July 26, 2021

5 ways to make your bed game bomb (18+)

When we talk about sexual satisfaction emotional intimacy can not be over emphasized, this is very important because women are emotionally vulnerable. That aside let’s talk about few things that can make her give you a thumbs up and in all cases want more.

1• Understand her body : This is like the most important point to be taken into consideration. It makes your work easy and straight to the point. Try to to know her erogenous zones and her turn offs, you could ask her and also try be sensitive to  her body language .
2•Foreplay : The importance of foreplay to sex and intimacy can not be overstressed, it Is a special determinant to how good your bed game is. Foreplay is all the good stuff , done before the main action, it is like the icing on the cake which is above all the beauty of sex. A lot of men tend to make the mistake of jumping into the main action and this is a complete turn off.

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3•Compliments : This is where a lot of men tend to go wrong, every woman wants to be complimented, tell her how sexy she is, how beautiful she looks and above all let her know you enjoying yourself . Try to moan that’s also a type of compliment, it lets her know you enjoying the action . This helps her look past her insecurities and give you all she’s got. 

4•Orgasm : Her climax should be you first priority.a lot of men don’t care about this, when this is the actual point of the whole thing. To get that maximum satisfaction isn’t it . The exact way you wanna climax so badly that’s the exact way she wants it. 

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5• Oral sex : This is the deal breaker I must confess A lot of people tend to run away from this for hygiene purposes, but if you can then why not ? After all oral sex has its own health benefits.

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