May 12, 2021

Messi Gives Barca 5 Conditions To Meet Before Signing A New Contract

Argentine Football star Messi, has given the Laliga giants conditions to meet before he signs a new contract with the Spanish club.

Earlier on, Messi shocked the football world after he handed a transfer request to Barca.

The Spanish side refused his request since Messi had one more season to complete before the end of his contract, stating that any club willing to buy him must meet their demands.

Messi however, withdrew his request and agreed to stay for one more season.

The contract has ended, and Messi has given Barca five conditions to meet before he signs a new contract.

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The conditions are:

  1. Josep Barthomeu’s replacement: Messi had been very outspoken about his differences with the former coach and says his replacement is key to him.
  2. Sporting director: Although he had played earlier on with Eric Abidal, Messi had issues with him that led to the director being sacked
  3. Manager: Messi also had issues with Ronald Koeman when he became manager in August, though the two seem to have settled, Messi isn’t sure of the manager’s plans for him
  4. Transfers: Messi has stated that he wants to know about the club’s plan for summer signing.
  5. His form.

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