September 14, 2021

10 Surprising Things Ladies Consider A Huge Turn-Off During Sex (18+)


If you think ladies enjoy sex so much that they don’t have a turn-off then you are mistaken.

Ladies love sex, I mean good sex. Yes, I know. But that doesn’t mean they will fantasize on all of it if it’s truly bad. Yeah, I mean BAD.

Good sex is not just about the masculinity of a man or in his expertise. If you aren’t good, you aren’t good, period! Learn.

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Most ladies always have the phobia of speaking out about the poor sexual performance of their partner, the reason may be that they do not want to sound too knowledgeable on sex-related issues or they fear to trample on their man’s ego. Any of which could be true of most women’s decisions.

So, what is the turn-off for ladies? Leggo!

LITTLE/ NO FOREPLAY: Some men are just totally out of this league. I mean they are from outta space, perhaps Mars.

I mean, some guys are extremely too straight forward. Their pant is down and what next? Boom, sex. Oh please, ladies aren’t programmed to be at your beck and call.

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If you want sex to be memorable, at least for the few minutes of your life together, be romantic. Some ladies want to be kissed deeply, to be cuddled, to be fondled or touched at their titties/nipples, etc. In fact, whatever rocks her boat, is fine. Trust me, this is a spice to boost her urge to have sex.

NO HEAD: Having some chit chat with the female folks is hilarious. Here you go, you could hear girls talk about weird stuffs-their fantasies.

I mean, I have discussed with ladies who insist that they cannot be in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t know how to give good head.

In as much as this is not a yardstick to judge the performance metrics of a beautiful relationship, but man….. Girls love receiving head.


WITHHOLDING SALIVA: Oh yeah, I’m curious. Why would you store some saliva in your mouth during sex? Yuck! That’s a huge turn-off.

Who does that? Please, don’t try to explain the reasons to me, whatever they may be. The funny thing is, some guys even try to get the ladies to kiss them. Aaarrrh! Please! I’m turned off just writing to you already. Lol!

SPITTING OUT HER PUSSY JUICE: Does the juice taste sour? Okay, fine! I forgive you. But, don’t do it again. You could let her know or let her see a gynecologist for better treatments.

Asides that, what are your mundane reasons for spitting out pussy juice? Gracious! It is a turn-off, please. Ladies who have their men spit out their juice are dying to know the reasons why.

Why would he do this or that? Does he not find her clean? Is she too unfit to be given a good head? Well, to avoid traumatic questions in your partner’s head, please stop the act.

USING TEETH TO GIVE HEAD: I have less to say on this. Teeth? Are you for real? Please stop the whole sex thing. It is totally degrading and unacceptable to use your teeth on a lady during sex.

Is it some kind of cannibalism? Some guys do this a lot. If you don’t find her attractive enough, please don’t move further on that lane. It’s demeaning and an absolute turn-off.

RUDE/WILD SPANK: I know you want to be spontaneous or adventurous in your sexcapades, trust me, most partners love it. But what if this is a huge turn-off to your partner. You can give a mild spank while at it, but don’t go over borders. I mean, she could actually slide you away and go for her pants. Simple!


USE OF SALIVA AS LUBRICANT: Man! You need to get the appropriate lubricant. Don’t say it’s a wild way of making love. Don’t say your partner likes it. Well, you just might be mistaken. Lubricants are affordable.

UNSHAVED PUBIC HAIR: I want to puke with laughter. As a man, don’t say it is a man’s thing to shave at will. Well, for today it’s not, especially when you have a partner.

Some ladies really want to stroke the hairs and some men love this, any of it, please keep it low and neat. Ladies love fresh air too.

CAUTIONING HER FOR MOANING LOUD: You want your neighbors to see you as a responsible G, yes, I totally agree. But why please your neighbors at the expense of your partner.

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I know sometimes ladies could do it excessively which could be termed as being too loud. But what happens if you tell her after the sex that the game was amazing but you would prefer her tone to be a bit low.

You could be sarcastic about it, telling her that the neighbors might come for a turn. The message is passed.

KNOWING JUST THE BASIC: Ladies want to explore all of it. The basic style is usually boring. Spice it up.

Guys aren’t the only ones that want their partner active or super active. Girls too, want to feel that way, they want to be in charge of their sex life. So what are you waiting for? Google is your friend.

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