November 24, 2020

Trump, Biden Make Final Plans As Election Date Draws Near

FILE - In this combination of file photos, former Vice President Joe Biden speaks in Wilmington, Del., on March 12, 2020, left, and President Donald Trump speaks at the White House in Washington on April 5, 2020. Early polling in the general election face-off between Trump and Biden bears out a gap between the two contenders when it comes to who Americans see as more compassionate to their concerns. (AP Photo, File)

In a final round of campaigning, President Trump and his rival, Joe Biden have traversed Midwestern states that may be vital in the struggle for the White House.

Mr. Joe Biden played offensive in Iowa, a state that voted for Trump massively in 2016.

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While President Trump made a move for Minnesota, a state that voted favorably for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections.

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Although Biden has a solid upper hand over Trump, due to the some states in the U.S that could vote any of the candidate and would eventually determine the outcome in four days time.

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Over 85 million people have voted, 55 million by post, putting the U.S on course for its highest voter turnout in over a century

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