June 22, 2021

US Vice President Makes Unannounced Trip To Iraq (Photos)

US Vice President Mike Pence made an unannounced outing to Iraq to visit US troops in front of Thanksgiving, arriving in the nation Saturday, November 23rd in the midst of brutal enemy of government fights.

Pence visited the Al Asad Air Force Base in western Iraq, where he was welcomed by the US Ambassador to Iraq and a few military officials. He got a characterized preparation from the boss on the base and talked by telephone with Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi.

On the call, Pence revealed to Mahdi that he headed out to Iraq to a limited extent to “extend gratitude to the men and women (of the US military) serving in your country,” as per the TV travel pool with the VP. Mike Pence and his significant other Karen Pence later served the soldiers a Thanksgiving lunch, with the Vice President serving turkey and Mrs. Pence passing out yams.

As administration individuals came up to them, the Pences asked every where they were from and expressed gratitude toward them for their administration. VP Pence then conveyed comments to around 150 help individuals in a holder. “The President and your Vice President and the American people are behind you 100%,” Pence stated, as per the TV travel pool.

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Pence told the administration individuals that the Trump organization was “fighting to secure another pay raise for the men and women in the military,” yet included “we need Congress to carry out their responsibilities,” the TV travel pool detailed. “Congress ought to have completed their work months back however you realize that divided legislative issues and unlimited examinations have backed things off,”

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see photos below:

US Vice President Mike Pence makes unannounced trip to Iraq (Photos)
US Vice President Mike Pence makes unannounced trip to Iraq (Photos)
US Vice President Mike Pence makes unannounced trip to Iraq (Photos)

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