May 12, 2021

See Touching Video As V.p Osinbajo Visits Parents Of Late Corper- Precious Awolabi

Vice President of Nigeria Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has just visited family of Late corper Precious Awolabi who was shot dead during a violent police – shiite clash last week monday in Abuja.

Speaking with Yemi Osinbajo Precious Owolabi’s father has asked that the Garki hospital where Precious died should be probed as his death would have been avoided if not for the absense of a particular doctor.

he said:

There is nothing anyone can do in a situation like this. One has to take it as one of those challenges of life. I felt pained. The only thing that made me sad outside the event was that, when I learnt about what happened immediately after he was shot.

He was taken to the first hospital where they said they could not handle his case and was referred to Garki hospital where he was attended to and was stabilised. But the doctor, who was supposed to do surgery on him, was far away. Possibly if he was available, the boy’s life would have been saved and that would have saved us from this agony we found ourselves in for the past one week. I would have loved to find out why the doctor was not around. And what step has the management of that hospital taken on that doctor’s action.

“I saw the boy in a video sitting down, holding his tommy and bleeding. But the doctor to do the surgery was nowhere to be found.” he said

see touching video of Yemi Osinbajo’s visit:

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