June 18, 2021

Ycee Calls Out Former Record Label (tinny entertainment) Boss For Fraud

Nigerian artiste Ycee has just called out his former record label boss(tinny entertainment) for swindling artistes including him.

Ycee who left the label in January 2019 explained that the only thing his former boss is good at is profiting off other people’s sweat.

This is coming after the CEO took to his Instagram page to show gratitude for 100million plus streams across all platforms without recognizing the artistes behind the content.

Ycee wrote :

So the CEO of TINNY ENTERTAINMENT took to his Instagram page yesterday to show gratitude for 100million plus streams (across all platforms) and this was brought to my attention which left me confused because the post as seen above was accompanied with the caption “Grateful” and the handle of the label and no mention of the artistes whose content generated those streams.

Let it be known to the general public that not a single dime generated from those streams got into the pocket of any of the artists responsible for the content that generated rated those streams and all that have made congratulatory comments on the post, the only thing the CEO is grateful for is the fact that he has yet again, seemingly gotten away with profiting off of other people’s sweat’.(like he has been well known to do so many times in the past)I have been silent as I have quietly been focused on rebuilding my life and career and also out of respect to my previous employer but he in turn has not accorded me that same respect.

Actions ranging from attacks on my reputation by spreading falsities about me, saying I betrayed him by leaving his label (knowing fully well the terms on which our business relationship ended) to leaking my music which he absolutely has zero rights to release but unfortunately happens to possess in order to delay and destabilize my debut album release.

Before anyone asks why I’m doing this, it is simply to protect any other artistes from suffering the same fate and falling into the hands of this manipulative and delusional human being.I have spent the most part of the last 24hours on set shooting the first single off my album and I am going to get some rest at this juncture so nobody should call my phone. ThankYou.

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