July 26, 2021

 It’s not always advisable to be all over him, stand back and let him do the chasing . This is difficult because you want to be around him always , This would teach you ways to turn the tables arround.

Get busy :You Mustn’t be working before this can be achieved. The primary thing is to show him that you’re busy and you’ve got a life.  You could take a while before replying his text that’s also part of it.

Love yourself: You don’t expect someone else to love you when you don’t love yourself . Raise your head high and be happy with who you are . Be happy with your self and love your body . This makes you very attractive.

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Let him be in control : Some women mistake loving themselves with being control freaks. A man would always be a man, he loves to take the lead and be in charge . When you are trying to take their place it becomes unattractive. 

Be mysterious: There is a saying that less is more . It’s obvious you love him and you want to show it, he doesn’t have to know too much, make him wonder, tease him that’s part of the game . Save the rest for when you are sure about it.

Flirt with him : You definitely don’t want him to know you are head over hills about him, that does not stop you from flirting with him but not too much remember. Keep it mysterious,try to be romantic and sexy.

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Be prepared to let go : when he is not giving you what you deserve, it’s time to let go. Don’t woo over any man, that’s the proper definition of self respect. It’s hard that’s true but it’s also a necessity. 

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