May 10, 2021

China Yet To Congratulate Biden On His Victory In The Polls

Chinese president Xi Jinping, has not congratulated Biden on his victory in the U.S elections.

Despite criticisms from the Trump administration, the Chinese are clearly not jumping at the prospect of a Biden-led administration.

Ex-Senior adviser at the State Department Von Hippel, said:

It’s not hard to see why Beijing is hesitant. Biden has boasted of his ability to take on China in contrast to Trump, denouncing the outgoing President for initially embracing Xi. Beijing may not feel obliged to compromise with the US under a new administration, especially as the risk of unpredictable action is considerably lower. But a degree of consistency could also be to Beijing’s benefit.

“Even though Biden will be tough on China, and will work with partners and allies to have a concerted China policy, his platform says we will work with China on areas where there’s mutual interest, whether that’s climate change or North Korea. And then they’ll push back in other areas. So it’ll be more nuanced, but I think it’ll be better for China because it won’t be so erratic and ad hoc like Trump was.”

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