Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

“I feel ripped Off” – Ramsey Noah Laments After Discovering His N499k Tv Screen Isn’t Covered By Warranty

Veteran Nollywood actor Ramsey Noah has come out to blast an electronics store after they revealed that his broken N499k TV screen isn’t under warranty.

Ramsey explained that he bought the TV less than a month ago and the screen was recently damaged by his kids while they were playing.

According to him, the TV immediately shutdown and refused to come on again, he went to the store and they claimed the screen isn’t under warranty and it costs over 80% of the original cost to replace the screen.

However, Ramsey lashed out on the brand.

He wrote:

Okay I’m so livid right now and quite appalled to say the least. Why is it that almost nothing guarantees you value in this country? Dear @lgafrica1 I bought a TV from one of your outlets less than a month ago for 499,000k so basically 500k and the screen got slightly cracked with a squash ball while my kids were playing around. Not only did my entire TV pack up and refused to come on which puts the quality of the product to serious questions because how do I pay so much for something only for it to shut down completely at the slightest push? I was told on bringing it in to your store that the screen is not under warranty and it costs over 80% of the total amount to replace the screen. I honestly feel like this is a rip off because what then does my warranty cover? The plug maybe?

How is this supposed to be sustainable to average people who probably saved their hard earned income to purchase your product? What are we supposed to do with no warranty on what happens to be the most expensive component of the product?

No! This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Anybody out there has had any unpleasant experience like mine with these companies and would like to talk about it? This is truly unacceptable and I believe needs to be spoken about.

See video below:

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