July 2, 2020

3 Steps To Make Money During The Lockdown

Making money during this period has to be one of the hardest thing to achieve at this time. This is so because many people are used to the normal way of making money which involves working for someone or doing business (entrepreneurship).

The following are few steps that could help generate funds right from the comfort of your home at this unfortunate period.

Freelancing: Freelancing is simply working at your own convenience, time and place, not necessarily committed to an employer.

The advantages of freelancing today cannot be overemphasized as it has proven to be a major source of income in the 21st Century and more importantly in times like this.

5 Freelancing Tips for Starting a Freelancing Business

Find that skill you can easily do from home, writing, translation, typing, graphic design, whatever thing it is you can easily do from the comfort of your home.

To begin your journey as a freelancer. You can easily create a website to promote your services and get clients but that would be big for persons with little or no funds right now. A tangible amout of money is required to put a good website in place.

A small business guide to going freelance in 2018

However, there are alot of Freelancer networks online that are there to introduce you to your clients. A good example is Fiverr, they’ve been on for a very long time now as they’ve proven to be a large market place for the freelancer.

Signup to whichever Freelancing network that suites you for free (use google) and render your services for some cash.

Blogging: This is simply creating a platform where views are shared according to the individual sharing them.
As simple as it sounds, blogging is not for everyone as it takes a lot to become a successful blogger.

5 Steps to Take to Start Your Small Business Blog Today

One important factor that drives blogging is passion and without this passion one cannot succeed as a blogger.

when you’re passionate about something, you enjoy doing that thing which would make it impossible for you to fail in achieving your goal.

If you feel you have the passion to own a blog, then start one today.

The first step involves carving your own niche and being good at it after a lot of research online/offline. When this is done, steady and regular content creation is next as this would help build the kind of traffic you need to succeed.

Ultimate Guide to Blogging for Small Businesses - Keap

The next step is creating a website which would be monetized with the help of ad networks and brands who would want to take advantage of the platform you have created, this is only when you have consistently built a lot of traffic with your unique content.

Another platform for blogging is the micro blogging platform known as twitter, instead of spending money creating a website, you can easily take advantage of twitter and monetize the platform as your audience increases.

Vlogging: This is simply the video version of blogging as it involves sharing ones opinions, thoughts and interest online by making a video.

Vlogging is easy if you’re an interesting person in real life as no one would enjoy watching you if all you do is make boring videos that even your family and friends cannot watch.

How To Create A Vlog – WordPress.com

Vlogging is basically blogging that involves the use of a camera to record opinions and ideas. In the same way as blogging, a niche is to be created, secondly, consistency is required to gain your target audience.

After this must have been taken into consideration, create a YouTube channel or websites where these views of yours could be monetized for a lot of money.

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Remember, if there’s no passion for this kind of content creation then don’t start it because you would fail.

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