July 26, 2021

Till Day Break (tdb) – Chizzy

“Can you guys be fast already, let’s start going back to the dormitory ” I said to my friends. We stayed back after night prep to continue reading and it was already 11:30.We had mathematics exam and the pressure was so much, they  inflicted so much fear in us that third term exams were always very difficult and as ss1 students who had  never  written third term exams, we had to be  ready.

“But we haven’t even studied elevation and depression ” Debby  grumbled. “Please we will study that in the dormitory after resting  ” Sophia answered

The D _day was already here ,  we were coming from the dinning and moving down to our classes. We ate hot bonzo (beans) as we normally eat every Tuesday morning , beans has always been one of my favourite delicacies and because of that I was given a nickname “mama beans ” when I was little. I don’t miss it for any reason.

We were already seated waiting for the invigilator ,I was feeling sleepy because I didn’t  sleep the previous  night (till day break) . I was awake throughout trying to cover up what I wasn’t able to cover up in mathematics because I was giving extra attention to chemistry (I wasn’t so good at chemistry so I didn’t want any stories).  Maths has always been my best, so I felt no matter the time I had, I would still cover up.

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“If you have anything that will implicate you, you better remove it  !!!!!”   Mrs Udakingbo clamored  ” we are starting by 8am and stopping by 10am” she continued. My heart skipped, I just had this feeling that I  wasn’t  ready for the exam ….anxiety had a grasp of me.

What was happening, I couldn’t just place everything, all my solving weren’t even tallying at all, I was thrown into confusion ,time wasn’t on my side  “1h remaining! ” Mrs udakingbo shouted and went outside. Sidey have you solved any? I asked my seat  mate,” I’m trying to do the construction “she answered… Please after doing yours, you help me out 

Here I was asking someone who wasn’t even good at maths for help, my side mate wasn’t good at maths at all but her performance in English and literature were stellar. I could see everybody struggling to write and I was just there looking around, even the questions  I knew……. I couldn’t even solve them ….my village people Atlas!

“PFFRTTTT”   escaped my rear end, it was  silent . The smell was putrid, imagine  Rotten egg mixed with Rotten onions and increase it by ten times ,that’s what it smelt like. My class girls were covering their noses, struggling to grasp some fresh air , the classroom Was poorly ventilated and this made the stench linger stubbornly. I just pitied my seat mate and the seat mates behind me. Oh wait!!!!  that bonzo I  ate


“Oh my  God. ….. who did this?,  the person must be very Wicked ” the invigilator said, she entered the class to continue her invigilation and she strode out the  door immediately. The atmosphere became very noisy and there was confusion, I was laugh crying . I was happy because people stopped writing and I was crying because I didn’t write well at all

“I won’t invigilate this class again, you  people  are evil” Mrs. Udakingbo said as she was collecting our answer  sheets…. Finally the frustrating exam was over and I did learn my lesson

Revising a subject very well even if I was a guru in it 


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