September 15, 2021

5 Reasons Nigerian Parents Abuse Their Children

The abuse of every Nigerian child is something most teenagers and adults today can relate to, when these conversations come up there is always the comparison of who suffered more in the hands of their parents.

This topic however, is one thing Nigerian parents are not ready to talk about as they most times find it sensitive and would rather not discuss at all.

They usually come up with different excuses as to why these things happen.

The following are five reasons Nigerian parents physically abuse their children.

  1. Religion : This is one major reason Nigerian parents consider beating their children the right thing to do. Religion has played a major role in enforcing this act.
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There is the popular believe that when a child is spared (not beaten), this could lead to waywardness and this belief is according to the book of Proverbs in the bible that states “Spare the rod and spoil the child” .

It has become a norm and most christian parents actually believe that beating their children would make them turn out good later in life. When you think about it deeply, you’d find out that this is hardly a solution.

2. Anger/Transferred Aggression: This is one factor a lot of Nigerian children can relate to as most times when a parent is angry, the best solution is to take cover to avoid being on the receiving end physically.


Most parents do not find it odd beating their children out of the slightest provocation because after all there is nothing they (children) can do about it.

A husband and wife could be having issues and in the heat of the tension their child makes a mistake that could easily be forgiven, the heat of the tension is usually transferred to that child who feels it on his/her body.

Most times Nigerian parents feel bad about this later on but they’d rather go to jail than apologize.

3. Long Lasting Tradition: The physical abuse of Nigerian children has been a long lasting tradition as even parents tell their own stories.

This has always been a cause to justify the act of beating their children because they were beaten too.

Most parents do not even understand how beating their children helps them but they do it anyways because it’s a norm and it’s okay by societal standards.

These parents usually resort to the use of objects to carry out this act as it was also used on them in the past, objects like brooms, sticks and even cooking equipment’s are used.

4. No Other Solution: Most times the reason parents resort to beating their children when they do something wrong is simply because they do not have any other ideas on how to resolve these issues.

They immediately think the best way out is by beating/flogging them to perhaps reconstruct their brains with the terror/pain that comes after.

This actually makes most children really scared of their parents because they know they can be descended on at any given time.

Most Nigerian parents do not even believe that talking could solve anything.

5. Their Ego: Nigerian parents most of the time beat their children because their ego’s were bruised. As a child, you dare not correct your parents because “apparently” they know it all and your opinion can only be a contribution.

The only time Nigerian parents are humble enough to learn from their children is when it concerns technology, you’d see how they become so down to earth and ready to learn, even taking instructions carefully.

The ego of Nigerian parents are also bruised when they’re disobeyed by their children, this comes to them as a ridicule on their parenthood and it is usually resolved on the body of the child.

Finally, being a parent is a big deal in every way especially handling the excesses of children but physically abusing them is never going to be the answer.

People do not stop bad behaviors because they were punished, they change only because they decide to, punishment can only instill fear and not completely influence decisions.

Children would keep doing that thing they are punished for behind their parents until they make a decision to change on their own. Punishment is not always the answer.

Just having a long talk with a child could go a long way in solving a lot of problems.

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