May 12, 2021

Ihedioha’s Hunt For Owelle’s Family -The Most Unethical Thing To Do At This Time As Owelle’s Daughter Is Assaulted

Governor of Imo State, Chief Emeka Ihedioha barely two months in office and the only notable thing he has achieved so far is the witch hunt against Senator Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha and his family.

Why go against the ex-governor’s family, his wife and daughter, when the ex-governor himself is supposed to be culpable for any allegations against his government concerning loothing the state’s treasury? Most especially, why go against his daughter Uloma Okorocha Nwosu?

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Where has it happened in Nigeria where a governor steps down and his daughter becomes a subject for the next governor’s witch hunt? This shows weakness and it potrays that Chief Emeka Ihedioha might underperform as state governor, if the first notable thing you do as a governor is to go ahead embarassing and harrassing members of the former governor’sfamily.

First of all, there was the case of the taskforce going to House of Freeda mall owned by Uluoma Okorocha Nwosu, the ex-governor’s daughter taking properties of persons who had rented shop spaces in the mall claimimg that they were looted government properties.

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Now recently, Uluoma Okorocha Rochas has been slapped and assaulted by a taskforce member. This is a woman and let’s not be biased, how do you slap a woman in public, come to think of it the daughter of the ex-governor? This is a violation on her fundamental human rights.

See video below:

The second video shows another taskforce member sitting in her car and refusing to come down with claims that his orders are from the government house.

See video below:

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