July 26, 2021

  In every relationship, love is important but that’s certainly not the bone of contention. Your happiness should be your major priority. These few guides gives you the perfect picture of your Prince Charming.

  • He makes you his priority: This is hard because every one is busy and we all have a lot on our minds, if he really cares about you he wouldn’t mind ditching every other thing to ensure he is there for you.
  • Common values : This does not necessarily mean that he has to like every thing you like and dislike the the things you dislike. To a certain percentage you both should share a common mindset to be able to stick together.
  • He loves your good quality and accepts your flaws : Your flaws are also a part of you so anybody willing to venture into a relationship should be willing to take your full package. Try to be the best you can , but if he doesn’t accept your flaws he’s definitely not the one.
  •   He puts effort into the relationship : Anything that comes easy looses value easily. He has to work to keep you and alse be scared to loose you, that is what makes him your man and a keeper. 
  • Your happiness is his major concern: if he doesn’t care about your happiness that is a Red flag, that shows that he is not going to be there long . Your smile should be his strength and your sadness his pain .
  • He wants to be a part of your life : This is an undeniable fact that he is the right person. He cares about you so much that he wants to be a part of your life and walk with you every step of the way.
  • He loves you : Above all things I think this is the most important thing. If he doesn’t love you then it’s a No . He wouldn’t even do the things listed above if he doesn’t love you, not withstanding this is also a point to note . 

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