September 17, 2021


“Make una free this baby’s bumbum small, babies shouldnt wear pampers always” Anty lapo said. When she wakes up in the morning, remove her pampers to prevent her from getting rashes.

I Haven’t heard of this one before o, í thought aunty Lapo was always fond of over exaggerating  things like how most African parents and grandparents do.

I came to spend holiday at my aunty ‘s house in Owerri immediately after my Junior  waec and her daughter had a little baby Who was about 10 months old.

Around 9 o’clock everybody had gone to their work place, so it was Just me and Leslie. Where did this water come from, I  looked Well and it occurred to me that Leslie had peed on the floor.

I came back with a mop to clean up the mess only to find  the little girl using my cream to design her whole body. (you see this baby sitting, M ga ahu ishi ya taa (I have entered).

I didn’t know what to do at the moment, should I beat her?  Should I cry?  Or should I leave her?

“Stop splashing water on me”, I told Leslie. I was bathing her and she was busy splurging water on me and making jokes out of it by laughing like an adult.

This was actually my first time of taking care of a baby and  I was a total JJC. After putting on her pampers for her after several attempts because she couldn’t  Just stay at a place, I put the pampers in a wrong way 😂 and so we started all over again .

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“Okuu! ” Leslie shouted, I guess that was among the first Words she learnt. She said that and tried going Outside the room, Leslie come back here!….  Leslie turned and gave me the look of my life, that look I will never forget. Wait ooo, Who taught this girl this 😒

Leslie was watching TV and at the same  time watching barney on her little Television, she will watch barney small and She will go and stand in front of the TV preventing me from watching ‘’ my heart beats for Lola’’  in peace…. Oh wait I forgot to tell you guys, can you imagine this girl wasn’t  eating the yam I gave her, she was Just licking the sauce and leaving the white yam all for me to eat without any sauce 😢…what did I do to deserve this?.

Where do I start from now? Leslie’s  dad Came to pick her up to Just go for a stroll, she had pooed and there was no space in the diaper.

The tuza queen who won’t  stay at a place put her hand on her poo and put it on my face!!!! (this reminded of what happened years ago when í carried my class teacher’s baby and immediatedly, he rained blessings on me)

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“Ify  thankGod you are back ooo” I told Leslie’s  baby sitter everything that happened and she couldn’t  Just hold her laughter. Please I no do again ooo, when she comes back Just carry her abegi.

After my sleep, I came downstairs to eat.  Ify was eating the baby’s food while Leslie was sleeping. 

I have  caught her number of times doing that, she was fond of making the baby to sleep while she eats her  food. No Wonder my cousin told me one day  that she likes feeding Leslie because the nanny is a tortoise……

“Ify this one Leslie is sleeping, udo odikwa “(is there peace? )  Í said, the kind of look she gave  me was very similar to the one Leslie gave me in the morning.  Obviously Leslie learnt that from her .

To be continued….

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