June 22, 2021

Afenifere leader’s son narrates how his sister was allegedly killed

One of the son’s of Pa Reuben Fasoranti, the Afenifere leader by name Kehinde has narrated how the sister Olafunke Olakunwas died yesterday.

While speaking to the newsmen in Akure, the son of the socio-cultural leader said: His sister who was on her way to Lagos in a vehicle after visiting their father got ambushed by gunmen around Ore town. According to him, his sister was hit by a bullet while trying to escape and die after being rushed to the hospital. He Said:

“I just came back to Akure with my sister’s body tonight from Ore town. She was on her way to Lagos after she left baba (Pa Rebeun Fasoranti) house Friday morning.  Her vehicle was ambushed around Ore town. The gunmen started shooting at them at the Ore expressway and the driver had to quickly turn back but unknown to him there are some of them in the bush along the other side of the road.

“They shot at the tyres of the SUV she was travelling in along with other persons. There were five people in the car, a driver, herself, a cook and two of her nephews. Sadly, she was hit by a bullet and was rushed to a hospital but she lost too much blood and she died minutes after.

“By the time the police would respond, about 30 minutes later, the gunmen had gone back into the bush. They ran after hearing the sound of the patrol van. Nobody was kidnapped inside her own vehicle. Although, those who were wounded were rushed to a hospital and have been checked by doctors and they are fine.”

This story came after the Presidency under fire, over its statement which alleged the murder incident was carried out by armed robbers. 

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