March 5, 2021

This Suicide Trend Has To Stop -Nigerian Girl begged

This Suicide Trend Has To Stop. If you continue to bother yourself with the cares of this life, you will in no distant time slide into depression. Things like;Money, Cars, houses, clothes, love from humans, Acceptance from humans, Academics, Peace, Tomorrow, Yesterday.

Aarh! We really neeed to give ourselves a break. We are only human. Why then do we have God? God has presented himself ready, ever ready to listen to listen to us and provide our needs, whatever it maybe, yes, including peace of mind.

Give God a chance. Seek him first and every other thing will come, in due time. Don’t rush! Stop being in a haste! He’s an all knowing God, he knows what he’s doing. If there is a delay in you life, it’s God. He did it, and for a purpose. Let’s just learn to trust and wait on him. Please!!!

Sucide is not an option

Say no to Sucide

Life is Priceless

You were born for something great

Make your maker proud

Something just crossed my mind.

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What if that very difficult thing you went through, that heartbreak, that disappointment was made to happen so you could educate someone or save someone else going through same. That could be your destiny, that could be why you were born.

God perceived you were strong enough to withstand it all and that was why he assigned that particular task to you. But no, you disappointed him by taking you life. How Sad. If only you knew right?

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