June 17, 2021

Davido Reveals How He Got A Collaboration With Rapper Nas

Popular Nigerian singer Davido, has disclosed how he got a collaboration with American rapper Nas.

The musician revealed this in an interview with Reece Parkinson on BBC radio 1Xtra.

In reply to how he got a collaboration with rapper Nas. He said:

Everything in this album really just happened with the Grace of God and it was just luck. I was at on of Hitboy’s studios working and I’m like ‘let me go to the bathroom real quick’. I use the bathroom and as I come out I’m washing my hands and I look to my right and I just see Nas. True story!

“He was like ‘Are you Davido?’ and I’m like ‘Yeah’. It was crazy.

“I went back to the studio recording and I look behind me and just see Nas comes in the studio, he’s bumping his head.

” I asked ‘Do you think you can give me a verse?’ and he agreed. 15 minutes later the verse was done. Two days later we shot the video and it was amazing”.

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