July 26, 2021

Dilemma – Chapter One (p2)

Ummm’ Yes that was me trying to start a conversation with KJ, well that was definitely not a good way to start.

I cleared my throat and tried something else, though it sounded like nothing, It was my attempt at whistling.’

Seriously God why can’t you just make me whistle’. My two lips puckered up and I applied more energy.

It can’t be that hard I kept telling myself and finally what came out was saliva on KJ’s arm. I slapped my forehead in anger, ’What did I do to the universe today, can’t things just go my way’ Then he chuckled ..’sweet lord!!! ,it worked’.

He made a sound, well  i would have preferred a statement but I can just go with what I have. ‘Ummm ar – are you? Forget it, it doesn’t make sense anyway’ he said, looking quite tensed.

Well suddenly I began to admire his very handsome face(gray-eyes, dimples, straight nose and an amazing set of dentition which he does know how to parade).

I had given up hounding him to shave his beards and began to like them a little bit. It actually made him look better I guess with such long hands, well he’s a tall man, can’t blame those hands for being that long.

The man is sitting on a seat and his hands on a steering wheel and he still looks this tall. Wonder what he used to bed fedwhen he was a boy. But wait on an inner thought, he just said something or was it a question.

Sometimes my brain can’t just understand situations. This is not the time to think of handsome facial features.‘Wait a minute!!. what did you just ask me? Sudden realization just hit me.Oh ! He couldn’t have meant that, seriously did he?

‘I uh ,uh ummm’ he managed to say with my sternly fixed on his face‘You ,you ….gini? You? I enquired completely ready to pounce on him like a predator.Like lions pounce on their preys in Nat Geo wild.

‘Oh fine! He breathed out, I wanted to know if you’re ok,that’s it nothing more’ This time his eyes weren’t steady and I knew better.

‘You’re lying! Seriously I know when you lie,your eyes shake like your an albino and your mouth twitches just like you’re doing now’.Seriously how could he think of that ,when we haven’t even…..


‘Well my mom used to go in shock a lot when she was pregnant with my baby sister,she always zoned out’.That’s why I thought about it but then for that to happen ,we have to..and we haven’t.why did I even think of that ! I’m so dumb’. he said 

‘Well I guess I know who taught your mom to revive people with chilled water, he got a lot that didn’t she?’ And you were a horrible biology student.

Seriously KJ I’m fine, I was just overwhelmed I guess and tensed and scared about what your parents will think of me, so I panicked and I definitely do not have a fertilized egg in my ovary’

I said reassuring him, but it was a lie. I wasn’t worried about that, I was shocked because of the monster.

‘Mer! You scared me a lot and don’t just freak Me out again, Ok, I nodded with relieve, thank heavens that he bought that we were at my house finally.

He parked the car and got out, he opened the door and I managed to get my soaked shoes on my feet and out of the car.

My loving fiance would have to clean this car seat, it was a mess. ‘You look like a zombie hun! ‘ he grinned ‘but your’re one beautiful zombie and I love you ‘‘Thanks a lot babe, your compliments are like music to my ears and I drew his chin.

What you should be doing is carrying me up the apartment, because as you can see I went through a horrible ordeal today.

‘No thanks, I prefer to be as ungentlemanly as possible as long as it won’t ruin my new white shirt, seriously you look horrible’ he said,laughing Wickedly as I rolled my eyes’.

Do you want water or something, it was a long drive and all thanks to me, we missed your mom’s well prepared lunch’‘ yes I want water and maybe I could just fix your television now that I am here.

Today wasn’t really that bad after all at least I get to fix your TV and reclaim mine that you took’ We climbed the stairs and while we were at my door, a loud thud resounded, it sounded as if someone was breaking in.


Goodness, haven’t I gotten enough surprises today, my day has been very eventful, that was the proper qualification for everything that happened.

KJ gestured that I be as silent as I can be, while he slowly opened the apartment, we tiptoed in making sure not to make a sound.

The noise continued and it came from the kitchen. I picked up a stick on the corridor, from our broken table. With that I was armed, KJ on the other hand took a mop stick ‘I wanted to hit him with my stick because I couldn’t fathom what damage a mop stick could cause, especially if we were dealing with a muscular creature.

Well may be it was a weapon in his hand considering that he was way stronger than I am, but something heavier would have been better.

The thought of the thief holding a gun flashed through my head but I just waved it off, it could just be the boys from the neighborhood.

I hid behind the refrigerator and KJ was behind me, but wait wasn’t he supposed to be in front.Well it doesn’t matter now.

The thud became louder and the padlocks rattled and with a large hit, the thief rolled in and we charged.

I hit the thief so hard with my stick on the head and suddenly he went limp. We lay down our weapons and removed his hoodie, it was then that we saw who had broken in,for a man he looked rather small and his hair was long, KJ turned his face and then realization hit me. Oh My God!! What have I done!

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