March 5, 2021

For Each Recruitment In The Nigerian Army Atleast 15 To 25 Percent Are Expected To Die”- Ex- Defence Spokesman

Ex – Defence Spokesman Gen. John Agim Agim (rtd) of the Defence Headquarters, has just revealed the death expectant rate of trainees during each recruitment exercise in the Nigerian Army

According to him over 15-25% of successful applicants are expected to die during training.

Revealing this during an interview he said:

“The military training we get already takes care of whatever situation we find ourselves. .

So by the time we go for the real operations, to us it usually looks like a rehearsal because we have already seen the worst during training.

I urge Nollywood film makers to try and see ways of how they can produce a few of our drills so that the public can know some of the things that we go through. .

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I can assure you that we have a robust training that when you come out of it alive, you know that it is not you but God. You can go for several days without food. .

And for each of our recruitments, there is a percentage expected to die during training. And that could be as much as between 15 and 25%.

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That alone shows you that it is no play zone or a boys scout lifestyle. That is why when filling a form to the Nigerian Defence Academy, you sign a bond that you are responsible for your decision.”

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