July 26, 2021

Here’s What Nigerian Married Men Think About When Their Wives Cheat

Here's What Nigerian Married Men Think About When Their Wives Cheat

Cheating isn’t a trophy to be held onto gorgeously, full of pride and with strides of smile.

Is there any of the sexes that are more licensed to cheat than the other? No!

But, George Orwell has this to say; all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

Whether this is in relations to politics or not, most men have worn this theory as a crown.

A friend, Timi, while discussing on relationships insists that men cannot be trusted not to cheat even when their wives are faithful spouses.

This is because of the social lifestyles men are known for.

On a further discussion, he insisted that his wife could cheat, but she should’nt be caught.

But why would a man give consent for his wife to cheat?

As a result of ego, most men cannot possibly imagine their wives being unfaithful in their marriages. Yet, they flaunt with side pieces.

Men forget so soon to realize that cheating physically hurts too.

For men to cheat, time and resources have been exerted into making it work. These time and resources means a lot to their wives.

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Here’s what Nigerian men think.

Do you know that most men are more troubled than women when their spouses cheat?

Because cheating in marriages is more misogynistic, married men have a puncture on their ego when the reverse is the case.

They definitely cannot withhold the trauma and shame as women do.

If wives are to cheat as a retaliation to their (husband’s) infidelity, chances are that such women will be heading back to their father’s house.

In a further discussion, Timi insisted that he could forgive his wife but he wouldn’t be maritally obliged to her even if she begs for forgiveness.

His wife should be clever enough to hide her extra marital dealings and should blame no one when caught.

When asked if vice versa would be the case for a cheating husband, he responded, ‘’well, that’s for her to decide if I am to be forgiven or not.

And if I am not forgiven, what assurance does she have that her new spouse won’t definitely cheat and perhaps become worse than I am.


Because, I still cherish my woman (wife) and she should understand that all men cheat’’

Most men believe that for a woman to cheat, she has literally forfeited their existing relationship.

Men act on impulse on a matter of sex, while women take slow and deliberate actions to cheat on their spouses.

For a woman to cheat, her existing man is lacking in something.

So as a man who was cheated on, such a man seems to be in lack in order to provide sufficiently to keep a woman. And for the Africa culture, it’s a blow at the jaw of such a man.                       

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