March 5, 2021

“Keep your expectations low and most importantly your legs”-BBNaija Princess advices newly evicted housemates

Reality tv star Princess, the 2018 Big Brother season 3 Housemate has just come down to advise the recently evicted housemates giving predictions as to how they’d feel and what they’re bound to witness as regards their early eviction.

she wrote:

“Dear newly evicted housemates. I just wanna say this to you. As someone that had the experience of being evicted early/first in biggies game. .Be sure that you will feel sad , angry…if not immediately, soon. 

You will wonder why you were evicted,what happened to all the people “that said they GAT YOU”….oh well now you have seen for yourself.

Dont spend too much time regretting,wishing..the urge will come. But you need to move past it as soon as you can. .Surround yourself with positive people ONLY. 

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Cut off any friend,family member that calls you to tell you only the things you did wrong in the house. You dont need that now…it will weigh you down greatly. .Pls write down all the things you wanted to do before you entered the house. U must do this quickly and alone. As that will be your guideline through this journey. Or be sure to find yourself running around in a confused circle.

Alot of people will flock  around u.mostly for their selfish gains. Be sure to Use them.  Before they use you. .You will also get lots of promises,be sure to keep your expectations low and most importantly legs closed.

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There is so much more to say. But most importantly just know that you will get there. And every ones path to success is very different from the other. .All the best. 

P.s I didn’t say this to the earlier evicted house mates because theirs was purely luck. Not that they were voted out. In fact, I thought they would be called back but biggie had other plans i guess. PEACE .”

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