September 15, 2021

Humans are beings that seek certain expressions in a romantic relationship. This relationship is being driven on the most profound emotions tagged as love.

Everyone seeks something fluffy. Not so fluffy perhaps, but there are times we yearn for this zing; this replay thrill. Its all okay. A necessary ingredient to spice up that pasta dish.

Since this is the expression of relationship between partners, then why the slack?

Hold on a second. We ain’t saying that relationships are centred on romance only. Neither are we penning to your thoughts that it is the bedrock of an exciting relationship.

Hey! Let’s look at this. Why are some relationship stiff?

Like other relationships, one drive relationship consist of two people, except in one drive relationship, only one person is doing the whole activity.

Its an unfortunate problem that even more unfortunately it occurs too often.

“The man who has theoretically continued to say he loves you for ages but had never been willing to give in to a practical commitment”

“The boyfriend who wants to keep taking physically, but gives nothing emotionally”

“The woman who has continued to invest in all aspect of her life but have given no quality time to build her relationship”

“The girlfriend who promises to be true but plays hanky-panky and see’s it as being witty”.

The list goes on and on.

Here’s the bottom line, there’re relationships in which one person always seems to be doing all the giving, the forgetting, the ignoring, the forgiving, the loving, the working- through. While the other person seems to be doing all the receiving.

The interesting thing about one-drive relationship is that no matter who is at the start or at the end.

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Who is doing the giving or receiving. Who is doing all the pushy or the nagging, it always takes two people to keep the relationship going.

Two people who had once shared same emotions. Two people who have had a rush of adrenaline pumping in them. One drive relationships are usually fuelled by two persons who tell you something.

It tells you that behind every one-drive relationship, there’s another person who is giving less and receiving too much. A person. Who continues to heap excuses. A person who continues to refrain from giving love, affection, intellect.

A person who sees relationship as a short term goal. A person who sees relationship as a grain of rice which can be bought at any roadside stall. A person who see it as what it should have been than what it is.

If you are being glued in a one drive relationship, you need check it. Employ the “W” question.


Every relationship has the legitimate power to drain or beautify you. It depends on which side of the coin you want to toss for infinity.

So why do you permit such moments that turn into awkward memories. Why don’t you believe you deserve better?

A healthy relationship has the willing power to give you a psychological balance.

(Browse benefits of a healthy relationship).

Just you. Only you have the ability to teach people how they can or can not treat you.

You know what? You are worth more than a thousand ruby. Of course, you are.

Not all relationships start one sided but most end up this way. Its usually a product of one person falling madly and deeply in love,rather than sharing their partners less intense feelings of single infatuation.

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If you think you may be in a one-driven relationship, you might want to consider getting out before continuing on a long, painful, heartbreaking road.

But before you opt out, have you tried other remedies to a fulfilled relationship. (Browse). Being in such relationship means your needs ain’t met because you are the one putting in your all.

So, recheck your self today.

Are you doing all the giving? Initiating all the communications.  Heaping all the “I’m sorry”.

Giving all the favours. Taking all the risks. Being handpicked as a second fiddle after his/her friends.

Kindly stand up. Dust your butt, pick up all your heart belongings, then take your leave. You are long over due.

You know, I know that you have the absolute legitimate power. I mean the most supreme power to be treated right in all ramifications despite all odds. Maybe its time for some changes to happen. Maybe its time to live out the truth that you deserve God’s best for your life and relationships.

Matthew 6:33,

…”and all other things shall be added unto you”.

A healthy relationship isn’t exempted and nothing less than God’s desire for you. Its time to give yourself a pat and say am an explicable paragon of God’s awesomeness and so you definitely cannot settle for less. So, shut the door against one-driven relationship. If not now, then when?

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