September 17, 2021


“So you dont  know that your agemates have like 3 Kids now in the north ” you are here doing Shakara”  Nda Duzie said.

Well its for them now, thats serious child abuse because i dont see a reason why a 16yr old should be married with 3 Kids at that, biko cheretunu kam gbacha oringo nwa aghogho!(Let me do shakara finish) i blurted out and everybody started laughing.

We were almost done laughing when little leslie entered the kitchen, she bursted out laughing, I guess  that was because she saw us laughing.

We All kept quiet and she was still laughing. “Please did you add anything to this babys Milk like akpuruachia or something ” i asked her nanny, ” because the laugh became weird.

She was laughing like an adult, she even hit her palm on the floor and continued her thing. We all left the kitchen  one after the other, we did that on purpose and the lil girl followed suíte.

“Chiziterem! “my aunty called out…. Hmm this one she called my name fully by this time of  the night, nsogbu ga dimakwa (problem dey oo) .

“Yea ma ” I answered, did you guys feed leslie this night? Yes mummy we did oo( i wanted to tell her badly what the nanny does and she was the one who fed her that night because i had gone out in the evening).


So how come she has almost finished this big sermovita you made, there is no way she would be eating the semovita and soup like this if she’s not hungry” she shouted… I was feeling bad already. “Pls go and make another semovita”

“This dress is so hard to iron, ochoghi igbati agbati oo since i have been ironing it ” i told my cousin, I want to wear it tomorrow for a function “….”haha see how your sin is chasing you, its because i told You to help  me with mine and  you bluntly refused ” 

kamara crooned. “biko shut up abegi, everytime you will start singing it with your frog voice(she had this attitide of sing talking, so annoying) You want me to Iron that your cloth that is like ihe eji afu akamu( What is used in  preparing pap),you must be kidding.

“Bikonu gini Na eme Leslie” my uncle asked, we didnt even know when he entered the ironing room, she Just entered the room and started laughing. That’s  the same thing she Did the previous day, I dont know where she developed this atitude of laughing” I told him. Ogbakwaram ara oo, ujo biakwaram on top. Maybe we should get a chain and start locking her up, we laughed só hard.

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We later went out that evening to go and get Leslies pampers, as we reached the checkpoint we were stopped by a Police man “Good evening ma, how  are the children? The Police man asked and we knew where he was driving to “they are all good “.my aunty replied

“Enwere ihe I ga enye your boys ” he asked, that sounded so weird.i was seated in front with Leslie on my laps, she opened the pigeon hole brought out 10 naira Note and handed it over to the police man, shame catch the police man, he just waved his hand and told us to go.

This little girl never ceases to amaze me, am very sure she must have seen someone giving money to a police man.

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