Is everything okay? 
He gave no response instead he shook his head, was the news really that bad? 
How could mer? How could you do this to us? to me? 
I was confused at this point, ” I don’t understand, what did I do? “
Don’t you dare pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about, was that why you insisted on celibacy, roped me into this relationship. Was I just your play thing?Tell me is it because of f my money tell me!!! 
At this point he was yelling and I was still confused. 
KJ I don’t know what you are talking about, why are you saying these things to me, I actually wanted to talk to you about something “
About…. I was cut off by “to tell me about your lover? “
My lover?  Who is my lover?  I wanted to tell you about Nathan and myself “”
Mer so his name is Nathan, the one you’ve been sleeping around with? Mer what did I do to deserve this?  If my  money was all you wanted I could have given you, my body gladly I love you that much. Why put me through this pain? 
KJ what the heck are you talking about?  Yes Nathan kissed me but it didn’t go beyond that, ok a lot has been going in my life and I’ve tried to handle it on my own and it has been hard. I tried to tell you so many times, I get it I messed up but I have not cheated on you. 
He laughed so hard and fell to the chair 
You are a pathetic liar, do you care to explain this? 
He brought out an envelope with pictures and handed the over to me? 
I brought a note that read” give us a million naira or this would go viral”with a number attached to it. Wasn’t this a childish note I thought to myself. I brought out two other items and I was shocked with what I saw. 
How can… What is…, what’s going on? 
Oh Meredith stop pretending, I have tons of pictures of you and that bastard together, he is just too damn lucky to have removed his face, because if I find out who he is I will Rip  his face off.”
As mad ad he was, he reached into his pocket and popped a lollipop into his mouth. 
I was just too shocked to react to that, Why was there a picture of me half naked lying close to this man
How long has this been going mer? Answer me!!! 
I was just dumbfounded and tears slowly began to leave my eyes, I thought of the one person who could do this to me again. He was winning 
Meredith” KJ began, he never calls me my full name ‘”I’m so heartbroken and disappointed now, don’t call me or text me or come around me, I don’t want to see you till I figure out what I’m going to do next.just stay the hell away from me!! 
He left and I didn’t even utter a word, why was this happening all over again. I slumped to chair and cried my eyes out. 
There was no heart left inside of me, just pieces of it
That evening as I woke up with patches of dried tears on my face, I decided that I had nothing to lose anymore. Andrew had taken the one thing that mattered to me, probably the one thing that kept me from revealing everything and now I was ready to face him head on. 
This was his final blow.

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