July 26, 2021

Tips To Guide You During Winter

Winter is a dreadful season for some individuals, while others tag it their best time of the year. But, whether you love it or not, you must be prepared for the cold. 

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Wearing a lot of jackets, mufflers and hand gloves could be burdensome at times but, we have to do this in order to keep the body organs warm.

More importantly, this season of the year doesn’t just affect our dressing, the availability of fresh vegetables drop, depending on your location. 

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Here are tips to guide you during winter:

1. Carry your jacket along: No matter the occasion or location, your jacket or sweater should be handy to keep you warm.

2. Hand cream: The cold makes the skin dry and pale so, a hand creamy will do a nice work in keeping the hands moist and soft.

3. Lip balms also are essential for this period to avoid crack and blisters on the lips, and you dont want to be found looking shabby, Lol.

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4. Buy your veggies prior to fall and preserve them.

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