June 18, 2021

Gender Equality: Why Feminism?

The history of feminism comprises the narratives that is both chronological or thematic of the movements and ideologies which have aimed at equal rights for women while feminists around the world have differed in causes,goals and intentions depending on time, culture and country,most western feminist asserts that all movements that work to obtain women’s rights should be considered feminist movements even when they did not (or do not) apply the term to themselves.

Modern western feminist history is conventionally split into three time periods or waves each with slightly different aims based on prior progress:

  • First-wave feminism of the 19th and early 20th century focused on overturning legal inequalities particularly addressing issues of women suffrage.
  • Second-wave feminism (1960s-1980s) broadened debate to include cultural inequalities, gender norms and the role of women in society.
  • Third-wave feminism (1990s-2000s) refers to diverse strains of feminist activity seen both as a continuation of the second wave and as a response to its perceived failures.

Arguably, the purpose of this movement have long been defeated by women who out of their selfish desires as well as their inability to remain submissive have expanded the frontiers of feminism in a more biased and absurd manner.

Today, in Africa most women especially the educated class have embraced feminism as the only way for the emancipation of their rights amongst the men. Although one cannot deny the knowledge of some mundane practices in the name of culture which is against the repugnancy test that is melted out on our women, this unwholesome acts have given them more grounds to press for either equality in all ramifications or total independence to do their own things without any form of intimidation or harassment but these doesn’t go without an outrageous price as some women have lost their marriages, cultural integration with the people, others are faced with societal abuses while in some cases religious sanctions.


Consequently, this idea or movement have been passed unto the young girls at their youthful age even when they don’t understand the glaring dangers of being a feminist yet sees it as a solid stand on which no man can joke or mess around with them emotionally, physically and otherwise and such mindsets are today seen in some girls especially on the internet. 

An online Activist Chimaijem Duru posited a thought provoking question as thus; “Feminist online but what have you done for that little girl around you that wears rags,doesn’t go to school and does manual labour for you and your household?”. He made it clear that since the feminism movement is pegged at the elevation of female gender in all social strata above their male counterpart; then the movement should as well focus on the education of the girl-child by ensuring that every girl is taking off the streets as hawkers, off the homes as house girls or nannies, etc and equip them with sound morals and education then we can start seeing the truth in feminism.

Feminism movement have ended up ruining the mindset of our women and girls as well as their Psyche. They’ll tell you that the struggle is for the emancipation of women and their rights to do things and lead their own lives the way they want without any form of control and dependency and i wonder why they’ve refused vehemently to push the frontiers of gender equality where both genders can coexist and enjoy the same rights and privileges.

Truth be told in as much as feminism is widely condemned so is every form of oppression, harassments, barbaric cultural practices and every form of inequality against our women is highly condemnable. The movement for gender equality have taken the centre stage by our women who have come to the understanding that feminism is not the key to a life or society where the men and women can coexist peacefully and equally having realized that feminism is not for everybody in fact not for any well meaning society.

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Most women especially the highly educated ones think that feminism should be embraced by all women but the truth is that feminism is not for everybody hence it is a movement that is filled with hypocrisy thus women can boldly stand to their feats and say;

  • We don’t need feminism because rape is a crime issue not a gender issue.
  • We don’t need feminism because we are humanists.
  • We don’t need feminism because we’ve realized that men have issues too.
  • We don’t need feminism because it’s an inherently biased and sexist group.
  • We don’t need feminism because it only focuses on working class women.
  • We don’t need feminism because we don’t like blaming the society for our problems.
  • We don’t need feminism because we are logical people that sees the misandry in feminism.

Now the choice is ours to either promote gender equality that will bring peace and harmony or keep being deceived by feminist movement that will rob us the desired coexistence among our families, friends and the society at large.

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