July 26, 2021



Mer had given me instructions about withdrawing proposals for the merger and a little package for Mr Johnson as well. She had to fix things with Nathan and scott, but personally I thought that Nathan guy might be guilty. I’ve seen the way he looks at mer and all the fuss about kissing him, made me feel mer felt something for him too. Poor mer, she’s been through so much.
I got to the building, took the elevator to the sixth floor where KJ’s office was. His skanky secretary was all over my business, giving me stupid signs to steer clear of KJ. What was even wrong with the hag, making me wait and being so rude.
I was just in an official mood, if not I would have dealt with the goat, In her cheap dress.
Two hours later I was still sitting, waiting for the hag to get me into KJ’s office. I was seriously praying to God for patience and tolerance because I wanted to kill that lady with my bare hands. How does Meredith put up with all these skanks around KJ?
I was just about to give her a piece of me before KJ walked out.

He definitely did not look good, he was the human version of Kong, his eyes hollow with dark circles, the man must really be suffering.
He showed me into his office and I sat down still trying to figure out a less wicked way to tell him how he looked.
KJ you look very handsome, seems the break up brought out the “zac efron” in you. He rolled his eyes and continued typing.
“Gina please don’t tell me you came to talk to me about mer, I don’t need that right now ” and stop staring at me like that, it’s scary! seems everyone is on her side
He reached into his pocket and popped candy into his mouth,I wonder how mer copes with this big baby.
“First you need to sack that ape you hired as a secretary, she feels like she owns this place, then secondly we need to talk about your merger with the onwuka’s”
He was surprised at my statement
“How do you know about the merger with the onwuka’s? don’t remember mentioning it to anyone.
Well the onwuka’s want to withdraw the merger, apparently you’re having big issues financially and they’ve already seen foreign investors, they feel it’ll be a liability.
Gina how come you know all these things, and why are you telling me instead of the onwuka’s, it’s not like you’re a lawyer or an agent “
“Their daughter would have come herself, but she’s teaching at the moment” I responded, this was sweet, wait till he finds out the teacher daughter , I thought to myself
“Isn’t that rude ? why didnt she come herself we might actually work things out”
Well she’s heartbroken so she needs space and teaching her kids helps her”
How come you know her? I mean she trusted you with this? “
Meredith chinenyenwa onwuka is like a sister to me, she knows she can trust me with anything “
That’s really co…. Wait a minute Gina, which Meredith are we talking about? My fia… Ummm mer or another Meredith “
I only nodded and smiled, that mer
What!! How’s mer “the Mer”, I mean she never really talked about her family, she teaches for Christ sake, she took my television, how’s this even possible?
I felt the same way too kj
Well it’s another one of her secrets, I mean why would she keep things from me, now I don’t even know what to believe? She kisses a guy I see a close to nude picture. I’m just tired and
Sad. I mean I love mer a lot, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her
” so why didn’t you do what she wanted the most from you? Give her that trust?
Listen kJ I know mer and I know she’s very principled, she would never do anything to hurt you, her life is much more complicated than you can imagine, but she loves you
. And to be honest if you don’t take that leap, and trust her blindly you might not end up with the girl, nature is already tearing you apart but maybe fate can come to your side. Mer is in a tough situation, the road to being with you is rocky and hard,and even though she hasn’t thought about or maybe she has, your rival is the easy way out. KJ it’s left for you to get the girl.
Help me pass the news about the merger to Your father and send him this letter, it’s from Meredith.
I left and headed home , this was a tough situation but I really want the two of them to end up together.

The apartment was empty, that’s odd mer should have been back. Maybe she’s sleeping over at the joseph’s that was not like mer.
Well there was a possibility, I went in and prepared noodles to eat, didn’t have the strength to cook and eyeing that secretary all day had drained the energy from my body.
I waited and still there was no sign of mer, no phone call or anything I kept waiting till I slept off on the couch. I was woken up by a loud banging on the door, which was strange. I went to the door and asked who it was and it was strange because Mrs chinwe and jane were the ones banging.
why was Mrs chinwe even here, they rushed in and shut the door. I checked my watch and it was 11:30 and mer was not back yet. I was getting really worried at this point.
Mrs chinwe what is the matter? Why were you banging on the door, jane it’s nice to see you by the way.
She was nervous and kept shaking her hands, was tjis lady high? Won’t be surprised if she was after i had caught her smoking.
Gina the devil is at work in this house, he is really at work “Mrs chinwe began
Maybe this woman was I’m need of a stick of cigarette, but jane was really eager to hear what Mrs chinwe had to say and urged her to speak.
I saw him. I saw him! Take mer, I was at the back doing something, when I heard someone jump in. I thought it was you Gina, I’ve seen you climb in a few times. But when I looked closely I noticed he was a man, and he had a mask. I climbed to my apartment and started peeking, I didn’t want to make a sound, because I didn’t know if he had a gun. The next thing I knew I saw Meredith coming and he held a cloth over her face and just like that she fainted. He called someone and he brought a car and they took her away.
I was so scared and confused, I didn’t know what to do. I called the police but they didn’t take me seriously. Your friend is in danger.
Doing something indeed I thought, she was smoking that’s why she couldn’t save my poor friend.
Jane just slumped into the chair” guys I know who took mer and I know why, I went home and told mom somethings about my dad, he kept people around the house to be on the look out for me, I had to scale our fence thanks to your lessons Gina, to get in, and I told my mom everything. I begged her not to confront dad about it, I wanted to get her evidence.
This is all my fault, I never knew dad would go to this extent.
This was really bad, mer was in big danger. Luckily for us jane came with a car, if mer had been abducted n this place, it meant jane and I were not safe. We left in her car and went straight to KJ’s Mrs chinwe took her kids and went to the church.

KJ was surprised when we arrived.Jane and I just walked passed him and sat down we didn’t want to involve KJ yet. Jane cooked up a lie and we went to bed, whatever it was we needed to keep KJ out of the dark so that we would use him to get to his father.
Nathan reached out three days later, and was very worried , I didn’t even know the man had my number. He wanted to help as I told him mer had been kidnapped, we thought about involving the police but jane thought otherwise. She knew her father would probably kill mer if he got wind of the law at his back. What about mer’s parents? Maybe we shouldn’t involve them now.
I got to pick a result for mer at the hospital because she wrote down my number and name instead of hers and they kept disturbing me about their balance. Mer was always fond of roping me into her debts as a form of taunting and seek payback for the times she spent on me. How I missed her!
I got back to KJ’s place, Jane and I had been stayinng there now, jane hired someone to trail her dad. We needed to find out where he kept mer and it seemed like he was close to doing that.
I walked in on kj and jane having an argument about mer, she was upset that kj hadn’t been checking up on mer which was why she got missing but she didn’t tell him that
Jane please she cheated on me okay, just let this rest”
Jane was beyond pissed now
KJ you are a big fool, I can’t believe you’d be so wicked and heartless, mer is suffering, do you even know what that lady has been through? What she is going through?
Going through what! Jane I’m tired of everyone siding her, mer this! Mer that! She texted me three days ago okay she left town.
That caught me an I spoke up”that’s not right mer can’t leave town without telling me and why would she text you? Aren’t you having issues something’s is not right.
Gina what do you mean she didn’t tell you before leaving? I got her text and I can show you
He brought his phone and I checked, the text had come from mer, that was odd. Andrew was very smart he probably didn’t want KJ on his back.
Kj how long have you known mer? I asked
Why do you ask Gina?
Can you describe how she writes her text messages?
Gina what’s the point of this interrogation?
She writes them in English of course, sometimes igbo and sometimes pidgin
Kj I need you to check this out , I need you to go through her previous texts and compare them with the last one
I don’t even know where this is headed Gina, but I’ll check
Well uh the last one is not in all caps, why?
Exactly! Kj I don’t think you’ve paid attention to mer, she always sends her messages in all caps. She got used to that because of her father, mer sends proper WhatsApp messages, notes, but when it comes to her text messages they’ll always be in all caps.
Wait a minute Gina, you want me to believe that she didn’t send this text?
It’s true fool, I don’t even know why we are keeping the truth from you, mer has been kidnapped!
And you’ve been too stupid to notice, Gina im telling my brother everything.
I just nodded, maybe it was time for kj to hear the truth
KJ father is not who he seems to be, he knew Meredith before us, before you and it was a very horrible encounter. This will be difficult but you need to hear it.
Kj uhmmm……
I was watching jane get tongue tied and kJ stare cluelessly at her and I had to do something.
KJ dad ummmm…..
Tell him already jane!
He uh…..
Your father raped Meredith! There I said it
KJ was shocked and he couldn’t speak.
Gina that was a bit insensitive ” jane spat out
No jane insensitive is watching him die of curiosity while I have a friend in danger. He deserves to know the truth for once and I’m tired of all this.
I tried walking away and hit my leg on a chair, I bent down to rub my feet and the result fell out.
I went into the room and checked what mer had even gone to check, perhaps pregnancy test, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a pregnancy test with all the love she had been spreading around. I opened the envelope and read through, why would mer even go for this kind of test, it wasn’t as if she was intact down there. Besides I hated the test procedure, it was unethical and partly unreliable.
Wait a minute OMG! could she be! She didn’t even know
I was still in shock when jane ran to call me,
Gina quickly! Come he’s found where dad is keeping mer
KJ had not recovered from shock but he had to save mer first and ask his questions later, we all rushed out only to come face to face with KJ’s rival Nathan.
What was he doing here ? I could see kj trying to kill him, his hands kept folding into fists and he kept eyeing the young man. Nathan on the other hand was too worried about mer to notice KJ and he insisted on following us to rescue her. We needed all the help we could get so even if kj didn’t approve we were going with him.


My body was weak the second time I woke up, what were they even doing to me? the door creaked open and a man walked in. It was dark and I couldn’t make out who he was, till he leaned in and touched my face.
Dad! Dad!
Dad! What are you doing here, Mr Andrew is holding me hostage he’s been drugging me I don’t know what he wants with me. Dad please help me, I’m so tired
Nenye stop crying, you’ll be fine, stop crying!
Dad you don’t understand, for years I’ve been blaming you for everything, blaming myself for what happened. I let him make me hate you, I let this change me turn me into this unlucky person
Maybe he can just finish me, I’m tired, I’m just tired dad!

You know amongst all your siblings you’re the only one who’s like me. We hurt, but we store it in here, our heart and we are afraid to accept that vulnerability. Listen to me nenye accept that pain, anger, let it fuel you. Live through it and fight. There’s no shame in feeling pain and think hard baby, fate is on our side
Dad I don’t want to remember it, it’ll hurt
That’s the point baby, your pain makes you stronger, stop running from your problems face it! It’s your past why don’t you let all these things go, don’t let it shape your future take control of your present and secure your future
Dad, would you please help me?
I will hun just keep your eyes open I’ll be back”
Dad please don’t go! Please don’t leave me!
I woke up screaming and the figure I saw in front of me startled me.
“Hello again Meredith! Or should I say ex future daughter in law, i mean to think of how confident you had become, threatening me, withdrawing the merger, telling my wife and daughter those lies”
You know I’m not even surprised that you did this, and stop accusing me of what I didn’t do, I would love to take credit for opening the eyes of your wife and daughter but clearly it belongs to you, jane found out on her own and I’m pretty sure they’ve figured out that you took me.
I wouldn’t be so sure about that, you don’t even know how long you’ve spent here, do you? You’re lucky my boys are discipline enough to give you pee breaks and all even feed you. I told them to starve you, and keep you sedated, Why do you think you’ve been sleeping so much?
Whatever it you’re doing, you won’t get away with it, my parents will hunt you down, KJ won’t forgive you”
Forgive me? he doesn’t have a choice, I gave that boy a family or didn’t you know? You two keep a lot of secrets for a couple, I keep just one secret from my wife “
I won’t let you get away, you’ll pay for what you did to me in the past and what ever you try to do me ‘why would he say he gave KJ a family, wasn’t he KJ’s father, this man was nuts
A deep laughter roared, he kept laughing hysterically and I was confused.
“What I did to you in the past, what is wrong with you. I see! That hit you got on the head messed you up real good”
Why are you pretending, you know what you did and what nonsense are you talking about?
Meredith you are one sweet, innocent fool that’s why I can never let you go, I’ve been with other girls but you! You eluded me. You made me want you for years and finally nature brought you back to me.
Want me! Are you even listening to yourself, you rapist,you , you disgust me! The girls you raped , girls even which means jane’s friend is not the only one. You are despicable!
Don’t make me angry Meredith, they were victims because of you, I wanted you and when you refused me I was afraid that I’d get locked up, but luckily for me you wanted more , wasn’t that why you didn’t tell anyone, not your mother, your father, not even your siblings. When I thought I had lost you, you came crawling back to me”
This man was a psychopath
Are you even listening to yourself, I was just 14 and I never liked you, I just saw you in our house that day and the next thing you attacked me. I will forever loathe you, you Bastard, rapist!
This time he was upset and slapped me
Stop calling me a rapist! I didn’t even harm you, how could you forget what really happened between us, I never even got to enjoy what you were offering”.
I was stunned what was he blabbing
What do you mean by that, do you mean you never.. You didn’t actually…. Oh my God!
“How could you forget? The hit must have been too hard, I can’t believe you forgot?
I saw wounds on my body, on my thighs I thought you…..
Oh no mer, I didn’t, I can remember exactly how it happened. Your father had issues at his office and directed me to wait at his house, where would have the meeting for a merger. He must have thought you all were not in the house.
The maid ushered me in, and when I was settled I notice that after fifteen minutes everyone was out of the house. I didn’t know why, then I saw you. A beautiful angel in your pink mini skirt, I had seen you a few times with your father but you never paid attention to me. I had my chance and when I called out to you. I asked you why the house was suddenly quiet and you told me you told all the workers to leave and have fun. I then knew you did it for us, creating an environment suitable for our romance. But when I reached for an embrace, you kicked me. I then knew that our love was the violent one, I had to chase you around the sitting room, tear your clothes to show you just how much I wanted you. Maybe I should have been gentler, because when I almost got to where I wanted you slipped away. The last time I threw you so hard on the chair, hoping you’d be more welcoming but instead you slipped and hit your head so hard that you became unconscious. I thought you had died, but when I wanted to leave I heard a young man come in. Peter! Clever boy! He knew what happened and when I pulled a gun on him, he knew better than to help me take care of you.
I did have to get Peter out of the way and when I suggested a merger to his parents they were willing. Peter of course was under constant watch and I pulled a few strings and got him out of the way. Haven’t you ever wondered why Peter never got to see you again. I threatened him with so many things including stripping his parents off everything they had, his girlfriend even you mer!
He made the smart choice and here we are
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, living my life in shame, regret and all of it was a lie. How could I not remember, why didn’t I even tell my parents, my mom.
I didn’t know if I should be relieved happy, or sad about what the idiot had revealed to me.
I was brought out of my thoughts, when he reached for my trousers and started pulling them off, there was no way I was letting him harm me this time. I started kicking him, but the more I kicked the more he came. My hands were tied to the chair but my legs were allowed to move.
He gave me a kick on the stomach and I winced in pain, help! Help! Was all I could manage to breathe out.
He gave me another kick and I felt my organs stiffen. Then he continued with what he was doing, this time I couldn’t even stop him. I started making prayers, hoping for a savior.
My phone rang, all of a sudden and he paused.
Mom was calling me, he rejected the call and when it continued ringing he smashed it on the floor.
Any moment from now, the only thing left for him to get to would be my panties, I couldn’t even fight back and tears were streaming down.
Finally my trousers were on the floor then he slowly traced his fingers from my toes to my thigh, all I wanted to do was to throw up. When he had finally gotten to the edge of my panties I shut my eyes. There was no way I was going to watch this horror.
Dear God please,was all I could mutter.
Then a gunshot was heard, followed by another, something was wrong. He sensed the imminent danger and left assuring me that he would be back.
I mustered up strength hoping that the rope they tied me with would break but it didn’t.
I gave up struggling, maybe this was my destiny after all to be Andrews plaything.

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When the door creaked and opened I knew I had lost.
When the figure got closer, he smelled familiar, yes my nostrils knew those scents so well because I sniffed them a lot.
Nathan! Nathan! Please help me! Please
But instead he sounded like a woman, was this a nightmare.
Jane is that you? She didn’t sound like jane. She didn’t sound like anyone I knew at all.

She had an accent just like nathans, did guardian angels really exist, turned out mine was English. She flashed her torchlight and saw the state I was in. She told me that she had a lighter with her and that it was the only way to free me. I knew what I was getting into when I told her to burn the rope.
I felt the burn on my hand and after some minutes I could wiggle my hand, I managed to slip out my hands but not without tearing part of my flesh that had received burns. I was too preoccupied with thoughts of escape to notice or feel the pains from the burns.
Sje helped me wear my clothes and we were on the move.
She never spoke a word again, till we reached the exit,
She told me that two men were also around and that she shot one, she seemed to have known what was going on with the way she described the men. She had left trail of blood from the one she shot and managed to move his body to another place just to distract them.
One had gone to get supplies, all I could think of was a way of getting out of the place alive. We managed to get to the gate only to discover it was locked, shooting the lock would attract the men she said.
Wait, I think I heard someone, quickly come let’s hide”
This lady was a total stranger and she was helping me, It didn’t add up. So when we ducked and hid behind the car I asked her who sje was.
“I’m Sophia Joseph, you’re well acquainted with my son and husband, “
How was this true? Wasn’t she supposed to be in Australia recovering?
“My hus.. Nathan probably told you about me, I messed up big time and I want to make amends, I came to Nigeria about a month ago, I’ve been following Nathan and Scott around. I’m just too scared to approach them. When I saw you come over to their house, I thought you were a threat to me and I decided to get close to you so that I can get you out of the way. But umm I saw you playing with my son in school one day, the way he hugged you and laughed. I felt bad, and I decided to stop. Not until a week ago, I followed you to school hoping to get a chance to talk to you, but I found out that someone else was following you. My instincts told me to maintain my distance and watch them and when they finally abducted you. I knew my guts were right. My father was a soldier, I know a lot about these things and drugs too.
She looked sad
Maybe I can get my family back now, I want them back and you’re the only one who can help me”
I was more than surprised, but can I help her with what she wants. Nathan and I might have crossed the friend boundary. Nows not the time to think about this mer, we have to escape.
It felt as if footsteps were coming towards us, we became very quiet and by the time I knew it, Sophia had cocked her gun. I scooched over to her side praying that the people coming would not harm us.
Shhhhh, let’s hide behind the car, I don’t think anyone is there” I heard someone say, but the voice was too familiar was that Gina OMG!
Sophia drop the gun,they’re my friends, She lowered her gun. And they finally got to where we were hiding . I was so excited to see them, jane, Gina, Nathan even KJ came to rescue me.
Gina hugged me and I tried so hard to get her to be quiet. We didn’t have time to talk we had to get away from there as soon as possible.
KJ reached out for my hand and held me and I was surprised, but the other hand was also being held by Nathan. I felt uncomfortable so I slipped both hands away from the two of them.
This was no time for that, I was disappointed in both of them and I didn’t want to upset Sophia.
I think we should leave the same way we came, jane suggested . “Mer hope you can scale a fence? “
There was nothing I couldn’t do at this point, I wanted to leave. Sophia had also jumped the fence to get to me.
We got to the place they came in from, and Jane was the first one to go, followed by Sophia the gina, I had to learn from them and protect my bruised arm with Part of KJ’s shirt which he tore and equipped me with.
I moved closer and when I started climbing, the whole place lit up. There was light everywhere and a voice stopped me halfway through
You move an inch and I shoot!
He held a gun and pointed towards me”
I got down quickly while kj and Nathan raised their hands above their heads. He made a call telling Mr Andrew to come to the place he was.
Within minutes Andrew was with us and he had a gun in his hands too.
KJ was shocked to see his father, Nathan on the other hand was well acquainted with the monster.
Father! What are you doing here? Please tell me that what I’ve been hearing is true? ” kj managed to let out.
You ingrate! How did you even get here? I see you’ve met my son Nathan
His son! I was beyond stunned, so was Nathan and kJ too. Andrew had already revealed KJ was adopted but Nathan being his son was unbelievable.
Your mother and I had an affair, she’s done so well to keep it from you. Your dead father didn’t know, he wouldn’t have made me your god father. Poor idiot! I am you’d biological father, and I’m pleased that you think like me. Even Meredith fell for your charms, wasn’t that why you got her naked easily? He chuckled
Nathan couldn’t talk out of shock and KJ was paralyzed by the revelation.
I won’t let you hurt anyone, Meredith especially you beast! , I am not your son. I will never be, you threatened to harm my child because of money. You are despicable “Nathan spat out
“I don’t care about you, or your son, all I want is my woman. Your mother has finally liberated me from the shackles of marriage, she wants a divorce. I’ll lose everything but not her. Meredith is mine! “
Dad please stop saying these horrible things, you’re having a break down from mom leaving you. You’ll be fine, you don’t know what you’re doing”
Shut up! I know what I am saying, I know who I’ve always wanted to to be with, John take these two men away.
John walked towards Nathan pointing a gun at him. I was just too riled up todo anything. With a swift second kJ rammed into John who fell on the floor but held his gun. The struggle began on the floor till a shot went off. While I was being pulled away by Andrew.
Nathan had fallen to the ground with both ears holding his ears.
God let itnot be kJ I pleaded. Finally he stood but John was still on the floor.
Kj and Nathan progressed towards Andrew and I and when they caught up with us. The gun was pointed towards them.
Something loud resounded and we all knew what the sound meant. The cops were around, yes maybe they can help us out of this.
Mr Andrew only laughed and pulled me closer, I was facing KJ and Nathan but my back was against Andrew.
I had to get away from this man’s grip so I hit him hard on the bely and left his hold.
He only ducked freeing me but still holding his gun.
Dad please stop this, the cops are here. You’re already in enough trouble “kj pleaded.
Trouble? Trouble is not having her to myself ” he said laughing hysterically
I won’t let them take me, and I won’t let any of you have her!! not if I can’t have her?!!!
He pointed the gun at me and I knew it was my end, so I shut my eyes praying to God to forgive all my sins.
Three gunshots resounded and when I didn’t feel any pain, I opened my eyes just to be sure that I was dead.
But I saw kj, Nathan and Mr Andrew on the floor. I didn’t know what happened but the three men were sprawled on the ground, groaning
Kj!, Nathan!
A figure appeared and revealed himself to me. It was my father’s chief of security. How did he know I was here? That wasn’t important, I had to save kj and Nathan
With tears in my eyes I siganlled david to get help. I rushed to KJ’s side and he was still groaning Nathan as well. But I paid little attention to Andrew.
The police stormed in followed by Gina and the rest, the police knew i was being held hostage and wanted to make sure I was safe before coming in. Apparently someone had tipped them off.
They helped david and I carry Nathan and kj into their cars, I insisted that they take us to the hospital before giving my statement. Kj was losing blood and so was Nathan. What were they thinking taking bullets for me?
Why was God punishing me?

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It was an emergency, I kept praying in the car while david got cloths and held over KJ’s tummy to suppress the bleeding. I got one quickly and did the same for Nathan. He managed to reach out for my hand and this time I held on tight. I shouldn’t have said I never wanted to see him again, nature must have heard me.
We got to the closest hospital, a local clinic and they were taken into the OR(operating room)
I kept pacing around praying for everything to go well, jane and gina caught with me and just held me. I couldn’t help crying, I wanted to ask how andrew was but I couldn’t get myself to do it.
I told Gina and jane how KJ and Nathan got shot, though I didn’t see it happen I suspected Andrew to have the two men while david shot Andrew
Jane, you now have two brothers “I said holding her hand
I don’t understand how?
Andrew told Nathan that he was a product of an affair he had, I don’t know if it’s in my place to tell you, but I think you should know the truth, he said KJ was adopted”
Jane couldn’t speak at this point, she was stunned
Also ummm I was the one who moved your friend, from that psychiatric hospital. When you told me how erratic how behavior was, I suspected that your father must have had a hand in it”
She’s getting better now, we could go see her if you want, “
Gina finally spoke to me”Mer I got a result from the hospital, ummm it’s very surprising and good”
Don’t bother G, I know what it’ll say, Andrew never raped me”
What!!! How come! Jane responded
Well he did try to rape me, but he wasn’t lucky. I thought he did for years but I was wrong. I couldn’t remember every detail because I had a hit to my head, which stopped him from finishing his plan”
Well now I know why Nathan has feelings for you to, it’s hereditary “gina chipped in
I managed to chuckle and so did jane
So mer, when they come out of that room, who are you going home with?
Two men took bullets to save your life, I don’t think any one of them loves you less.
Honestly I don’t want to think about it, but I’ll choose my happiness.
Where was sophia by the way?
The lady with the gun!? I think she’s around here. How do you know her M?
She’s uh nathan’s ex”
Oh! Wow, well she won’t be too excited to know her ex took a bullet for you”
I don’t think she’ll be ” I muttered
The doctor walked out and we stood up immediately
His countenance was horrible, something was definitely wrong
Doctor how did it go? Are they okay?
Well miss, the two young men are definitely fighters but one of them is not looking too good
The bullet punctured one of his kidneys and we’ve been trying our best to keep him alive. He might be needing a transplant.
At this point I was almost breathless “which one of them doctor?
The Mr James oh sorry I got confused there, Mr Nathan Joseph “
I couldn’t stop myself from crying at this point.
How’s the other person?
Well we’ve managed to keep him stable but he is in coma
Doctors are bearers of horrible news ” gina spat out
How long will he be in a coma?
“Well it might last for days, weeks, years, you never can tell”
How bad does he need the kidney transplant? Can he last for long?
” with how bad his state is, I’d say three weeks with dialysis”
I zoned out
Mer! Mer! Hey! Calm down let’s go see kj. Don’t worry they’ll be fine. I’ll make sure Nathan gets a transplant ASAP ok. Jane reassured me
Looking at KJ on the bed, the tears continued
Please can I be left alone with him?
Gina and jane left me with kJ and I kept on sobbing.
Why didn’t you let him shoot me, kJ? You idiot! Why did you even come to save me, you’re supposed to be angry ? You shouldn’t even have come in the first place, now you’re in this state

I left KJ’s room hoping that by tomorrow things will get better. I met david who told me how he knew where I was. For years j had thought I was out of my father’s reach but he had eyes on me the whole time.
David said he stopped watching me for a week due to an emergency at home, but when he came back I had been taken. He followed jane to get to me.
After catching up with him to get my mind off things, Gina became a more appealing companion and he left me.
I woke up to noise coming out of two rooms close to each other, nathans and KJ’s. Jane had left the hospital to get supplies and hopefully a donor.
Something was wrong with kj as well because the doctors and nurses kept walking around in his room, another set in nathan’s. I was terrified.
Excuse me, is there any chapel in this hospital “i enquired
The lady directed me to a room and j knelt down and started crying. Maybe God would understand my tears better than words.
I kept crying and when exhaustion hit me I slept off.
Grandma is that you? What are you doing here? “I asked hugging her so tight
I’m here to help you nene” she said patting my back.
I only laughed at her words” grandma this is not the movies, and you’re not a fairy besides I need a kidney for my friend. I don’t see you getting me extra pairs? “
Tell me what are you willing to sacrifice to save him?
Grandma anything at all, but my fiance is also jn danger. I’m in a very difficult situation because I don’t want to lose any of them.
What if only you had powers that could only save one of them nene, which one would you choose to save?
Grandma I love the both of them I don’t think I want to lose any, saving KJ would mean leaving Scott without a father. Saving Nathan would probably make me miserable for the rest of my life, I can’t live knowing that KJ died because of me.
Nene so you’re telling me your hands are tied?
Unfortunately yes grandma, it’s like living out the word dilemma ” I chuckled with tears forming in my ears.
Nene why are you crying?
Well granny I’m sad, what if I chose to save kJ would that make me selfish? I do love Nathan but I think I love KJ more.
Well you’re not actually saving anyone of them, it’s not like you had the power anyway?
But grandma you know I would never risk the happiness of a child to get mine , I would never want scott to be fatherless. So if I had the power, no matter how much I’d want to see myself happy. I’ll choose another person’s happiness over mine.
” well mer it only shows you have a good heart, God loves those with a good heart baby, I think you made the right choice and for that you’ll find happiness , I do miss you a lot, but I’ll take my leave now “
Grandma can’t I come with you? , I need to rest .

Ok I’ll wait for you, first you need to meet your friend”
Who? I turned around and grandma left

Mer! Mer! Mer! Wake up!
I fluttered my eyes open and gina was there hovering over me?
G what time is it? How long have I been here?
You’ve been here since yesterday, it’s already noon. What were you doing here?
I was praying” I replied
Praying? really? Well I didn’t know snoring is included in speaking in tongues, I hope the angels understood you.
G, how’s Nathan? KJ?
Nathan is fine, I don’t know how jane persuaded her father but he’s accepted to give his kidney. Luckily they’re a match. They’ll be prepping him for surgery soon.
That’s good news, what about kj G?
Ummmm mer, you just need to be strong. I can’t tell you, you’ll have to see for yourself.
Let’s go see him” I said deep down I felt kj was no more. Gina was trying so well to hide her pain too. On our way to his room I saw a lady with a packet of candy. So I requested for one I didn’t know why I wanted to eat one so badly.
So mer, if they were to come out alive, Nathan and KJ who would yoy pick?
I smiled at her ” I care about Nathan, but I don’t think I want him to come out there for me, I want to be come our alive because of scott. Maybe Nathan was the easy way out but I don’t think he’s the right person for me “
So who will you choose mer?
I’ll choose the man I can share candies with”
I opened the door and I saw jane and KJ’s mom standing close to his bed. I managed to take two steps close to his bed. Praying that what I was seeing was the opposite.
I reached out for his hand and squeezed it, and shut my eyes letting the tears flow down my cheek.
I was still shedding tears till I felt a squeeze on my hand. I opened my eyes to see kJ smiling, I looked around and so was jane, gina and Mrs Johnson.
He wasn’t dead, he’s alive!
I reached out for his face and held it. I wanted to hug and kiss him but I felt he was in pains.
I held his hand so tight and smiled.
The ladies felt I needed space with him so they left,. I went close to his head and sat touching his face.
He wanted to say something and I felt he needed to,
KJ it’s fine you can talk now”
Ummmm mer I’m really sorry for not believing you, I messed up big time and I’m sorry for everything my father did to you. I can understand if you don’t want that be with me again”
Well King James, I won’t say I’m not disappointed in you, I was seriously considering your brother who has a cute kid though. But I just realized that I’m addicted to these things in my hand and there’s only oneman to share it with me. That’d be you.
And uh your father never actually hurt me the way you think, I just couldn’t remember. I wasn’t raped, I know jane told me gina told you the whole thing.
I love you so much KJ you should know that

Mer does that mean you still want to marry me?
Well first we need to get iron man toys out of our lives for good then I’ll consider being your wife. Of course I’ll marry you candy man.
He was happy to hear that, I unwrapped one of the candies and threw it into my mouth. Then leaned in closely and kissed him.
This time his kiss was not only filled with love, comfort and happiness. I could taste home also. This was where my heart really belonged.

Two weeks later
Nathan had received a transplant and was being looked after by Sophia , mrs patricia and scott. Gina on the other hand was always around david. Jane managed to charge her father to court because of her friend and even though Mrs Johnson was heartbroken she consented.
David had also given his statement to the police so did I and everyone except Nathan who was still recovering. David shot Andrew to protect me, but Andrew was ready to kill me, even after shooting his sons.
I finally spoke with my father and he was thrilled when I told him I was finally coming back home.
Mer! Nathan’s awake, come quickly!
Everyone ran to nathan’s room to see him, we were all thrilled to see him awake. He looked at me and nodded I smiled at him. Sophia was so scared but when she reached out to hold nathan’s hand he didn’t resist. Mrs Patricia was overjoyed and scott was happy too.
Mrs Patricia did have a revelation to make soon.
When I was left alone with Nathan, I thanked him for saving my life and for being a good friend. He was lucky, even though his father was a demon, he had managed to give him the gift of life.
I told him that I was back with kj and he was okay with it.
“Nate maybe you should get back with Sophie, I think Shes changed for good”
He smiled and agreed to give her one more try
“Mer do you think KJ and I will get along as brothers? It’s not everyday you get a brother like me
The one who wanted his girl and did something awful to her”
I laughed, I had forgiven him for that
” well you saved the life of his girl, I think that alone has redeemed you”
He laughed and I left his room.
Three days later gina and I were preparing to take kj home, he was discharged because he was getting better and also because he insisted on leaving the hospital. KJ hated hospitals.
Did you get everything G? Gina! Gina! What are you looking at?
Gina was staring at the hospital gate, where a covoy had arrived. Gina loved beautiful cars and I noticed that she was already picturing herself in those cars.
Kj was on a wheelchair and he was as surprised as Gina
Who are those people, is the governor sick or something?
Mer! not you too? Hun do you know these people?
The bodyguards stepped out before a middle aged man did, they went to get a woman(my mother, two young boys and a young lady”
They walked towards us and I could see that the man was happy to be where he was.
KJ I know these people very well, too well infact” umm hun do you think your mother will be mad if we didn’t get to your house?
No not really, she knows I want to spend time why do you ask?
Well because we will not be heading to your house or anyplace other than Abia state.
And why is that mer?
I smiled at him and said” Well because they have come to take me home”
The old man approached me and hugged me so tight,
Hello father!

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