July 26, 2021


Many persons are afraid to admit that they feel they are bi-curious.

Whether it’s a societal or moral obstacle to be open towards their sexes and what drives them, everyone has that innate secret or bad habit that they want to shut out against the world.

Bi-curious isn’t just a phase as most persons might term it to be.

To be bi-curious is to have an intense interest in bi-sexuality, however, you have not yet identified yourself as bi-sexual.

Most persons are naturally curious about life and want adventure. This can, however, be seen in relationships and sexualities.

They are emotionally attracted to their partners of the opposite sex but are definitely curious about what the other sex might feel like.

They want to explore. Being in a situation of wanting to have just a feel of the same sex is being bi-curious. Anyone could be one.

For teenagers who don’t know their sexuality yet, and perhaps, are in a confused state of what their sexuality truly is. If they are currently identifying as bi-curious, they are probably learning about themselves.

This is not to say that only teenagers are bi-curious, adults obviously are. As a bi-curious, you might realize that in the long-run that you are a heterosexual.

One important thing is that you made your choice yourself and you get to live happily with whatever choices you have made about your sexuality and what drives you.

  • If she funnily touches you and you liked it: For females, playing with the same gender is just a female thing. Most females feel comfortable calling out pet names to themselves such as sweetie-pie, honey, etc. but, there’s a limit to a certain behavior. If she touches your body in a funny way or funny places, there’s a tendency that she’s bi-curious or truly bi-sexual but what if you enjoyed the touch? Both of you are even.
  • If he enjoys seeing other dicks: For males, being bi-curious is just a secret lock. Most guys don’t admit their bi-curious nature. But hey, it’s inbuilt even in guys. Most guys are curious to know what other guys have down there. For instance, a boarding house with a wide room to see what other penises look like, there are usually curious to know the sizes of others. Is it big, medium or small? They sometimes get triggered. A guy who barely shaves his beards could have a turn on or attraction for the same sex that always has a trimmed beard. But, the issue is, going beyond the world of fantasy and curiosity to experience it all, the moment you touch a dick or offer a hand-job then I would say farewell to the club of bi-sexual or homosexuals.
  • If she enjoys gay pornography: Some persons are attracted to gay pornography and yet they aren’t gay. What if we label them bi-curious or bi-sexual? They get all attracted and attached to how same-sex have sex and get all turned on. These sets of persons aren’t far from being either gay or bisexuals. A touch away can reveal what their sexualities truly are as a result of the accumulated fantasies stuck in their heads.
  • If she always talks about attractive women: As much as women love beautiful people and things and are attracted to them, there are certain incessant behavior a bi-curious person could pull up. If she constantly talks about how well curved a girl is, or she knows what a fellow girl could find attractive in a fellow female, then she’s not far from her reality of a new sexual orientation.
  • If she always fantasize about having the same sex: Most persons in an existing heterosexual relationship really wants to know how and what it feels to be romantically involved with another sex. This could be as a result of not having the desired sexual satisfaction an opposite sex offers. In their bid to explore more of what it feels like, the trails of thoughts that flow in terms you as bi-curious.

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