July 26, 2021



One woman’s treasure is another woman’s treasure”.


Few days ago this thought popped. Are married men taking over from the single guys that are willing to mingle and possibly get a life-partner? Why are married men sought after? Are married men more desirable because another woman has pre-screened them?

Are you a follower of JOROOLUMOFIN the Instagram love doctor @ joroolumofin you will be surprised that most young ladies between the ages of 19 – 28 aren’t really in need of a sugar daddy as it was a trend. Yes, sugar daddies are married men but they are in dire need of young married men as opposed to sugar daddies who are old enough to be their fathers.

Before now it seemed like most married men hides their marital status to get a lady off her clothes. Now, young ladies diligently seek out for these married men for romantic gestures and financial security.

For the few days on Instagram, the love doctor has publicly banned hook-up requests pertaining mingling between married and singles. This has shown that the scale of infidelity is on the rise.

So, what changed?

Of course, the most obvious reason is financial security? This brings me to a thriving question. Are all married men rich? Is there a form of financial elevation that rests upon every legally married man?

Well, whether there is or not, most young ladies believe that this is true as it has been proven over time. It is believed that these sets of men give without seeking for much in return. All they practically want is good sex so they pay cleanly for it.Why young men are working so hard to save for the future, married ones are enjoying their dividends so it makes spending much easier with loads of fun. I mean only married men with multiple streams of income would be sponsors for holidays at Dubai. And guess what? This is mad fun for ladies.

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Another reason is most young ladies do not want to be committed emotionally. Married men do not want emotional entanglements so they fit in righteously into this circle. They have wives and possibly children, they adore and cherish them and do not seek an alternative or a leak to pass out emotions. They seek only sexual gratifications. Married men flaunts this new status to get as many preys as possible as this is a revamped trend. In the other hand, most young women in desire of married men do so as not to be accountable for being faithful.

Married men are believed to be very clear and focus. No time for jamborees.It’s believed that married men do not play games. It’s much easier for them to be faithful to their girlfriends. Don’t you think so? It’s okay that young ladies in this circle are second fiddles, and they definitely know he isn’t their MAN. So they have an assurance that they are just the only one he’s cheating on his wife with. And of course, they (girlfriends) are immune to heart-break.

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There’s so much to learn from married men and they have more life experiences to draw upon. Most married men are believed to know and fully understand the dynamics of treating a young single lady right. So what are the young single guys not doing well that they need to improve on so as to be able to keep these young ladies glued to them? What kind of wealth of experience do married men possess?

Most young ladies love being lied to intentionally. It’s like an art of seduction. Deep down inside, they often sense when they are being seduced, but they give in because they enjoy the feeling of being led along. It is a pleasure to let go, and to allow the other person to detour you into a strange country. So what’s the lie? Married men too tell lies to induce sympathy. Some married men tell lies about their wives infidelity, nags and inability to perform their sexual obligations.

These Being sneaky has its thrills. Young ladies are desirous of the hide and seek games and not getting caught as they catch fun with these men. For instance, what will prompt a young girl to desire the matrimonial bed of a married man? And to open the closets of these women and wear their clothing? Indeed, one woman’s treasure is another woman’s treasure.

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