February 27, 2021

‘You Can’t Be A Christian And Also Be A Marlian’ – Nigerian Pastor


Nigerian Pastor, Sola Adio has just revealed that a real Christian cannot believe in the faith and still be a Naira Marley fan (Marlian).

The pastor made the remarks after he came across a video that had Naira Marley slapping the back side of women.

Read statement below :


“Let’s be serious though. You cannot be a Christian and also be a Marlian. I actually blocked the Marley boy the day I saw RTs by some imbeciles and lunatics on my TL, of him slapping women’s back sides. It’s a demonic movement that can only be patronised by the demon possessed.

The bible is clear. Let him that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity. How can u have the Holy Ghost inside you and be comfortable with a demonic movement that slaps women’s buttocks on video? Are you not under demonic oppression laidis? Please don’t sell nonsense to me”


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