September 15, 2021

5 sure ways to attract a rich man

5 sure ways to attract a rich man

It is not easy to attract a rich man, even with your perfect body and beautiful face,it takes a lot more work to keep them attracted to you.

  • Get a life: You need to find your self, get busy and productive . Don’t just fold your hands, work on your goals, achieve them, this is one sure way of attracting men generally, rich men inclusive . Men generally love women that have got a mind of their own.
  • Find him : You should go to places where rich men would be. Rich men are not usually seen around like normal people, most of them are seen only on special occasions, so you need to get to these occasions and grab him. They could be found in places like the luxury hotels, golf courts and even luxury parties.
  • Be concerned about his business: This doesn’t mean you have to be actively involved in it, you just have to be interested, ask questions, maybe read books about business. This would help you come up with reasonable ideas that would make any rich man fall head over hills for you. Rich men admire women that care about their source of income .
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  • Try to look your best at all times : We all know that rich men have a wide range of selection, they could get any one they want. To be among those they would even admire you have to look good because every man falls in love with what he sees first.
  • Talk less and listen more : Listening is pretty difficult, but try as much as you can not to dominate the conversation. It’s relevant you are having an intelligent conversation with him,most of these rich men are intellectuals, so they would definitely become attracted to an intelligent lady.

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