September 16, 2021


Literally, nothing!

Every other feeling is certain when you are two to tango. The escalation of love reigns or dying agony. But being alone deprives you from exercising such emotional state. What’s more heartbreaking, cooking some fancy meals with no cheerleader. Filling up the room with a mix of red and blue lights to ease romance yet you are awakened by the queue of endless thoughts rampaging the attic of your mind. What’s more engaging in loneliness, a clueless toss on your bed as your ears are filled with moans and delightful scream from your neighbour. In the absence of no touch, your thoughts lingers to your ex-days, the french, earlobe, those shrill sounds that sends signals down your spine. Faced in reality, maybe a screw in the dark will serve. Something adventurous that will defeat you yet lead you safely to orgasm.


Something more tragic, I say

Perhaps, it’s tied in the irony of a blissful marriage for infinity. The volcanic eruption that wears you off when you are about talking to your life long prison mate. That harmless talk that will lead to high pitched voices and a thunderous flex of affection that may turn my cheek blue and pale. The demeaning means you’re subjected to in quest for sexual pleasure that’s yours to gain. The long dead silence that’s broken by the deafening sounds of the cutleries or the all night sob as you reflect on your gained prize.

Tell me, what literally confines a person to a mechanism that ain’t working. I tell you, marriage.


The raving fire that had once consumed the marriage had settled into a steady glow undisguisable. She could feel the almost boundless passion of her man, an insatiable, least that made him lord of women.



The state of loneliness ain’t tied in the monotony of being sitting all alone in the couch. Whilst you are in a quest to gain pleasure others are stuck to a body with no defined pleasure. What about finding purpose? Being single is not a state of being alone but whole.


‘Till death do us apart’ is a reoccurring phrase. Being confined to a partner is to break boredom and create exciting means to keep your ball rolling. Synchronize more with your partner.

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