March 5, 2021

I Spent N1.5m On Voting Jackye And It Still Didn’t Count – Jackye’s Boyfriend, Demands Audit Of Delloite

Lami, boyfriend to recently evicted housemate Jackye has just condemned the BBNaija reality tv show claiming he spent over N1.5 million in voting for Jackye and yet it didn’t count.

According to him:

“Even State and National election votes don’t count in naija… I personally spent 1.5m in my humble capacity and still na voice mail the money enter but na esha bread for where God dey and besides my girl is worth way more than that. Makes me wonder how much is been sincerely spent in others camp weekly that shoots their % so high then they must have a chairman in their family and if not then how?

Watched big brother so much I barely had time to cater to myself, my business distracted like say na National Assembly election Jackye dey contest for on top 30m wey my girl wanna win, chaii I don suffer. 

Anyway na wetin the organizers want and Deloitte like dem go show and it was more like they listen to the noise of Twitter now rather than allowing real votes count cos I got more verifiable receipts of votes and if they would allow my little David tech team to come audit their giant Goliath severs we may be able to pull a super story headline in another big brother social media handler sarcastic manner.

Overall to God be the glory because 60m no fit buy the fame and opportunities she has now and that alone we are grateful for even though it comes along with a lot of hate amidst the great love.”

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