July 26, 2021

Six(6) ways to attract a woman

 Attracting a woman could be hard because needs and wants varies from person to person. What I find attractive might be different from what other girls find attractive. But this would show you various things most women find attractive.

Kindness: Be kind to people around you, no woman wants to be with an unkind person. Even if you’ve got no empathy try to show that you are a giver. When you go out on a date you could give to beggars and tip those that serve you.

Appearance: This is golden, it is what a lot of women actually put into consideration. No one is saying you should wear the latest cloths, try to look clean and well groomed.

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Mannerism : This is where a lot of guys tend to get it wrong . Try to apply courtesy in your daily life. Mind what you say or do, this is very important. 

Appreciate the feminine gender :This is not just by what you say but mainly by your actions  towards  ladies. You don’t want to show a woman that you’re a womanizer and expect her to stay, try to create the impression you value her feminity.

Listen actively: Everyone woman  wants to be heard don’t silence her with your voice. Allow her to express her self , this is a killer move . 

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Be responsible: This could easily be misunderstood, it’s not just about owning your own stuff but owning your actions too. Apologies when necessary.  

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