September 15, 2021


    • Chapter One

  • DILEMMA    

Meet my Parents
My hands couldn’t hold still and my eyes looked anywhere else In the room but at the individuals in front of me. My heart must have reached the space because I could no longer hear it’s rhythmic beats. He was talking and gesturing towards them, his lips were moving too but what was he saying. Was it a smile that he gave, my brain went dead and I couldn’t make out what he was doing.
Most importantly who was he? This tall handsome man waving his hands over my beautiful face like a mad man. A friend? No! Of course not he has this strange look in his eyes. The one in the movies. He is definitely not a friend. Is he my brother? Hell no!! he looked nothing like me and considering that I could remember what my face looked like ,I would say not even a distant cousin.
This was becoming too exasperating, who the heck was this guy ? And what was I doing in front of this monster and woman. Slowly my ears came alive again
‘Mer ! Hun! Are you OK? He asked wearing a worried look on his face. Of course I was fine I breathed out ,but honestly my ears didn’t catch a thing I said. It sounded more like ‘ooom hourse umm hain’.God please tell me I’m not German ,I almost failed that class in school.
Suddenly there was a movement, the lady had gone and she came back with a bowl which contained a liquid. With a split second the liquid was on my face.
Oh ! My !Fuck!!!!!!!! It’s cold I yelled.
Suddenly my brain came back to life and realization hit me, h-he is my fiance .They are his parents and I just cursed for the first time(mom forgive me)’.shit! This was the worst meeting in the history of the universe.

‘Are you okay? dear’ You looked like you had seen a ghost’ The old woman enquired very concerned. I simply nodded . The monster made no attempt to talk he simply looked at me wearing a disguise called shock.
‘I’m fine ma, I’m so sorry I don’t know what happened’ I blurted out. But that was a big lie ,well second big lie. I was definitely not fine, My body was drenched ,my clothes dripping. My make up completely ruined ,I must have looked like a zombie or burnt plantain porridge. Worst of all my fiance was there and I completely embarrassed myself in front of his parents. This was supposed to be an introduction for God’s sake. And who taught this woman such a horrible method of resuscitation!! Couldn’t she have slapped me to revive me. Why ruin my face and cloth oh ! Cruel world.
The second big lie was that I knew exactly what had happened I had seen the devil come back to live, someone my dear fiance knows as his father. With that I sprang up to my feet.
I couldn’t deny that this house was amazing, the interior decoration was , how would my friend Gina put it ( On fleek! ) that girl needs to update her vocabulary. Mrs my fiance’s mother had an amazing taste. But comfort was definitely not my friend in there as long as he was there.
I rendered a quick apology ,mumbled something about rescuing my friend, gestured to my fiance to take me home and ran out of the living room as fast as my legs could carry. My fiance wore a puzzled look on his face while he led me out.
Yes it’s official, I’m the worst fiancé in the history of the world
My brain whispered his name in my ears (James ).Thank God my body parts are coming back to life.
KJ I’m really sorry about what happened, I’m so sorry’. He just smiled
But I knew better ‘ that smile meant, this is not the right place, we’ll talk about this when we get to your place babe’
We walked silently to his car and left.
I am totally dead! Anwuola m. I’m also igbo thank you my brain

DILEMMA (contd)

Ummm’ Yes that was me trying to start a conversation with KJ,well that was definitely not a good way to start.
I cleared my throat and tried something else ,though it sounded like nothing ,It was my attempt at whistling.’ Seriously God why can’t you just make me whistle’.My two lips puckered up and I applied more energy.It can’t be that hard I kept telling myself and finally what came out was spit on KJ’s arm.
I slapped my forehead in anger,’What did I do to the universe today,can’t things just go my way’
Then he chuckled ..’sweet lord!!! ,it worked’ .He made a sound ,well  i would have preferred a statement but I can just go with what I have.
‘Ummm ar – are you? Forget it ,it doesn’t make sense anyway’ he said ,looking quite tensed.
Well suddenly I began to admire his really really handsome face(gray eyes,dimples,straight nose and an amazing set of dentition which he does know how to parade).I had given up hounding him to shave his beards and began to like them a little bit.It actually made him look better I guess.
And such long hands,well he’s a tall man can’t blame those hands for being that long.The man is sitting on a seat and his hands on a steering wheel and he still looks this tall.
Wonder what his used to feed when he was a boy.
But wait a minute inner thought,he just said something or was it a question. Sometimes my brain can’t just understand situations. This is not the time to think of handsome facial features .
‘Wait a minute!! .what did you just ask me? Sudden realization just hit me.Oh ! He couldn’t have meant that, seriously did he?’.
‘I uh ,uh ummm’ he managed to say with my sternly fixed on his face
‘You ,you ….gini? You? I enquired completely ready to pounce on him like a predator.
Like lions pounce on their preys in Nat Geo wild.
‘Oh fine! He breathed out, I wanted to know if you’re ok,that’s it nothing more’ This time his eyes weren’t steady and I knew better.
‘You’re lying! Seriously I know when you lie,your eyes shake like your an albino and your mouth twitches just like you’re doing now’.Seriously how could he think of that ,when we haven’t even…..
‘Well my mom used to go in shock a lot when she was pregnant with my baby sister,she always zoned out’.That’s why I thought about it but then for that to happen ,we have to..and we haven’t.why did I even think of that ! I’m so dumb’ .he said
‘Well I guess I know who taught your mom to revive people with chilled water ,she got a lot that didn’t she?’ And you were a horrible biology student.
Seriously KJ I’m fine ,I was just overwhelmed I guess and tensed and scared about what your parents will think of me ,so I panicked  and I definitely do not have a fertilized egg in my ovary’ I said reassuring him ,but it was a lie.I wasn’t worried about that ,I was shocked because of the monster.
‘Mer! You scared me a lot and don’t just freak Me out again,OK’
I nodded with relieve ,thank heavens that he bought that.we were at my house finally.
He parked the car and got out ,he opened the door and I managed to get my soaked shoes on my feet and out of the car.
My loving fiance would have to clean this car seat ,it was a mess.
‘You look like a zombie hun! ‘ he grinned ‘but your one beautiful zombie and I love you ‘
‘Thanks a lot babe ,your compliments are like music to my ears ,and with I drew his chin.What you should be doing is carrying me up the apartment, because as you can see I went through a horrible ordeal today.
‘No thanks ,I prefer to be as un gentlemanly as possible as long as it won’t ruin my new white shirt,seriously you look horrible’ he said laughing
Wicked guy I rolled my eyes’ Do you want water or something ,it was a long drive and all thanks to me ,we missed your mom’s well prepared lunch’
‘ yes I want water and maybe I could just fix your television now that I am here, today wasn’t really that bad after all at least I get to fix your TV and reclaim mine that you took’
We climbed the stairs and while we were at my door, a loud thud resounded  .It sounded as if someone was breaking in.Goodness haven’t I gotten enough surprises today,my day has been very eventful ,that was the proper qualification for everything that happened.
KJ gestured that I be as silent as I can be ,while he slowly opened the apartment ,we tiptoed in making sure not to make a sound.
The noise continued and it came from the kitchen.I picked up a stick on the corridor ,it had come from our broken table.
With that I was armed,KJ on the other hand took a mop stick ‘ I wanted to hit him with my stick because I couldn’t fathom what damage a mop stick could cause,especially if we were dealing with a muscular creature.Well may be it was a weapon in his hand considering that he was way stronger than I am ,but something heavier would have been better.
The thought of the thief holding a gun flashed through my head but I just waved it off,it could just be the boys from the neighborhood.
I hid behind the refrigerator and KJ was behind me,but wait wasn’t he supposed to be in front.Well it doesn’t matter now.
The thud became louder and the padlocks rattled and with a large hit ,the thief rolled in and we charged .
I hit the thief so hard with my stick on the head and suddenly he went limp.
We lay down our weapons and removed his hoodie ,it was then that we saw who had broken in.for a man he looked rather small and his hair was long, KJ turned his face and then realization hit me.
Oh My God!! What have I done!
(contd) p3
Do you think ,is ….can you get a pulse?  I enquired still scared to death.’What is wrong with the universe ? And why is it against me today’.Chineke !
‘Wait babe ,I’ll be right back’ with that he left ‘ I was contemplating on giving mouth to mouth to the individual sprawled on the floor, Thank God KJ got a pulse.
Where the heck did he even go to,we’re supposed to be saving her for crying out lord.
Poor Gina !!
KJ came back with a bucket of water and the next thing both Gina and I were covered in water.
Jesus Christ! ‘What’s with the ‘ Johnson’s and  reviving people with water.Drench me twice ,shame on him . I didn’t even bother speaking to him ,I simply wiped my face with my hands and shifted my attention to Gina.
The good thing about their horrible means of resuscitation is that it always works.Gina was already moving her hands and mumbling things.So I quickly knelt close to her and tried to make out what she was saying.
‘D-did I hreak ma hone’she enquired writhing in pain.I was totally confused because I didn’t get what she was mumbling.
Ma hone!’ She said a little bit louder
Oh! Your phone! Christ Gina you were hit on the head and the first thing you ask of is your phone?
You’re not even OK in the head and my mistake must have just worsened your messed up head.
KJ and I managed to get her up and we brought her to my room,her phone was not broken thankfully but it was wet.
We checked her head for bleeding and KJ decided to get a doctor  that’ll check her properly. Gina was a bit better atleast she was vehement enough when she asked if I also spoilt her earpiece.some people and gadgets!
I helped her wipe water off her body with a towel and while I was cleaning her up she kept staring at me like a lost soul.I dissemble her phone so that it could dry
Finally with a grin plastered on her face she spoke’ Mer,what were you guys doing alone in the apartment, and why are you wet’
Really! did this girl happen to lose her whole sense from the hit,
‘Gina we were not doing anything, especially anything that you’re thinking about,you have a rotten mind.I got wet from the water KJ used to revive you.
But it was the second shower of blessing I got today’
Oh! She managed to say,slightly disappointed’ I was hoping for a mind blowing gist ,especially from a boring girl affianced to a boring guy’ Well thank God nothing happened between you two ,I’m sure KJ would have been having series of nightmares after doing anything with you.
Girl,you look like Dracula and I don’t mean hotel Transylvania Dracula,he’s way too cute.You look like Dracula 3000 in the flesh .
Thank you ‘ I said still checking for other wounds that she might have sustained. I didn’t see any and I was relieved. But I still had to wait for a doctor to check her out before coming to any conclusion.
‘Mer, you said second time you’re getting wet ,how’d you get wet the first time, oya oya spill’ besides I wasn’t even expecting you home this early.You were supposed to be seeing his parents and don’t tell me that they disapproved of you and sent you on your way so fast and that’s why you’re here’
Because if that’s the matter I’ll trace Mr’s Johnson to her office wherever she works and pay her back with a bucket of water ,just like her son did me’
I was smiling when she finished because as stupid as she sounded I couldn’t help but think of Gina baptising the poor old lady,but then not because of KJ’s water pouring act ,but hers .Mr’s Johnson was actually the one who began this chain of water bathing today and it partly made sense if she received hers too.
Bad bad thinking, she’s my soon to be mother in law she doesn’t deserve that,Gina I’ll tell you what happened later,OK just rest.
Mr’s Johnson doesn’t deserve your fury yet.let’s talk about you breaking in instead,You have a key and how did you climb a story building and break into the kitchen.You could have died today, you know’
She sighed and narrated how she forgot her keys at her boyfriend’s house,got soup stains on the dress she had gone to his house with,and had to come back with his hoodie and joggers.And how she got her experience of breaking in and entering from many ‘sneak out to parties’ she had done while growing up.
I left the room with a new secret uncovered about my friend ,and decided to finally rid myself of the zombie look.
KJ returned later with a young doctor who proceeded to check out Gina’s body.Who seemed to have enjoyed bombarding him with irrelevant questions about his sex life. The poor doctor was already embarrassed and  one could tell he was praying to be done with his work.
When he finished I saw him off with KJ and went back to prepare dinner.Finally the day was over and while I stared at the ceiling I couldn’t help but wonder about seeing that monster today,and most especially how he was my fiance’s father.
‘ How am I going to survive this,God help me’ I managed to drift off to sleep but the demons weren’t kept at bay,for I saw him there again.
The environment was serene,a grassy land and the sound of birds chirping made me swoon with happiness.This place felt like home and oh how I have missed it. I kicked off my shoes and started to feel the grass under my feel,I kept inhaling deeply like someone who had been starved of fresh air.Being in the city for long breathing’development ridden’ air, made me realize that there was indeed a big difference between ,Savannah air and city air.
I closed my eyes savoring the mixture of fragrances that hit my nostrils,KJ had to be around somewhere I thought. He must have brought me here for some special reason. How sweet he can be.I grinned sheepishly
Suddenly I felt KJ’s hand wrapped around my waist,pulling me close to him.My eyes were completely shut and I wanted to enjoy every  second of the moment we were sharing. He turned me gently enough for me to be facing him and then kissed me.
This wasn’t normal ,for one I had kissed KJ enough to know how his lips felt,but whoever was in front me smelled like him’how strange’ but definitely did not kiss like him.I stiffened at the thought and slowly my eyes began to flutter open.’OMG ! It was the damn monster,I began to spit out as fast as I could,in the bid to erase the feel of his moth,worm ridden lips on mine.
How dare he? He was KJ’s father for God’s sake,then while he gave a wicked laugh probably to demoralize me.I noticed he had KJ’s shirt on him,not just any of his shirt.The shirt I had gotten him myself for his birthday.The monster looked at me and gestured towards KJ tied to a tree ,wounded and trying in his own way to riggle out.
Then he said in his hoarse and devilish voice’You can’t save him,you won’t until you give me what is mine,you belong to me’ you know you do.We both have unfinished business.
I began to hyperventilate ,but I felt unusually weak .I wanted to run to KJ and free him but my feet won’t even move.I tried screaming but the sound Won’t escape my throat.I was just stuck .
He gave a wicked laugh once again and with a strong force he pushed me to the ground.I wanted to curse him,to kick him but my body went limp.
Tears began to form in my eyes ,finally he was hovering over me a wicked smile plastered on his face.My whole being was fretting ,he dug his gross nails into my skin leaving marks,satisfied with his signature. He ripped my clothes off.
‘Dear God please save me ! I know I’m a sinner but please save me from this devil of a man
Suddenly my hands were not mine anymore ,they looked much smaller like a girl’s.
I kept on making incessant prayers in my mind since my tongue had betrayed me,he was set to devour me and finally ,the ground swallowed me.
I couldn’t breathe,I was slipping, don’t die mer! Don’t die !
I jerked up ,panthing like I had run a marathon. I was  sweating profusely and my heart was very close to Saturn dancing on it’s rings by now.My whole body was trembling and my lips clattering.
I began to mutter things like’ I’m fine,I’m great, I’m OK, I’m cool,’ just to calm myself and after few minutes I was calm.I reached out for my lamp and turned it on,I began to scan my body for marks but fortunately none could be seen.
Relieved I slumped to bed’stupid nightmare’
My bed sheet was on the floor and my pillows very close to kissing the ground, I must have messed up my bed while dreaming.
I reached out to my drawer and brought out my Bible, I quickly flipped to Psalms 91 saying each word as though the enemy was there.afterwards I gazed at my clock it was already 4;30 am .I sprang up to my feet ,I had to prepare for work .
I sauntered to Gina’s room to wake her, but she wasn’t there.She must have gone to kitchen to prepare food or boil hot water for bathing.
I turned on the cooker and started boiling water,it was odd that Gina wasn’t in the kitchen at that hour.She was always good at waking up early,I sat on the stool in the kitchen still rattled from my nightmare. I didn’t want to think  much about it so I kept my thoughts afloat .
Wandering about my family and other people that I missed.
Then it occurred to me that I had not called KJ’s mom to apologize. I really felt bad about how our meeting turned out .I was definitely going to call her as soon as I got to the office.
Where was Gina?
I began to hear faint panthing,coming from the living room,who knows what Gina is up to this time.
Five! Six! Seven!   Babes good morning oo’ she said breathlessly. I managed to mumble out a reply still astonished at my dear friend’s action.
Ginikachukwu Mirian Azubuike’ what are you doing? I mean I know what your doing , but babes ah ah na,what’s with this one.I couldn’t hold it anymore ,I started laughing. God is very wise indeed ,He deliberately put this girl in my life to be my own personal clown and she was always doing a heck of a good job at it.
I kept watching her barely lift herself up from the ground in the name of jumping.She was totally breathless at this point,and she was only at thirteen.’Any moment from now,she’s going to give up,I thought to myself’ while grinning.
And she was on cue, she slumped to the ground. This time my laughter reverberated around the apartment. When she finally managed to lift herself from the ground,she muttered something.
I was curious to know why she’d put herself through something tedious as jumping.My friend Gina was very slim quite alright, but exercise and anything pertaining to it was not her Friend.
One time that I managed to get her do a road walk with me ,she rested so many times and kept eating till we got back home.So when you see someone who abhors stressing her body in the name of exercise jumping,trust me it means something big follows suit.
‘Alika is not fit’ She muttered still trying to catch her breath,for someone who only jumped thirteen times ,she was panthing like she did a hundred push ups.Poor Gina!
What’s that ? I enquired who knows a knew slang or something. Gina was always updated on day to day I won’t be surprised if she picked up something else.
Mer,you know when someone sees a very slim person and your like ,hey this girl or this guy is fit.Nnem it’s not true,your stature may not necessarily mean your fit.So alika is not fit.she explained
And why are you up so early M?she asked
Early?it’s almost 5oclock and your saying early ,I’m preparing for work or at least I was before I heard you panthing like a cheetah .Not that I’ve heard how it pants but considering how fast it runs ,it’ll suit you better’ I replied grinning
Cut it out mer,I’m only preparing myself for a bigger cause .Dan and I are getting registered at a gym ,his idea ,so that we can keep ourselves physically fit.So I’m building my body to adapt to exercise she said almost crying.
This was just too funny!
G baby ,you must really love that guy,if you’re willing to jump for him’ ,I just hope he’s willing to become a cheerful giver for your.
the guy got me a three packets of toothpaste for my birthday last year and it was not as if I had mouth odour or bad breath.I could still remember the way he wrapped those things so well.I kept thanking him as if he had actually gotten something cool.
You can imagine my face when I saw the tooth paste,which still had ‘buy two get one free’ label attached to it.
He’s not stingy, he’s just conservative’ Gina replied smiling
Conservative my foot,Oh what love can do to some people.I thought
‘Mer ,I’m  still surprised you’re awake by this time,last week I had to turn your phone off ,after I had silenced your alarm because it couldn’t wake you and it kept disturbing me.You and I know that you love sleep pass anything. So what’s happening?Are you also preparing for how to wake up early,while living with Kj
I had a nightmare’ and it’s about him you know monster man,the one I told you about long ago.
He actually resurfaced, but I’ll be fine’ I breathed out.for a while there I forgot what even woke me up in the first place.G I saw him at KJ’s  place,you won’t believe He’s KJ’s dad. I must have choked a little trying to fight back tears while Gina hugged me so tight.
Her expression was worse than mine, when I went to KJ’s house, Gina’s mouth was wide open and her eyes dilated.She looked like a rat being tortured in a lab
‘ Now I know why you came home early yesterday, who knew how you must have felt seeing him after all these years,I’m so sorry hun’ Gina added while patting my back.’It must have really shocked you, seeing him there after all these years,what’s even more horrible is that he is your ‘soon to be father in law’
I felt slightly better knowing that she was there for me ,finally we walked to the kitchen, split the boiled water, apparently Gina was stressed out from jumping just thirteen times and couldn’t boil her own water.
We just shared mine ,ate a little after bathing and left for work.
What a way to start a day!
Good morning miss Meredith,how was your night?’ Mr’s Patricia greeted trying to catch up with me on the stairs. Mr’s Patricia is a fellow worker like myself ,but quite older than I was .She was a beautiful woman who knew her onions when it came to being a diva.
This woman definitely looked nothing like her age.
I responded smiling and she told me about her son who just flew in from Australia, How he came bearing a lot of gifts and how he was very much single.thankfully no white woman snatched him away from her.I was surprised at her ,it was odd that she’d be telling me a personal detail after all we were not that close, but who Cares maybe she was trying to make small talk.
By the time I got to my own office it was already 8 o clock in the morning,I was very proud of myself that morning. Other days I practically ran to the office like a lady who’s house was on fire.trying as much as possible to get there before 8 and today ,I walked in Majestically into the place.well well well,who knew ! It did pay to wake up early.
I was shaken off from my thoughts, by a resounding ‘Good morning miss Meredith!’
My kids were up and ready to learn ,I returned their greeting and progressed to give all of them a pat in the head.For some reason I missed those children so much ,it was a long weekend after all.
Miss Meredith, my mom got me a new pair of shoes, Blessing said pointing at her new shoe,
Ummm ummm miss Meredith,my daddy got me biscuits’ Jonathan said waving the biscuit in the air’
They seemed excited and her happy and I kept giving out ‘ wow your daddy is awesome,your mom is great’.Maybe that was why everyone wanted to tell me what they’re parents got them over the weekend.
‘Miss Meredith,miss Meredith I found biscuits in my daddy’s drawer,it’s called gold circle .Paul said grinning. it’s even in my bag I took some ,I wanted to share with you.remember it’s good to share!
With that i froze’ Today was going to be eventful as well’
CH 2 ( contd) p3
Hello ma,good day ma ,ummm I called to know how you are and to apologize for the other day,I was not myself and I completely ruined the day’.yes I finally dialed Mrs Johnson after kj texted her number to me.dialing the number alone took a lot of motivational speeches .
‘There’s no need for that hun,it was not your fault,I even got scared .But I’m glad you’re better now.We’ll have to reschedule another meeting,a proper introduction. One that won’t involve my ruining your clothes and makeup’ she responded
My son does have good eye,you’re a very beautiful lady .Didn’t even know he had it in him she said laughing heartily.
After a series of blushing, apologizing andthanking her for her compliments the call ended.I came to one resolution that’s Mrs Johnson was a lovely woman.
My kids and I learnt about personal hygiene, sums and finally culture before the day was over.
It was cool teaching kids but sometimes you have to get enough demonstrations packed in your head,and simple words too or else you’d just have wasted your energy.
Ironic how babies find it difficult to speak and we hard to teach them in our own words.
The day went well ,except for Paul and his biscuit incident that occurred, the day was pretty normal.
I had notified his father immediately and I could feel his embarrassment while he spoke over the phone.He didn’t even know his kid could reach his drawers.
I did give Paul a talk about gold circle, made him believe it was biscuit that only adults ate.He gave me puzzled looks but pretty much bought the idea.Though convincing him had cost me 3000#.I had to buy him biscuits to make him feel better but as soon as the class got wind of this.Everyone wanted biscuits too like Paul.
Finally they had all gone and I could head home and rest.
Kj called to let me know that he’ll pick me up from work, so I went out to the school garage to wait for him.
I stood admiring the play ground,I walked to the swing ,then took my phone and turned on music.
It was cool sitting there,listening to songs with my earpiece, it was very refreshing. I was so deep into what I was doing that I didn’t notice any one walk up to me.The music was loud ,my eyes were shut,so you really can’t blame me though.
My eyes fluttered open at a tap on my shoulders then I opened my eyes only to face him,the demon there in person.
It took me two minutes to snap out of shock this time thankfully. But he just stood there speechless scanning me from head to toe . Then finally he spoke
‘You know for such a naive girl ,you’ve managed to play this dirty game of yours for long,
Who would have thought that after all these years I would have to deal with a whore like you again’
Now you want to use my son to get to me,listen and listen very good ,you worthless brat.
It’ll be over my dead body! You hear my dead body that I’ll let you ruin my life and my son’s.
You disappeared the first time,it won’t be difficult doing it again, don’t force me to do something that’ll make you disappear again’
With that he walked away,I exhaled so deeply .I didn’t even know I was holding my breath that long.He just threatened me,that horrible creature threatened me ,I was freaking out again.
Deep breaths! Deep breaths! I closed my eyes trying to calm my nerves,then another hand tapped me .With a loud scream I jerked up and hit him so hard.
Mer! Mer! Hey what was that for? He said holding his face ,You just hit me’.
OMG! I’m so sorry KJ ,you just startled me,are you OK.
Wow! You have strong punch there ,you almost ruined my perfect face.Why are you even jumpy by the way,this place is the least place to be scared in’
I just ignored him and wrapped my hands around him ,I needed a little comforting and I seemed to have gotten it for a brief moment, just standing there in the playground standing there with him.welcome to my screwed up life.

Mer! Hun! I’m not saying standing here hugging each other is not romantic but ummm,my legs are beginning to ache’
Sorry,wow how long have we been standing here? It just felt really good. I’m sorry for hitting you .I walked to the spring pulled up my bag and left with KJ.
I didn’t really want to talk about what happened with Gina so I decided to sleep over at KJ’s .We picked up food at a restaurant, cooking was very far from my mind and thank God KJ understood.
After dinner I called Gina to let her know I wasn’t coming back home and boy was she excited about the sleep over.She kept saying ‘go for IT girl’ like I was going for a trophy or something.
We played games ,watched movies ,two movies horror movies .Watching romantic movies might not really be good for me .Considering how most of them ended well but my own romantic story was at the brink of survival.
‘He’s only scaring her to get what he wants’KJ said .
What! I replied surprised.
‘ The demon, he knows they’re stronger than him ,he knows he doesn’t have a chance at this battle so he makes them get scared of him,then pounces on their vulnerability and kills them’
All they have to do is use what they have against him and for them to do that they have to make themselves immune to his mind tricks and voila he’s dead’
My mouth was wide open and my heart over joyed.
You are one brilliant, amazing,smart ,sweet fiance I know’ You deserve a kiss!
I pulled him to me and kissed him again,again ,again ,again and again.
He was surprised at first but the kiss got him and he totally forgot what he was going to say.
We continued watching the movie and suddenly I got more interested,’ The demon tried so many times to use fear to catch his prey a little girl,but she somehow managed to make herself immune to his tricks.
It was difficult but finally she defeated him
I was so excited at the ending that KJ began to give me strange looks’ the is she OK look’
But it didn’t matter,God had revealed what I needed to do to defeat this monster. How ironic that it had come from his own son.
Well,well,well Mr Johnson ‘girls do defeat their demons’.
KJ was tired so we went to bed ,wrapped in his arms comfort oozed out from all angles.And for the first time in 8 years I finally defeated the monster in my dreams.

I woke up to breakfast in bed ,how sweet of KJ but then he wasnt there when I woke up.He left a note of how he had an urgent meeting in the office and how Gina was bringing me clothes for work.
Did he just write work,
I sprang up ‘ work, work how could I forget that,I’m so going to be late today ‘
I brushed my teeth,had my bath barely touched my breakfast and kept meandering waiting for Gina to show up.
Finally she did and I hurried to the sitting room to get my clothes.
The things I do for you, I had to call that man with a protruding belly almost hitting the ground,that I have cramps’she said handing over my clothes
Mer! Hun please tell me you ,you actually did it, and if had to come all the way from our house to get you work clothes,on an empty stomach .it has to be for a good cause,here are your clothes.
Gina I’m not even going to answer you,call me boring but I stand with celibacy and I’m too late for work to be having this discussion right now,shoes please!
Yeah ,can we go now ?I said still combing my hair
Alright, boring! I wonder how you and KJ will survive marriage. Oh great! Mr. Joe is calling me ,let’s go .
Matthew please hand over there keys to your oga when he gets home okay,bye.

Remember when I was so proud of myself for coming to work so early,the wat I was strutting majestically into class. Well I was the complete opposite of myself yesterday. I was running so fast I bet I would have won an Olympic gold medal and by the time I was at the door to my office I was out of breath ‘Alika is not fit’ I muttered.I checked my watch and it was 8;15 .Thank God !!
Inspection by the principal doesn’t start til 8;30 ,a deduction in salary for late coming by that man was very far from me.I walked into the classroom still panthing but I’m very sure my kids didn’t notice because they were interested in something else, or should I say someone else.
Finally I was noticed’ Good morning miss Meredith’ they all chorused
Good morning kids! How was your night?I couldn’t make out what they were all saying because they kept answering at the same time but I was pretty sure their nights went well.

Wow,who do we have here? A new student. I should have known this was the source of their distraction.
Good morning miss Meredith, how do you do? I’m Scott and I’m new.he said gesturing for a hand shake.
I shook his little hand,this guy definitely did not come from around here I thought ,he had those English accents and such confidence.
Well good morning to you to Mr Scott and welcome to Nigeria.
When grandma said you were pretty ,I didn’t quite believe her but I must agree that I am stunned by your beauty.wait till dad sees you’ he said giggling

I was blushing at his compliments ,strange how a six year old can make a 23 year old blush.
Well thank you Scott! If I may ask ,do I know your grandma?
She’s a teacher here too,most of you know her as Mr’s Patricia Joseph. He answered still scanning me with his eyes.
Mr’s Patricia? Of course wait so you are the…,doesn’t make sense every six year old is single’
It was nice meeting you Scott and welcome to basic one.
Everyone say welcome to Scott,he’s our new student’

I turned to the board and started writing our topic for the day.

The bell for break had gone off and I took it as an opportunity to start with my plan.
Hello, Mr’s Johnson I’m so sorry for disturbing you,I feel so bad about what happened that day and I was hoping that we could come over this weekend ,I hope you don’t have any plans?
Of course not,I’d be delighted to have you over.we are old people what plans could we possibly have than to enjoy our children’s company till we can’t anymore. She replied laughing
And it’s good that you called because Jane is coming back home this weekend and we’re throwing a party for her.I’d be more than delighted to have you over sweet heart. Just don’t scare us to death this time.
‘ I promise I won’t,ma , I replied laughing. Have a good day ma!

Step one has already begun
And the bell rang again, break’s over time to finish my job..

Days flew by and before I knew it. It was Sunday already ,I managed to drag Gina to church and I could tell she was uncomfortable the whole time we spent there.To Gina Christians are judgemental at least our neighbour was doing a good job at that.
Mr’s Chinwe always gives anybody who doesn’t wrap herself in clothes from head to toe a ‘ You are a prostitute look’ and months ago when she had been having her night vigil she mentioned Gina and I in her prayers.It was funny how we could hear her in our rooms,it sounded like she was at our door praying.
‘God please save my neighbours, may they not go to hell because of prostitution,protect the young men they try to seduce and bring them to God,every marine spirit in them father I destroy by fire, onye bi n’igwe kwusicha mpioghari ha n’eme’
I wonder why her husband left her ,a fervent prayer warrior like her.The ones I felt pity for were her kids,the last time they bought animations home .she personally gave them a self conducted deliverance claiming the animations were evil spirits.
Gina doesn’t know that not all Christians are like that but I do.
After service we called KJ to pick us up, I had informed Mr’s Johnson that Gina would be tagging along and she was delighted.If only she knew what we planned for her demonic husband.

The first time I had visited I didn’t take in how magnificent KJ’s family house is.The house was well constructed, the architect who drew the plans is definitely a braniac,the water fountain, the flowers neatly cut and designed .Who knew what specie of axonopus compressus was grown and treated here.The mansion itself was breath taking .it was like a castle built in a beautiful garden.The devil sure did have good taste.

When we rang the door bell,we were greeted by a very happy Mrs Johnson, who kept insisting that we call her Catherine.
For some reason the monster was upstairs when we arrived.from time to time KJ would throw me a reassuring looks and squeeze my arm probably because he was afraid that I’d zone out again. Gina was busy admiring everything in the house and mouthing words to me.
We had offered to help Mr’s Johnson but she insisted that we let her serve or atlest she and her maids.Thankfully the maids were old women,who knew what that demon would have done to them if they were young girls.
Speaking of demon,he chose to finally grace us with his devilish presence ,I made sure to maintain eye contact, even though I was already shaking .This time it was my turn to play games and I couldn’t give him the upper hand.
Few minutes later Catherine called everyone to the dining room and called us to eat.I was definitely wining this war,I hadn’t fainted or gone into to shock since I got there,that’s one start to victory.
We barely sitted on the chairs like Mrs Catherine arranged,she made sure that KJ and I were sitting close to each other and Gina close to me too.But we were directly facing her husband and she.How sweet ,I was facing that dog.The empty seat close to her must have been for her daughter who I was dying to meet by the way.KJ was excited that she was coming back and kept telling me how I would love her.
The door bell rang and we all knew who was there.
Jane’s home! Let’s go meet her everyone ‘ Mr’s Catherine sprang to her feet almost pulling everyone up to meet Jane.Boy! She must have missed her daughter so much.
The door opened to a very beautiful tall young lady,wow! Beauty is definitely a Johnson trait.
She smiled at her mom, hugged her so tight ,slapped KJ on the head which made me Chuckle before pulling him into an embrace .She hugged me as well ,Gina too.But shook Mr Johnson’s hand barely making eye contact. That was odd,it looked as if they had a strained father – daughter relationship and they were trying to be on their best behavior for oursake.
‘Mark! Come on in now ‘Jane called out to a young man outside .When he got in ,she simply walked to him held his hand and said ‘ Everyone meet my fiance’.

That was a bomb,for one Jane had taken my being the only new person in the family idea and dumped it in the trash.But part of me felt good knowing that I had a partner in crime.
Mr’s Johnson was ecstatic at the news,she hugged mark so hard that I began to pity his lungs. But he didn’t even seem to mind,KJ shook him and welcomed him into the family .Mr Johnson just nodded at him.I was not even surprised at that, the devil is supposed to be rude.
Our sitting arrangement was slightly readjusted, KJ and I maintained our position as did Gina but mark was now sitiing in between Jane and her father.
The pair didn’t even act like they were related.
Lunch was served and everyone started eating ,KJ practically a plate of rice in less than five minutes and I was still battling with mine.
I wanted to be sure that the family was not the type that zipped up their mouths during meals before signalling Gina to proceed with our plan.
‘ Meredith, do you have siblings?’ Mr’s Johnson questioned
Yes I do,I actually have three siblings; An older sister and two younger brothers.
Our eldest is married with two kids and she’s a lawyer, my brothers are still very young. Still in secondary school.
That’s very wonderful’Mrs Johnson remarked.’ Your parents must be very happy to have seen their grandchildren so early,can’t wait to get grandkids out of you four.She gestured to KJ and I,also to mark and Jane.
We all laughed and continued eating ,Mr Johnson barely spoke and only gave a weak smile to conversations. Demon! I muttered in my heart.
I let out a cough and pretended to be choking and gulped enough water,Everyone threw concerned looks at me and urged me to eat slowly.Only if they knew why I had coughed.
OMG!! Gina shrieked ‘ Everyone turned to face her at once’
Noticing the eyes on her ,she apologized
Mr’s Catherine was too concerned and couldn’t let it go,so she asked Gina what had happened to her.
‘ I’m sorry I just received a horrible news from my colleague at work.He found out his neighbour’s daughter had been acting strange,he was close to them so he started investigating her.Their mother is a workaholic and is barely home but her fiance took up the job of taking care of the kids.The little girl was always withdrawn and scared so one day he decided to stay home and give her a talk.He missed work that day and had let me in on what he was doing.I never heard from him again till now.Turned out his neighbor’s fiance had been abusing a 13 year old girl,and he had walked in on him raping her.
Nobody spoke a word,but I could sense Mr Johnson tensing up,he wasn’t so composed as he was before.
Finally I spoke’ I wonder why some men are so evil,someone so close to the woman ,that’s just cruel’my eyes were fixed on his .And for the first time I sensed fear.
How can a man be so wicked ,I don’t even know what this world is turning into,I would definitely kill that bastard if the girl were to be my daughter ‘mark muttered
Jane seemed too concerned,was she crying? This was one emotional lady I thought to myself.
I would definitely kill anyone if they tried to hurt my baby’ Mr’s Catherine said looking at Jane
Who tried to fight tears back.
Andrew what do you think?Mr’s Johnson questioned her husband who seemed to be too tensed to contribute
He cleared his throat trying to regain composure and finally he said’ Bastards like him should not be allowed to see the light of another day,they should be locked up’
Satisfied with his contribution Mrs Johnson glanced at KJ ,For some reason through their contributions she felt better knowing she had no pedophile in her family.if only she knew
KJ was busy sniffling, I didn’t even notice he was crying, my fiance is a drama king.
He didn’t need to contribute at all his tears said it all.

Gina poured her emotions into the slice of chicken she was devouring ,for someone who had brought up the topic .She was only interested in making her contributions known to the piece of meat.Typical!
A deafening silence fell upon us and finally Jane spoke
Meredith, how did you meet my brother?please tell us your romantic story.Please I want to hear it?
I wanted to Coerce her into listening another time,but the way every eye in the room lit up and fell on me gave me no choice.Even Gina was eager to hear it which was amusing because she was the first I told the day I met KJ.
Well … I began
We met at a mall, it was hardly a meeting ,zero romance but a good urge to kill.
KJ bumped into me in one of the aisles in the mall as I was Picking up groceries. He didn’t even apologize and continued walking. I would have let it go ,but I was having a bad day and I guess I needed to vent somehow.So I dropped my cart walked straight to him as he was facing the cereals he wanted to buy and I shoved him so hard that he hit the cereals and they all fell to the floor.
He was pissed and demanded an apology but I didn’t even flinch, he owed me an apology first .we created a scene in the mall and the next thing we were dragged out by security.
I walked out of the mall and stood at the gate to get a cab,but none came my way.The rain started pouring and I was just too angry to try to get a shade so I just started walking under the rain.

I kept walking up until KJ splashed me with water while driving off ,I felt my anger boil ten times more.
With few minutes of walking I had started shivering, I halted when he pulled over his car and urged me to get in.I didn’t even resist just went in.He kept giving me wicked glances and finally called me a psycho.I was too cold to even start any argument so I just ignored him.



‘I’m sorry’ I blurted out ,at least I owed him an apology if he offered to drive me home. KJ only looked at me and nodded.I wanted him to apologize too so I asked him to ,it took a lot of hisses before he did .
When he dropped me at the park very close to my place I thanked him again and left.I didn’t actually expect to see him again,but I did and this time I was also having a fight with a teenager who took my purse and refused to give it back (failed robbery attempt).When I saw him I was embarrassed this time ,I thought he’d think for sure that I was a psycho.He came to visit a worker in our neighborhood and he managed to get my purse back.

After that we exchanged numbers and talked for a while,started hanging out,went on dates and 
Love found us and here we are.
I was smiling at the end of my narration and turning to face KJ I could see that my heart was in the right place.I felt at home by just looking into his eyes and I was mesmerized by it.For a while I actually forgot we were at the table surrounded by five more people.
Gina cleared her throat drawing me back to reality and I was grateful she did because I didn’t want to leave the house wet again.
‘You are two are so in love,it makes me want to cry.I never thought that Jamie would ever fall in love,to talk of getting engaged, I’m so proud of you big bro’ Jane said almost tearing up.she’s definitely the emotional type.
‘James how could you even bump into someone and not apologize that is so rude of you, I thought I taught you better’ Mr’s Johnson retorte
KJ apologized again which was funny, but he had to please his mom.The beast was just staring at me ,maybe trying to see through me like he always did.This time it was different, I had the courage to look back and I was proud of myself.I had made progress.
After we had cleared the dishes off the table,Gina and I opted to help the maids clean up,but Mrs Johnson wouldn’t even have it.She told us instead to help Jane unpack her things.
Mark left immediately after we cleared the dishes, he had urgent family business to attend to so he couldn’t stay .
While Gina and I walked up to the stairs we couldn’t help but overhear heated up conversations coming from the direction Mr’s Johnson pointed as Jane’s room.
I knew it was wrong to eaves drop but honestly I couldn’t help but over hear 
‘ You are one horrible man,to think you’d actually care,to actually man up and confess what you did to her,How could you ? ‘Jane said almost sobbing
Do you even know why I came back, do you?! I have been living with the guilt of knowing what you are and not being able to tell her.I’ve watched her suffer everyday because of what you did to her and I can’t even help her.Do you know how it feels to visit your best friend at a psychiatric ward lost and unstable because of a monster like you.You are a horrible man and I loathe you.
I hate you for being my father and making me go through all this pain.

How dare you accuse me of such preposterous act Jane?Mr Johnson said.
What ever happened to your friend has nothing to do with me,You on the other hand are ungrateful child,you’re an ingrate if you think you can walk into my house and lay accusations against me.things that I could and would never do.You are an Ingrate!.
I can’t believe you’re lying dad,I saw you with my own eyes dad , I saw you. You know I should have known you’d deny and I was a coward for not saying something then.Now if you’re done with what you came here to do,I’d suggest you leave my room this minute.
With that Gina and walked down the stairs and pretended to be climbing back up ,he just looked at the both of us as we walked pass him.Then proceeded to his room.We knocked on Jane’s door and she opened her door.
We were right she was crying,we didn’t even bother asking her why,we just told her why we came to her room.
It took hours to get Jane’s things in place and while we arranged her things we discussed about a lot of things ,some private and some even more private.
‘So Mer have you guys done it yet?’Jane asked folding her shirts 
I wanted to pretend that I didn’t even hear her question but Gina repeated it in a reported manner probably to taunt me.wicked girl
‘Done what? I replied 
‘ oh please don’t play dumb with me,my brother is no saint and trust me when I say I’ve seen things,I have’ 
Ummm Jane don’t you think it’s actually weird asking me about my sex life with your brother,Gina here does it a lot but .I don’t know who I’m more uncomfortable answering you or her.At this point I was more than embarrassed,I could barely even make eye contact.
You haven’t, have you? That’s so sweet, finally someone to tame the tiger.Jane said laughing
Then Gina joined in.
I had to excuse myself to avoid sinking into the ground out of embarrassment apparently celibacy was such a horrible thing. How annoying I muttered.
It was already 4pm and I thought it wise to call KJ so that’d we’d be on our way .I started walking towards the stairs before a hand gripped me
‘I know what you are doing but trust me when I say ,if it ever comes to my son choosing between me and you, he will choose me.You may think he loves you but love won’t make him turn on me.I am his father and that will never change, he will always put family first. The sooner you leave the better for you’

I didn’t even get to reply before he waltzed out, I wanted to brush away what he said but I couldn’t help but remember his conversation with his daughter and he was right. KJ might love me but if I told him about his father would he turn on his father, because of me.This was an impossible situation.

Gina came down few minutes later and we all bid Mr’s Johnson and Jane farewell before driving .I only had one thought in my mind and it was about what the beast had said.
Gina had to get something at a friend’s so KJ and proceeded to my house.
You look worried’ he said as we climbed the stairs ,I had forgotten how observant KJ was 
I gave him a smile trying to reassure him that all was fine but he was persistent.
When we sat down in the living room I finally spoke
‘ Ummm KJ do you think that we’d end up together, that nothing can come in between us’
He was shocked at the question at first, but then he smiled and took my hand and kept it on his chest then he said’ I know that nothing and noone can come between us,because you’re my life.coming in between us would mean taking my life’
I love you very much and I mean every bit of it.
I was still scared but the reassurance I saw in his eyes made me forget my worry.I just sat close to him ,our faces inches apart .staring into his eyes,I could not only see my reflection,I could see more.I could see love ,the universe smiling at me telling me everything would be fine.
His hands whilst trying to keep my hand he mistakenly brushed my thighs.I didn’t know if to blame my hormones or my emotional state but something in me was riled up and I drew his face closer and kissed him the way I had never before.. Our eyes caressed each other increasing the temperature of the room and making it stuffy. I could feel the tension emanating from both of us. In his eyes, i saw the unspoken words and i understood each word, though not voiced. We hadn’t planned for this.
He deepened the kiss and I found out desires I never thought I had.Wait a minute am I moaning ?.With every touch the electricity ignited like wild fire. I felt weak within me, my legs a mass of jelly. I know my legs could not carry me if i’m asked to stand.My brain was very close to being dead,I could hear a part of it screaming celibacy but my body was adamant.
Regaining his voice he said, ‘baby,I think we should stop’.I hesitated a moment, unsure of what to do. In a croaked voice i replied, ‘ta-ke me he-re.Wait what! This was definitely not my brain talking,this was a war and my body was winning.wake up brain! Mouth always listen to the brain,you’ll get yourself in trouble
Outside the storm was building, accompanied by claps of thunder. Our lips met again and I was filled with kaleidoscope of emotions. I was mesmerized by the look in his eyes, each gaze drowned me into the depths of those beautiful and intelligent eyes. I looked at him, all beautiful (handsome) and manly male.With every touch I received a new hunger began to build.Slowly his hands went up to the hem of my gown and it went above my head.
I was to preoccupied peeling his shirt off,feeling his warm hard chest .This was one explosive feeling of pleasure that my body wasn’t ready to let go.
At our feet, things began to fall, materials that caused a barrier between two kingdoms fighting to meet.Strokes on my thighs ,fingers digging into his back ,making him moan and mumble things.It was either now or I’m a gunner.His hands were at the hook of my bra .It was as if all the hidden strength in me resurfaced and I managed to put up a resistance.
Stop! I breathed out,stop.His hands went limp and it was as if he was brought back to reality. He didn’t speak just regret forming in his eyes.I knew what he was thinking and I had to let him know it was not his fault.
Hey! I’m sorry I said hugging him ,I’m not ready for that kind of step and I know I messed up ,it’s not you it’s me.
He only looked at me and  nodded, he held me tighter and we just stood there. Wow! I didn’t eve. Know how my clothes left my body,human beings are indeed animals.
I barely finished my moment of bliss before Gina stormed in.
Oh great! I’m finished
KJ was shirtless and I helped him pick up his shirt ,how did it even leave his body? He hurriedly wore it ,gave me a kiss and greeted Gina who was facing the wall goodnight and left.
She turned to face me with a smile and I was too embarrassed to even say anything
‘Well ,well well,Meredith chinenye Onwuka care to explain’
Gina not now please I blurted out gathering my clothing’s and rushing to my room.
You can run but you can’t hide’ She called out chuckling’Finally some real gist’
I went to my bed and the event kept replaying in my head,I could feel every touch as i soaped myself .Maybe we need to explore ourselves more as a couple ,after all we were engaged. But then if we did what we did often ,the dream of having a wedding night a Virgin would be totally off the charts.
I wonder how long it took me before I drifted off to sleep.Who knows how KJ is feeling right now,was the thought I held on to.

Leave me alone!
I screamed while panthing ,yes the demon came again.I checked my phone and it was already 5am .I stood up and headed to the kitchen to get water.Nightmares meant lack of sleep to me but in a way they had become my alarm.
Gina was not up yet,thankfully.I was already dreading the cross examination she’ll give me after walking in KJ and I.It was funny how I would keep thinking about what happened. Simple biology, my body was craving for mating I guess.
I got lost in my thoughts and didn’t even notice when Gina walked in.She cleared her throat and I was aware of myself.
‘ ummmm morning,Gina how was your night?’ 
‘Osi gini? When did you become this mannered biko give me gist that you starved me yesterday’ she said stooping down to be facing me directly
Nothing happened, seriously you saw us didn’t you? I replied suddenly very shy 
She laughed and fell to the floor’ well who would have thought ,that you had it in you,I used to thing you and KJ were too celibate to even kiss,then I walk into you in your pants and bra and him barely clothed,I must comment on his beautiful body by the way,those abs are killers.Now that is a sight you don’t get to see everyday.
Gina don’t you think we shouldn’t even be having this conversation,besides your not supposed to comment on my fiance’s body, it’s very uncomfortable coming from you.
So tell me how did you feel?she asked making sure to maintain eye contact
I felt really good,too good I didn’t even know I could stop.Now I think it’s going to be more difficult being celibate, I wonder how some people do it with all these cravings.I answered very flushed at the thought.
I know I’ve always called you boring and all ,but honestly if you think you can pull it off ,you know being celibate then do it.As much as I enjoyed finding out you are sexually active ,I don’t think I appreciate any funny business in this house.I had to disinfect the couch yesterday. She said making faces.
I don’t plan on having ‘nearly’s’ again in this house’ I snapped back
What’s that ? Nearly’s she asked confused
Well nearly killed the bird’ she got it immediately and chuckled and on her way to the door she simply said ‘we’ll see about that’

I was enjoying the majestic strutting to the office ,making sure that I didn’t put too much effort in getting to‘s not everyday that I get that privilege.
On getting to the class I was surprised to see a man facing the louvres ,probably waiting for my arrival.I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting any parent .They usually call before coming over .
He turned around to face me and I was stunned by how handsome he is.
‘ Good morning Miss Meredith, ive been waiting for you,I’m Scott’s father Nathan and I have a proposition for you’
I brought out my hand and shook him and was eager to hear what he said while still scanning his very handsome face.No wonder that kid is pretty.
You are more beautiful than he described, my son needs a tutor and I want to hire you?
‘ Thanks but I don’t think Scott needs a tutor, he has been performing excellently in all his subjects,except languages.But that’s not really a problem it’s understandable because he didn’t grow up here and the school can wave it for him.I replied slightly blushing at his compliment.
See miss Meredith ,that’s the thing .I want my son to learn at least one indigenous language, preferably anyone that you can speak.He already likes you and I didn’t want to hire anyone he wasn’t comfortable around,please
Too be honest I was confused, most parents beg for their children to drop languages and he’s begging for his son to offer one.I was still contemplating before I was cut off with

‘ I’ll pay any amount you want,it’s very important to me that he learns’he said
Thinking of it ,maybe I should take the offer it wouldn’t hurt helping him out and I was growing fond of Scott by the way.’Okay I’ll teach him,but I’ll tell you when I’ll start .Here’s my number so that you can call to pass information, there’s really no need coming to class’ I wrote it down and handed it over to him.
He thanked me and walked out  winking at his son on his way out
‘ funny guy’ Well if you all are done listening in on my conversation with Mr Nathan which is very bad,could you all please turn to page 7 of your math work book and solve the problems.
The children were giggling while some were probably shooting daggers at me for starting the day with math.
‘ ummm Miss Meredith, Paul called out raising his hand’ If I tell my dad I need a tutor ,will you also come teach me.he asked
Well Paul I would if your father agrees to it,but you don’t even need extra lessons, you’re doing very well.
As soon I was done with Paul ,ten more children raised their hands.

I got home by taking a cab,KJ had called and apologized for not coming to pick me ,he was really busy at work and couldn’t even make it.
When I got to the apartment  Gina was already home and she was sitted across a woman who was way too familiar to me.

Chinenyenwa I heard her call to me,’ There was only one person who called me that and I knew who it was’
Hello mother!


Mom, Gina and I were sitting quietly at the table just starting at each other.Gina had her questions which she wanted answered and mom was beyond pissed at me.
I finally cleared my throat and spoke’ Mom are you sleeping here ,should I prepare anything for you?
She only looked at me and nodded, I left immediately to get food stuff for what I’ll prepare for her,I had to prepare soup .
Wetin be #250? You can’t possible think of selling that at 250,that’s too expensive. I was referring to the vegetable the trader was selling to me at 250.
‘No be una go vote una current presido,now everything don cost,ordinary tomato dem dey sell one basket forty something thousand,every time dem go talk fight corruption rubbish!
If you no wan buy just commot from my front oo,no make me vex for you
I just paid her because I was in a hurry and left,I never even voted .so voting the wrong candidate shouldn’t be pinned on me.
Another election was fast approaching and I was planning on voting this time, maybe my vote would actually count.

I got home and started making preparations, Gina excused herself and started helping me still giving me glares.I know I should have told her but I wanted to leave that life behind .I wanted to be the Meredith I am here. I do hope she understands.
Mom ate in silence and when she finished she was ready to finish me with scolding.
Gina noticed the change in the atmosphere and decided to excuse herself.
Chinenyenwa what kind of life are you living here? I can’t believe you left home 3years ago just to be living like a pauper. What exactly do you want with your life.your father and I are more than capable of giving you the best of everything. Why do you keep hurting me eh nwa? What have I done to deserve this ‘ she complained with tears forming in her eyes.
Mom I’m sorry,ndo nu .I’m not just ready to come back home,I know I should have been in touch but I wanted to be away to discover myself.don’t cry please
‘ discover yourself you say,chinenyenwa you could have discovered yourself back home,you should know that running from your problems will never make it go away, your father has been worried ‘I snorted at her statement of worry from my father
Your brothers miss you so much ,even Adaugo said you’ve not been in touch with her .We are your family for crying out loud,stop detaching yourself from us.’
Just last week Vivian got married and everyone came but you,do you know how we felt when your aunts and uncles kept asking of you, even Peter cane back from the states last week .He’s been trying to reach you .nenyenwa bikozie nu ,please come back home.
‘Mom I’m engaged I’ll be coming back home soon,I’m very sorry for cutting you all off but honestly I needed to get away from things and dad was making things difficult for me with his idea of working in the company, I just wanted something different and I found it here.I am actually enjoying the simple life.
You are engaged? She asked with excitement
Yes mom I am,His name is James Johnson and he is an amazing person.
That’s good news,at least your disappearance got you something good,I do hope to meet him before I leave .Thank goodness you are normal ,I was beginning to ask God if you were normal .if you actually liked men ,nenye you have been the most unpredictable of all my children. I can tell what is happening with Adaugo and your brothers but you! No.You’ve always been too independent and secretive.Please nenye let us in ,let me in stop treating us like strangers.
I hugged her and promised to teach out more.My trauma made more self absorbed while growing up and I never had friends except for peter whom his parents sent to study. I had always carried my problems in my heart ,never liked sharing my issues. I felt guilty ,sad ,vulnerable and angry most times and I often detached myself from my siblings.
My father and I had a rough relationship and deep down I blamed him for what had happened to me ,it was because of him that Mr Johnson came into our lives and almost ruined mine.For years I always fell out with my father and when I decided I wanted to teach he went berserk.Father wanted me in the company ,but I was craving for freedom. One day I picked up my things and left our house. I left a note for my mom and my younger brothers and I had seen any of my family members till today .I guess I was too selfish by leaving and I never knew I was hurting my family as well.
Mom stayed for a while analysing my apartment, though Gina made her laugh with her funny jokes .She kept on saying ‘ I love this girl’ on her way out.Mom refused to stay with me,she said she had a business partner to meet .Dad told her to help him out since he was out of the country. Turned out my parents were expanding the family business and  a certain Mr Johnson was also involved. I just hope their Mr Andrew is not the same Mr Johnson that almost ruined my life.I didn’t want ask her if it was Mr Johnson. I was too afraid to find out if they were the same person.
Finally mom’s driver drove off after hugging me several times.I felt pained that I had made her suffer and miss me and I was going to change that.But First I had an apology to render to Gina.

G I’m sorry’ I said as I walked into her room,she didn’t even make an effort to acknowledge my presence.She just kept doing what she was doing with her phone.
Gina and Instagram,I thought as I sat close to her. Gina was so fond of celebrities that I could actually bet that she was following almost all of them on Instagram.
‘ I wanted to tell you so many times’ I began ‘but I just didn’t find the right moment, soon we just became very comfortable here and I guess I felt very comfortable knowing that life was behind me’
She didn’t even flinch,I simply threw her headset on the ground and she screamed.
Meredith! Do you want to spoil my stuff? This thing here cost me 10k ‘
I tried to stifle the laughter that was almost escaping my mouth but failed miserably. It was just so funny how Gina valued her gadgets so much.How to get a lady’s attention.
You’re not supposed to be laughing M,infact you should be grovelling at my feet,begging for forgiveness. How do you think I felt when your mom walked into this apartment today? I’ve known you for three years,mer three years and it didn’t even occur to you to mention that you come from a family of billionaires’
G I’m so…. I was cut off by ‘The fact that our electricity got off and I went borrowing to get it paid when you can even buy this whole house and more is not amusing at all.Is is that I’m not trustworthy or do you think I’d be after your money.I’m just disappointed’
I’m sorry G it was bad of me to hide it from you,I guess I was selfish there,please I don’t want you mad at me.What can I do to make you forgive me?I asked making a puppy face.
‘ Well you can start by paying me back every form of contribution I have made in this house,getting me an I phone,I’ll think of others’ she replied smiling

‘And I thought you loved me ,because of me G I’m hurt’i said pretending to be stabbed in the chest.
‘But mer eh ,this your mom dikwa funny,she erased everything you served her,for someone who was upset I was thinking she’d have rejected the food’ 
I couldn’t hold my laughter on hearing that and Gina joined me.My mom never jokes with her food,Dad would always get her cookies and Chinese whenever they had a falling out.And she would eat everything and still pretend to have tossed the food in the trash.
My mom was a food lover and not even anger could diminish that love.
I took Gina out for ice dream,which she did deserve considering how I wasn’t totally honest with her .We bumped into jane but she was in too much of a hurry to stay with us.Seeing her made me want to find out what actually transpired between her father and her Friend. I had a hunch that her friend was also molested but I had to be sure.

Gina ended up making a long list of the things she wanted from me,before we drifted off to sleep.
She included a trip to Dubai with all the expenses sorted by me,a trip to Paris,a trip to Disney land,I kept wondering why she’d even want that, a grown woman.A trip to Hawaii,a motorcycle and other ridiculously expensive things.
I agreed to all because she threatened to stop being my friend. I knew she was joking but I valued Gina so much because she was the only true friend that really got me.I was not ready to ruin that friendship.

I ran hysterically to work the next day and finally agreed to tutor Scott as Nathan and I spoke over the phone.I had to tutor him in their house for two hours and he was willing to pay handsomely.
Paul kept insisting that I tutor him as well as half of the class and I ran out  of excuses to tell them.
I left the school upon a request from my mom to come see her
Did I say request?  I meant a command properly garnished with threats and fake cries’ Chinenyenwa leave that your rubbish school and come and see your mother, how can you be so heartless ,you don’t even want to see me or spend time with me ,If you don’t make yourself available in the next thirty minutes at the location I’ll text you,I’ll call your father and tell him that I want to own a school’
I had to tell the principal that it was an emergency before he let me leave.
Things kids do for their mothers!
It was a nice restaurant with a beautiful outlet,the glasses were so polished and the ground shiny.I wanted to get the meeting over with and I walked really fast to get to my mother’s table.Mother was not alone sadly,for someone who craved her daughter’s attention,hers was divided. I couldn’t make out who they were at first glance,but the other man seemed to have a back view that was very close to KJ’s.Lookalikes I thought ,When I finally approached the table mom stood up to hug me and the two men turned to face me.
Shocked was beyond my current state!
Chineyenwa meet my soon to be business partner Mr Andrew Johnson and his son James Johnson’
With that the bomb exploded in my brain again.


As I stood facing my mom and the Johnson’s, I thought of many scenarios being played out in my head
First scenario
Mom introduces me as her daughter, I remain dumb ,KJ very astonished and upset and Mr Johnson probably grinning
Second scenario
I don’t let mom finish her introduction before running out of the restaurant ,as fast as my leg can carry me .that would be embarrassing and mom and the Johnson’s would probably come after me
Third scenario
Cut mom off from her introduction if she hadn’t told the Johnson’s already that I’d be coming .

I did a brief analysis of the three scenarios and decided to go with the third,I thought it best for KJ to hear about my family from me and for some reason I felt it was better for me to keep my family away from Mr Johnson. I still wonder why my parents want to expand their business with him,he did bail on them the first time after he decided to play with me.A part of me did wonder if Mr Johnson knew that my mother was my mom.He did come to our house on that faithful day or maybe he also didn’t know I was a member of the family.
‘Well Mr Johnson… James meet my dau’ mom was caught off by my voice screaming niece .
I’m her niece’ I repeated making signs to my mom with my eyes,hoping she’d catch them and play along.
‘ Her brows arched up, probably wondering if I was okay,but she decided to play along thank goodness.
My niece Chinenyenwa ,she is like a daughter to me ‘ she said stressing the daughter to imply that she didnt enjoy the show I was putting on.
KJ got up and  kissed me on the forehead looking very surprised that I knew my mom,which was funny.Mr. Johnson acknowledged my presence by nodding .So much affection coming from my soon to be father in law.
KJ was pleased to know that I was related to my mom and gave me the’ we’ll discuss about this later’ look.His look was simple, to stare into my eyes till I felt the heat of the intense gaze.
Mom was however curious to know why I had allowed a kiss from KJ and why they seemed quite acquainted with me.
‘Nana ,this is my fiance the one I told you about and Mr Johnson is his father’
Pleased was an understatement for what mom was feeling ,there was a big smile plastered on  her face and she had to give KJ a very long bear hug.She also managed to pull the grumpy Mr Johnson into a hug .
We ate and talked about many things,well mom talked mostly about me(the embarrassing stories of my childhood) while KJ laughed .Mr Johnson let out a  smile or two and continued with his lunch.
Mr Johnson took care of the bills while my mom,KJ and I waited for him in the car.
Mer hun I never knew I had competition, you didn’t tell me of your love for RMD(Richard Mofe Damijo) ,you even shot Stella with a toy gun out of jealousy ‘ KJ said laughing.
I was very embarrassed at that,when I was a child I loved the actor so much that whenever we watched his movies,I’d dress up as a bride hoping he’d marry me before the movie ends,but sadly he wouldn’t. Stella Damascus was my competition, he was always her husband in most of the movies. Thank God I got over that love.
KJ received a call about an emergency at the office and had to leave immediately, Mr Johnson followed suit and I was left with mom and her driver.
‘ Something awful must have happened that made them both leave like that’ mom said
Yeah I think so,I was hoping to talk to him,I guess that’ll be later’ I responded.
‘ Chinenyenwa what was that all about? Introducing me as your aunt,you better have a very good explanation’
KJ doesn’t know that I come from a wealthy family, I always told him that I didn’t like talking about my family while we were dating ,I only gave very brief details and I never showed him pictures of anyone .I felt it wise to be the one to open up to him about who we really are’
Mom you practically dragged me out to this place and you couldn’t even tell me we were not going to be alone’
Well….I didn’t plan on meeting Andrew today I only bumped into him and when he told me the handsome young man was his son,I had to get you here by all means.He has a fine man for a son ‘
My mouth was hanging open by the time she had finished,was my mom half awake the other day when I told her that I was engaged or did she decide to deliberately forget that very important information.
Chinenyenwa oh please don’t give me that look,I thought you told me about that engagement just to make me happy and probably reduce the anger I felt towards you,I never knew you were serious.Besides Chinenyenwa it’s not the first time you lied about guys in your life.You told me Peter was your boyfriend in high school, I kept sending him gifts anonymously only to find out he was dating Lillian’s fat daughter.I got that boy a Rolex ‘ 
Laughter erupted from my chest upon hearing that,mom did pester me a lot about getting a boyfriend and I had to convince peter to play the role to get her off my back.
‘ Mom why would I lie about being engaged, I wouldn’t joke with something as serious as that trust me’
Well nenyenwa you can’t actually convince people that you are,when you don’t have a ring to show for it’
She was right about that I guess,my hand was bare not because KJ didn’t give me one,he actually got a very beautiful and expensive diamond ring.But I didn’t like wearing rings,it was one issue that made KJ and I fight a lot,but he saw that it was probably impossible to change that and just let me be.
I remember he told me after we had a fight about wearing the ring and I was very upset .that in his own words’ I don’t need you to wear a ring to show that you’re taken,I guess it’s me being insecure, I have your heart to show for it,don’t worry I’ll wear a ring for both of us’ KJ can be very sweet sometimes
I had decided after that day to wear my ring occasionally.
‘ Mom I don’t need a ring to convince people that I’m engaged you know,men would still come after me ring or not,men even go after married women’
‘ well nenye men would always go after a very beautiful lady like yourself anytime, and it’s because you are a product of a very fine woman like myself,don’t you see how beautiful and young I look, I’d probably ask for a role for 28 year old  woman and I’ll get it in a heart beat’
I ended up laughing at that,mom decided to drop me off at school and even though I tried to get her to leave she decided she wanted to meet my kids.Which was odd because mom was not really a child person.I could already sense a disaster brewing.
When we got to class I relieved miss Gloria and assistant teacher the duty of watching the kids and they were quite excited to have me back.
‘Everyone meet Mrs Onwuka  Edith she’s my …..’
I was cut off by a very loud and resounding ‘ grandmother!?’ ‘Wasn’t my mother saying she looked 28 few minutes ago,this must have hurt’
Oh boy! These kids are so dead today and mom had already turned red.


Hi babe ,just wanted to check up on you, hope everything is good over there’ I spoke with my phone held to my ear with my left hand while signalling Paul to leave the classroom with my other hand.
‘Actually things are not good hun,one of the estates in owerri caught fire,it was really horrible. Thankfully there are no casualties but the insurance company is pissing me off.I’ve tried to be very civil with them but their stupid manager says I’m immature ,really me !do I act like a child?’
Paul! She’s not here ,you can leave now please, I’m on the phone, sorry about that hun ,my moo..I suddenly became aware of myself and coughed.
Are you okay Mer?
Of course I am,you were saying something about being immature, KJ do you by any means have a lolipop in your mouth? and an iron  man toy beside you right now? I inquired grinning
No,um maybe ,OK yes,what has that got to do with anything .That man insulted me and I am not letting him go scot free.
With that I broke into laughter, my 28 year old fiance carries a toy around in his pocket and eats candy when he’s upset,that does scream maturity.
Mer would you please stop laughing, you’re making me feel bad right now
I’m sorry it’s just that you’re quite predictable sometimes ,I think you’ll figure everything out .You are a big smart baby.ummm KJ I’d really like to discuss something with you when you get back, it’s uh very important.
Mer is everything okay,are you alright? He questioned concerned
Everything is great, it’s just something I need to discuss with with you,sorry I have to go now,bye love you!

Good day Mr Joseph ,give me few minutes to get ready,Scott let’s go your dad’s here. Thankfully Paul had left the classroom to meet his sister. My mother was so angry at the kids when they thought she was my grandmother that she threatened to bring monsters to the school. The children were scared and it took a lot of convincing to get them to leave the classroom.
Scott on the other hand was not shaken ,my mom left after she had  thrown my class into chaos and promised to call me. 
We met Nathan at the school gate and got into his car for him to take us to his house.
My phone rang again and it was Gina this time
‘Hello G ,what’s up?’
‘Oga I said give me my 10naira,is it not my change, I don’t want to leave it for you o,if you don’t give me my balance I will not get down from this cab oo’
My ears were burning from the way Gina was screaming and I was amused that she was requesting for 10#.It sounded ridiculous but then Gina was a clown
‘Hello M ,how far na, oga you be idiot! You wan chop my change ,onye oshi!!!,try nonsense now and I go break the glass of this your carton wey u dey call moto.onye iberibe!!
Mer are you still there,no mind this idiot man wey wan chop my change’ I could hear the man hurling insults at Gina who seemed more than comfortable word bantering with him.
‘ Na your mama be ashawo ,see as you dey like ape,no be your mates dey carry people free?
You get luck say you give me my change ,nonsense man.Mer are you there? All these taxi drivers can be so cunny ,the other day I was stranded because I had to get 50# to pay one of them and he couldn’t even let me go,until I paid the whole thing. I was cooked by the sun because I was looking for money to pay the guy.I vowed that day that I’ll never let them eat my money,even if it’s 1kobo.’
Nathan was grinning by the time I stared at him,he must have heard Gina,’ You are very funny G,biko why did you call?Is everything OK?
Yes oo M biko eh could you please hold on a little wherever you are,Daniel’s coming over and I need some alone time with him,also please get me my soap and deodorant on your way back I just discovered mine has finished.’
G seriously where do you want me to go,KJ is not around besides you didn’t even give me money to get those things for you.’
Oh please your dad is rich ,tell your mom to give you money joor or else don’t even try coming back to this apartment’
With that she ended the call ,very annoying person.
‘ You could stay for a while after the tutorials, it’s going to be Scott and I after all and a little female company wouldn’t hurt ,now would it bud?
Nathan said winning to Scott,what was with him and winks anyways
Of course dad,I’d be pleased if miss Meredith were to stay a bit in our house,I can’t wait to show her all my toys, and everyone would be so jealous if they found out she hung out with me’
Ummm I don’t think that’d be appropriate, Mr.Joseph I’ll see if I can figure out where to go,besides I need to get things at the mall for my friend’ I replied hoping they’d give up
‘ we could drive you there,if you agree to stay and we’d also drive you home,please stay the house can be very boring sometimes oh and don’t be too civil my name is Nathan ,you can still call me Nate.
Okay Mr. Sorry Nathan I’ll stay but it’s because of the free ride I’m getting’
Scott was more than pleased with the idea he kept winking at me, which was very funny.

When we got to their house I was amazed by the building, it was so similar to KJ’s family house one could say it was the same architect that handled the two projects,the water fountain the grasses and flowers it was actually like a replica of My fiance’s family home.
I do get why they are bored,that house is too big for two people to live in it.
Nathan offered me a very chilled orange juice and I was so pleased that he did.once we settled down I began my teaching.
I started with alphabets which Scott pronounced in wrong way all the time,teaching him reminded me of when father used to teach me the same thing. Father knew how to converse in all Igbo dialects and could write well too.
We made a little progress after two hours and I decided to end the class there.Nathan came in to check on us and Scott excused himself immediately. It was as if he wanted me to alone with his father.
‘How did it go,is he learning anything yet?Nathan inquired 
Yeah I think he is,he is very smart you know,so who did he get that from?
‘ That’d be his mom ,she is one very smart woman ,she’s so creative and intelligent you’d want all your children to have her brain’
I noticed that he used ‘is’ instead of ‘was’ which means that Scott’s mother is alive. I didn’t want to pry so I just shut my mouth and stared at the photograph of Scott as a baby.
‘ She left me and Scott about a year ago ..he began She started doing drugs,hard drugs and it wasn’t safe for Scott anymore. I tried so many times to get her help but she didn’t want to be helped .We were supposed to get married that year but we didn’t, and after she took a lot of money from our family account I was so broke that I had to come back home with Scott’
My god father and my mom have been helping me out so hopefully by next month I’d be out of every debt.’
I was touched with his story and I felt like hugging him,which I couldn’t do considering he was not a close friend. I only started talking about Scott’s photograph and how he was Nathan’s copy.His eyes and smile could be seen in Scott’s.
‘I would like you to come with us to see Avenger’s infinity war next week,j hope you are a Marvel comic fan’
I love marvel movies and their superheroes and I love science fiction movies in general but my fiance might be around at that time,so I think I’d love to spend time with him, but thanks for the offer’ I replied
Oh ! You’re engaged, well he is one lucky guy ‘ he let out slightly disappointed.
Well Nate, it’s time for you to hold up your own part of the deal,let’s go get Gina her stuff’ I said getting up.
We picked Scott from his room and he tried to get me to stay but failed ,we got to the mall and Nathan paid for everything even though I tried to stop him from paying.Apparently he was paying for my company today.
We left the mall and he dropped me off ,I was actually happy that I had agreed to his proposition. It wouldn’t really be bad if I had another friend besides Gina,peter and KJ.I bade them goodbye and they left after scott winked at me.
I headed to the apartment and  I could hear raised voices ,that was  odd was Gina having a fight with Daniel.I never got to find out because my phone rang and strangely it was Jane.
I didn’t even know she had my number, she sounded so distressed that I had to leave immediately .I hope it’s nothing serious.
‘Wetin be your number?’ The man in the uniform requested looking very serious 
5 ‘ the cab driver replied before he was waved to move by. I was disappointed with the way the soldiers had joined in on collecting money from cab driver’s.  It was unfair that those sent to protect the citizens now extorted from them.
I had initially told the cab driver the direction that Jane sent to me and it wasn’t long before we got there.
The gatekeeper let me in and strutted to the door of the mansion and rang the bell.I was welcomed by a very sad Jane, she had puffy eyes ,running nose and a red face.she must have been crying for long.
When she saw me she,threw her hands around me and we just stood there.She was still sobbing while I patted her back and consoled her.

We stood there for a while ,I felt it was better to let her pour out all her emotions through tears before talking to her.When I felt she was a bit better,I made her tea to calm her nerves and urged her that have a bath.
Thanks so much mer for coming, I didn’t mean to disturb you,I just needed a friend to talk to ‘ Jane said as she walked to the bathroom.
It’s no big deal,you’d have the same for me too,so do you Still want to talk about it? Or should I just pretend that nothing happened. I’m very good at pretending sometimes I said winking at her.The Joseph’s have taught me well I thought to myself.
She only laughed and went into bathroom
I decided to look around ,her bedroom was quite large,it reminded me so much of my room back home.
She had pictures of herself hung on the walls,those of her mother and KJ and family portrait. They looked like one happy family ,even the monster looked happy.
There was also a picture of Jane and a girl that looked so much like her. One could actually mistake them as sisters. I decided to get a closer peek and that was when Jane walked in .
‘Her name is Juliet,she was my best friend’ 
Oh! Was ,where is she now ? I inquired not knowing whatelse to say 
She is very sick ,she is in a psychiatric hospital, I went to see her today .Who I saw there was not her.She was so lost and scared ,she didn’t even recognize me.But she kept saying the evil man is feeding her.When I tried to reach out to her she grabbed me and almost squeezed me to death.She was screaming of a man feeding her.
I felt so bad after seeing her today,I want to help her but it kills me to know that I cannot’
That’s sad,do you know what caused her madness? Is it a family sickness or something?
No,something happened to her and I know what it is ,I just don’t know how to tell people, it makes me feel so bad’
Don’t worry Jane ,if you are not ready  to tell me ,then don’t. I think I actually need to be on my way now,I don’t Gina is Okay too’
Can I sleep over at your place? Just for tonight ,I don’t want to stay alone Mer.
‘Yes sure,you can ,let’s go to my place.I hope you can drive’ 

Dr Steve how is she?Well I don’t want her coherent at all.She’s feeding my daughter strange things and I don’t want that.Change her medication whatever you have to do but make sure she doesn’t make sense.
Get me your brother on the line ,tell him Mr Andrew has a job for him.This time it’s a lady,which means he gets to play too’
Andrew please tell them you’re with your wife,leave  those calls your making or I’d have to break your cell’ Mrs Johnson snapped.
I’m done hun,let’s go to bed’ I replied slightly grinning
I had to get her away from myself and my family no matter what it cost,I won’t let her ruin my life.I wrapped my arm around my wife and slept off.


When we got to my apartment it was so dark,that we had to use our phones as torchlights to avoid hitting our toes on the stairs.
‘NEPA can really be annoying sometimes,’ I spoke.
The room was quiet,which meant Daniel was no longer around. I knocked twice on the door before the door creaked open.
I could feel that Gina was sad ,she would have probably said something funny when she saw me,instead she just muttered a greeting and walked back in.She didn’t even notice Jane behind me.Jane kept the things we bought on the table,we stopped at a restaurant and bought food, even got ice cream.I had sensed that we would need to eat them especially Gina who I predicted would be in a sour mood.
While Jane was unloading the food in the other take out bag she mistakenly knocked Gina’s headset over.I actually froze thinking she would have screamed but she didn’t even utter a word.
Gina must be in a bad place right now if she could wave off her precious headset hitting the ground.
Jane stooped low to pick it up and the light came back on,well NEPA was on cue.I had a flashback of the last time Gina and I went to pay the electricity bills,how she had created a scene because she felt that they were charging us above the correct rate.
We paid higher fees but the light was not steady, that day we were almost thrown out by security but after so many threats of burning the workers and the whole place the matter was looked into.
Gina was right after all,one of the staff had been stealing from people by making them pay higher after sending in wrong calculations from false meters.
That is the Gina I enjoy so much,seeing her quiet and sad brought me sadness too.
‘Jane! How did you get here? Gina finally spoke after she noticed Jane
I came in with Meredith, you probably didn’t see me it was dark anyways, so how are you? Jane enquired  very relieved that Gina spoke to her.
While they conversed I heated the food ,boiled hot water for bathing .
When I got to the living room I was surprised to see bottles of beer standing very close to Gina.
Apparently Jane had gotten them hoping We’d be alcohol lovers like her but unfortunately I was not.
I served the food and we ate in silence,not until Gina finally opened up to me what had happened.
The stingy boyfriend of hers had the nerve to cheat on her and he wasn’t even apologetic about it.Gina was very sensitive to that because she had grown up with a cheating father who put her mom through hell and discovering that about Daniel had made her remember her past.
I was beyond angry,I always knew Daniel was a horrible person deep down .stingy manwhore!
I could tell Gina was trying so hard to be strong in  front of us and I guess Jane noticed that too because she shocked us with a revelation.
Mark and I are not engaged, we are just pretending .I’m actually using him to piss my father off.My father’s business rival is Mark’s father and they are also arch enemies so I’ve been using him to get to my father.we are just friends’
By the time she had finished Gina and I were staring at her with our mouths wide open and our eyes fixed on her face.
What! Chei ! This girl you get mind oo’ Gina finally spoke after we recovered from our momentary shock .
Jane reached out for the drink beside her and opened two bottles. She handed one to Gina and the other to me but I rejected it.
I was alcohol intolerant and the last time I managed to sip the one Gina brought home she had to literally tie me to the chair.
Watching them gulp the beer made me wonder if I was the odd one in the group.
Thankfully our conversations became more active and Gina livelier ,we talked about the crazy things we did while growing up .
Gina confessed to stealing her father’s 50k one time,just because she wanted to show off in school,which earned her a suspension because a teacher found out and reported her.
Jane spoke of losing her virginity to her teen boyfriend who left her for another girl after that.She did pay him back by secretly leaking his nude pictures to the school.I didn’t even know how to handle her former revelation and now she was giving another one.
I was the only one who only did as much as running away from home.I was actually the least devious one out of the trio.
As the alcohol kicked in they began to talk about how much they loved their family,Jane kept talking of how she wished KJ was a girl and how she’d force him to wear bras whenever she had to keep secrets from their parents from him.
I decided to slip out to call my sister then,hearing them talk about family made me realize I was losing connection with mine.
My sister Judith was thrilled to hear from me ,though it was brief and we were interrupted so many times by her yelling to her kids to stop doing strange things that they were doing.I enjoyed speaking to her.
‘ I’ll call you again tomorrow OK ,take care bye’ I wanted to keep an eye on the two drunk ladies in the living room.As I walked pass Gina’s room I noticed that the place was wrecked ,I won’t be surprised if Daniel was bleeding after the horrible state I saw that room in.
I decided it would be best if I slept In the living room while Gina  and Jane shared my room for the night,hopefully they won’t throw up in it.
I helped Jane get to my room and she kept telling me how she loved  Gina  and I and how we were sisters and BFFs .Loneliness must have really dealt with her.
Gina kept sending Daniel horrible texts, she even sent one of how she pictured him being crushed by a heavy car.
I couldn’t get them to bathe so I was the only one who had my bath.I managed to get a pillow out Gina’s messed up room .
I wasn’t going to feel comfortable on the couch so I decided the floor was better.I closed my eyes briefly hoping to drift to sleep only to be woken by Jane’s voice saying
‘ these pillows are softer than the ones we have in that room,oh how fluffy’
The only problem with what she was saying was that it wasn’t the pillow that she was squeezing but my boobs.I had to hit her hands off my body and strapp them to her body.She threw her hands around me and I just gave up fighting her.Maybe it won’t be bad having a companion on the floor after all.
Gina soon joined in and kept calling me her fluffy pillow, I wonder what must have gotten into them.
I was now in between the two drunk ladies with Jane at my right holding me so tight and Gina at my left doing the same if not worse.
I finally managed to drift off to sleep few minutes later and I kept dreaming of myself squeezing in between my two brothers because I was cold and scared and they kept telling me they loved me but they sounded more like Gina and jane.

I woke up with so many aching body parts but I managed to get to work,Gina couldn’t go because of the state she was in and thankfully she had Jane to keep her company. I specifically told them to clean the whole house as it reeked of alcohol though I might have been exaggerating a bit.
Work went well as usual and during my break I spoke with KJ who told me he had two more weeks to finish what he was doing. I was very disappointed that he was not coming because I was missing him so much and I was craving so much for his kisses.
My routine of being picked up by Nathan continued and I got more comfortable around him,we discussed so many things and Scott was improving in languages. He sounded English pronouncing the words but it didn’t matter for now.He could identify all the alpahabets in Igbo language and call them out.

Jane decided to get more of her clothes and practically moved in with us.Gina was improving or at least so I thought .Apart from very mean words she’d throw at some cab drivers,street boys and even little boys ,I would say she was fine.One day she made a little boy cry when she yelled’ your papa na goat ‘ at him
I called my sister often and the other day I spoke with my brothers. They were thrilled and even suggested to come to Asaba but I promised them that’d I’d be back home.I did miss them so much.
‘M who’s the guy that’s been dropping you off at this house? Gina questioned
That’s Nathan the father of the boy I tutor,he’s been saving me transport these days,he actually invited me to see a movie today,but I turned him down .I was hoping KJ would be back by now’
Did you say movie,please let’s go and see it,it’s Friday and we are just sitting here like we are dejected. When we are three beautiful ladies who can go out there and rope in men to pay for our tickets except Meredith of course.She’s taken by my brother, seriously let’s go out and have fun.Jane suggested
Why don’t I call Nathan and ask if we could go see the movie with him,I’m sure he wouldn’t mind and Jane none of you are roping men in to do anything for you.
Nathan was of course thrilled that I decided to come and I had to beg him to let my two friends tag along.He suggested picking us up and I was glad he did.
When he got to my place we were already ready,though I didn’t quite understand Gina’s outfit. She was dressed like she was going to a club and while we walked pass Mrs chinwe she made sure she walked so slow and drew her already skimpy dress further up.Mrs chinwe kept muttering things about prostitutes and drew the sign of the cross in the air after we walked by.
Jane was enjoying every bit of the circus Gina was putting on and kept laughing, we had told her of our neighbour Mrs Chinwe and she was delighted that Gina was tormenting the woman.
Nathan got down from the car to open the door for us and I could tell the two ladies behind me were oogling with happiness. Scott was sitting directly behind his father and I sat 
beside Nathan.Gina kept poking me and Jane encouraged her by laughing.
When we got to the cinema Nathan took care of our tickets and we got in each with a chuck load of popcorn.
Nathan and I were sifted in the middle while Jane sat beside Nathan, Scott beside me and Gina at Scott’s right hand.
Gina and Jane were not so thrilled it was a sci fi movie and couldn’t point out any super hero except black panther.We had so many ‘ shut up’ coming from the back from the times we tried to explain what was happening in the movie.
Gina finished her popcorn and started eating off of Scott’s own who protested initially but became suddenly quiet and scared after Gina whispered something into his ears.Poor boy,I knew I should have never let him sit close to Gina.
‘It’s so sad that half of the super heroes disappeared,Tony did his best go stop thanos though’Nathan spoke as we came outside .
Iron man was my favorite super hero ,I liked the combination of wealth,humor and intelligence that he possessed. We decided to stop for ice cream and so many people were staring at Gina like she was a hooker but she couldn’t care less.
After we finished,I got Nathan and Scott food ,I felt I needed to do that seeing how he had been spending on my friends and I .He was not so thrilled with the idea but he still accepted it.
‘ miss Meredith ,would you mind my sitting right there in front with you,I don’t think I’m comfortable with sitting beside this lady here’ Scott pleaded
Yeah of course,come here there’s enough room for both of us’ 
Nathan threw a disapproving look at Scott but the boy was probably too scared of what was behind to bother about his father.
I picked up my phone and texted Gina and question her about what she had told Scott and she texted back 
‘ I told him that if he didn’t share his popcorn with me that I’d strip and the cockroaches crawling on my body will come out and eat everything’
I let out a giggle and tried so much to avoid Nathan’s questioning gaze.
When we got to my place Gina and Jane thanked Nathan and went upstairs. I stayed behind to talk with them a little before leaving. I hugged Scott and before I could even protest Nathan pulled me into a bear hug.
I was stunned but calm as well,I didn’t know why I did but I hugged him back wrapping my arms around him .I felt like I had needed a hug with everything that had been going on .I actually found my self sniffing his Cologne until the reasonable part of my brain made me pull out.
I smiled and bade them goodbye.
While walking up I picked up a paper,which must have fallen out of either Gina or Jane’s bag.
It read’ ST Peter’s psychiatric Hospital’ I now knew whose it was.When I got to the room I his the card in my bag and when they had gone to bed I pondered on what to do with it.
I remembered when Jane had told me of her friend saying a bad man was feeding her and I thought with so much conviction that the bad man could be Mr Andrew.if it was really Mr Andrew it meant that the lady was in trouble.
I tip toed to Gina’s room and started going through Jane’s things ,till I saw a file that had her friend’s name in it.
This was either now or never ,I  had to do something to save that girl and I knew just who to help me.
Hello mom
Chinenyewa why are you calling this late ,is everything okay? 
Mom I need you to do something for me,do you still have Dr Philip’s number? Please you need to make him do something this night for me .I’ll send you something on WhatsApp, please you need to do it this night.I’ll explain later,bye mom goodnight.
With that I snuck to my room and drifted to sleep.
That night I dreamt of KJ and I at the church on our wedding day but when the priest had told KJ to  kiss his bride I ended up almost kissing Nathan.
I had woken up after the dream but slept back almost immediately.


Can’t wait to see you too ,take Care of yourself hun,bye love you!’ KJ was finally coming back and I was excited to see him.I missed him so much and I couldn’t wait to make him pay for that.
Mom had done what I told her to do,fortunately for my family we knew a lot of people that could make things happen.I was finally at rest and I knew that by moving Jane’s friend I was also putting myself at risk.Who knew what Mr Johnson would do if he suspected me.
Why was I even thinking of all these things? KJ is coming back and that’s all that matters.
Jane and Gina were already up ,the pair became suspiciously hardworking since last week.I’d wake up to already prepared bath water,food and swept apartment.
Jane was indeed a good influence on Gina.

I was enjoying our new housemate more and more each day. Mom had called me the previous day and told me she was headed home.Dad was finally coming back so she needed to give him feedback on her meetings with Mr Andrew and also check if my brothers had completely destroyed our house.
I was not ready to speak to father after all these years, but I did plan on doing that once I came back home.
Jane ,Gina and I left for work the same time and it felt good to see Gina almost back to her normal self.
Jane dropped me off with her car and did the same with Gina ,how wonderful it was to have a roommate with a car.
So kids,today we’ll be learning about personal hygiene,do we know what these two words mean?
As expected there were few hands raised,good attempts and horrible ones as well.
I started explaining throwing in few fun things and they were able to understand.
After the class I was surprised when one of my kids walked up to me wearing a scowl .
‘ umm miss Meredith, can I ask you something’?
Yes dear of course you can ‘ I replied very curious as to what she had to say
‘When you said girls and boys could use deodarants like perfume to make their bodies smell nice ,did you mean everyone?
Well… I meant boys and girl who are very much older than you,the ones we call adolescents. You’re still young,but there are mild deodorants your parents can use on you.
‘ well it’s just that you mentioned perfume and I don’t think I can use it ,even if I grow bigger. It won’t be part of my personal hygiene.’she replied biting her fingernails
Mary stop biting your fingernails’ I reprimanded
‘ Why do you think you won’t use perfume,you should use it a lot when you grow bigger .a
As a lady you need it to smell nice ‘
Does that mean that my mom does not Smell nice,dad always beats her up anytime she uses his perfume,he calls her a eeetched ore’
‘ you mean he playfully beats her?’ I didn’t want go believe a man could raise his hand against his wife in front of the child.
‘ mom always screams  ,I don’t think its play Meredith, he has this mean face on when he hits her’
I was just distraught watching a six year old making a mean face of her father ,when he’s beating the day light out of the wife and at the same time trying to make out what her last two words meant.
You know what,I think your father will be more than willing to let you use his perfume, when you get bigger, he could even buy you one.Now don’t worry I’ll give you one as well ,in fact I’ll give everyone tomorrow. Just go and play okay’
Well she left very thrilled and I was sad,I had to do something about that,That girl had already witnessed something that she shouldn’t be able to and the image is engraved in her mind.Calling the principal about this could involve bringing the two parents and discussing it,which might not end well for the mother.Then the words finally hit me,wretched whore’.How awful the man must be
I had to fix this on my own and fast.Well time to reconnect with an old classmate.

School was over and I was waiting outside for KJ to pick me,I had called Nathan earlier to tell him that I Won’t be coming over .Speaking with him made me remember the dream I had,I quickly brushed it off.There was no way I was going to allow my subconscious cheat on my fiance but then a tiny part of me began to wonder how it would actually feel to kiss Nathan.
I was so lost in thought that I didn’t notice KJ walk to me,there was no way I could notice him because he came from behind me.He covered my eyes with his hands and I knew who it was at one guess.
There were only three people left in school and it was Mrs chioma and her husband Mr Jude .Mr Jude wouldn’t dare play such games with me,not if he didn’t want to be beaten by his wife.we the teachers knew what the poor man was going through in the name of love.But nobody wanted to be harassed by his wife after all it was their family business.
‘KJ I know it’s you,your cologne gave you away ‘I knew it was him 
He laughed and took his hands away ,he looked more handsome than the day he left or had I missed him for too long that I felt he was.something was different about him I could tell.
‘Come here’ I pulled him into a hug and inhaled enough of his scent to make me choke.The force hug was probably too much and it brought us to the ground.
I couldn’t stifle my laughter then.
‘Are these for me? I asked 
Yeah they’re for you ,I wanted them to be the first thing you saw,but you were so lost in thought, and I know why,you missed me so much so you were thinking of me .’
I was excited about the chocolate but I felt uneasy because KJ was wrong about who I was thinking of,I couldn’t tell him that though.
Yeah,I missed you so much ‘ I stared Into his eyes and I felt myself drift away.
I drew his face to mine and kissed him longingly, every taste I got from his lips and tongue,I actually craved for.he always loved taking lollipop and I could taste it from his mouth.
‘What,why are you laughing? Tell me or I’ll tickle you’
‘It’s just that you are so unique and funny,how many did you take before coming here?’ I questioned still wearing a smile on my face .’ don’t give me that ‘ i don’t know what you’re talking about look’
I took three and a half,there’s still half of it in my pocket’ 
I only managed to laugh some more, I thought men’s love for candy fades away when they grow but this man that was on top of me wasn’t letting candy go.
Can I have the half please? You’ve made me want the candy as well’  I replied trying to reach into his pocket
‘Don’t stress yourself hun,let me do the honours’
He got the remaining half and tossed it into his mouth before kissing me,we had our fair share of the tongue fighting before I finally got the candy.
‘KJ I think we need to go now,I don’t even have anything to wear for the party ‘ also I added’ I think I love the new moustache, you look more handsome with it.He gave me the biggest smile which made me laugh.
We sprang to our feet with that and went to his car
I kept staring at him on our way to my apartment and kept wondering how an Amazing person like him could be the spurn of an evil man like his father.

When we got to the apartment, we were welcomed by Gina and Jane.KJ was surprised to see Jane and I remembered that I hadn’t actually told him about her moving in with us, or even my home tutoring job with the Joseph’s and about my mother too. It felt like I was beginning to keep too many secrets.
Jane handed her phone to me and mouthed mom,apparently Mrs Johnson was not too thrilled with the idea of Jane moving in with us.She thought Jane was inconveniencing us.I had to reassure her that we were actually the ones inconveniencing her.
KJ left few minutes later and he dropped a parcel for Gina and I ,he told Jane that hers was at their house,because he was hoping to see her there.
After he left,the two ladies attacked me and took the chocolate he bought for cruel  
We ate the chocolate and started preparing for the party, thankfully I had two wonderful ladies to help me prepare.

Wow Mer you look very beautiful, KJ does know what will suit his girl’ Gina commented
Jane,Gina and I set out to the hotel where the party was being hosted .
It was more of a celebration, something about their business being a family legacy and how they’ve kept it going for years.
Mr’s Johnson and her husband welcomed us before I got distracted with the food .
There were a lot of mouth watering dishes and the chocolate we ate only increased my appetite. I had to look for a way to start digging in.
Gina and Jane were talking with Mrs Johnson, KJ had not yet arrived and Mr Johnson walked away with his phone wearing a frown on his face.who knew what he was up to this time.

I received a call from the doctor I had placed my unfortunate mistake in his hands and it was not great news.
‘ what do you mean she was moved you idiot?She has no parents who could have moved her.Besides how can you be so foolish and careless. I pay you a huge sum of money to make that girl stay mad and your telling me she slipped out of your hands just like that.
Listen to me,if she’s not back in that psychiatric ward before Monday,I will destroy you.
Don’t you dare play with me’ 
Find out where she was moved to and bring her back!! Don’t call me until she’s in your hands.
I suspected that tramp had something to do with her disappearance, oh she was pushing me so hard! And I have had just about enough.
First she ropes in my son in the name of an engagement and then my naive daughter moves in with her.Now Jane’s friend is missing.
This girl had played enough with fire,it was time to get her burned .
My legacy will not be ruined because of a loose end,that I can easily tie’

With I left where I had taken my call to come face to face with the tramp.She was busy stuffing meat into her mouth that she didn’t notice me.
How ridiculous, I had to clear my throat to get her attention.

There were assorted finger food lined up and I was drawn to the beef,stuffed with pepper .The taste was so divine and I kept stuffing my mouth with it.till I was interrupted by someone
I must be lucky,for you to have remembered me twice in one night’ To what do I Owe the pleasure,daddy or pa.which should I call you now that we are about to become family sir?
He  smirked and picked a stick of the Beef and started chewing 
‘ I see why you eat like an animal, these things are tasty.I do need to increase his pay, maybe I might just be lucky enough to poison you with these.’ Then he picked another one and continued
You might get away with moving her,but you will never get to that altar with my son.
‘You do know that KJ loves me very much and fortunately he’s not like you and who do you mean by her?
He  smiled and said’ you might have my children fooled but you can’t fool me,it won’t be long mer,isn’t that what my son calls you. Very soon this your little charade of being a part of this family will end and quite possibly you with it’ Have a nice evening
Oh and I do hope you get acquainted with my son’s lover, I hear they had quite the thrill during his business trip,you know what they say” once a player always a player.
He walked away from me and came back again to pick up another stick .’These things are really good daughter,aren’t they?’
He left me standing there more vulnerable than I could ever be.

I started dialing KJ’s number but it went to voice mail.
Why was I even letting what that man said get to me,he was just lying.I stuffed more meat into my mouth before walking towards the crowd to find Gina and Jane.
I didn’t see them but I did see KJ arm in arm with a woman,who was by all means throwing herself all over his body.was this who he meant?
I felt my blood boiling and my heart beating extremely fast as I marched towards the two of them.
When I was standing in front of them ,KJ didn’t even flinch .He kept talking to her and his hands made no attempt of leaving hers.
He only said good evening mer, I felt like an idiot standing there and I did what I never thought I’d do.I stopped a waiter carrying a tray of drinks, I didn’t even know what they contained inside but started gulping everything.
I was at glass number two before KJ tried stopping me,well finally I had been noticed.
‘Mer,hun what are you doing? That has a lot of alcohol in it and you and I know that you don’t handle that well’
I tried taking another glass after glass number two and he held my hand.
‘ let go of my hand now and please by all means continue conversation with your friend’
He tried stopping me and I hit his hand off ,I was so angry that I took a glass and poured it over his cloth.
I stomped away from the scene feeling very funny and nauseous .I was angry and sad as well but I still managed to drink another glass before my belly fought back.
I staggered to the convenience and started emptying my gut,I felt bad that I had vomited all the good meat.But then I wasn’t sure I was seeing meat in the toilet.They looked like my kids,oh God no.
This is exactly why I don’t drink,I’m hallucinating now.
‘Paul come out of the toilet or else I won’t flush it,please guys just come out okay,I’ll buy you anything you want’
Tears started forming in my eyes and I just sat there begging the kids to come out.

Gina and I had parted ways before I met KJ,she was busy man hunting in the party and I did wish her luck.I didn’t want to face my father so I looked for my brother instead .
He was wet and smelled of alcohol,I was surprised to see him in that state, then he told me what happened. I could tell that he was very worried about Meredith even though he was I opted to look for her.
Relationship drama,thank God I was single.
I searched everywhere and I couldn’t find her,maybe she had left the party.I walked to the convenience hoping to retouch my make up till I heard sobbing in the ladies toilet.A lot of angry women were outside the door and whoever was sobbing was not interested in their suffering bladders.
I got closer and the voice sounded like Meredith’s. Who knew what my brother had done to make her cry.
I walked to the door and called her name,thankfully she recognized my voice and let me in.The whole place was messed up and she didn’t let me flush .claiming her kids were in there.
She was so drunk and I had to get her away from the party.My parents didn’t need to see her that way.
I texted Gina and managed to get Gina down to my car,which was very difficult and exhausting .
My apartment was closer to the venue so I opted to drive her there, Meredith should never be allowed to drin ever again.
When we got to my apartment she screamed out loud when I told her to get  down.

She called me rat and started kicking,my gate keeper had to help me get her inside the house.
He was very much amused with what Meredith was displaying.
Exhaustion hit her after so many failed attempts of running away.She stand up and fall to her feet almost immediately.
Then she began to talk
‘Hey! You ! Rat ,yes you. Talking brat,hat,mat ,raat, rat yes rat.You don’t scare me one bit, no you don’t.I can’t believe I left my kids in the toilet, I’m such a horrible person.
But you! Yes you big fluffy talking rodent, you are no match to me.I might be scared of you a little,but trust me I’ll destroy you.
The only person who does scare me is Andrew Johnson’
At this point I thought she was just babbling because of my dad’s intimidating appearance.
But then she continued
I’m scared of him because he is more dangerous than you are,he has hurt me before and I don’t want him to hurt more people’ He is like the Satan in flesh ,the Damian,no Dumont, demon.
He scared me when I was little and he he hurt me but you,you are just a rat.of course you’re a mammoth, mammal but you don’t scare me.
What did Mr Andrew Johnson do to you Mer? I inquired very curious and scared as well,it didn’t feel like Meredith was making this up.Gina had once mentioned to me that Meredith had gone through an ordeal as a young woman which made her run away from her house. It couldn’t be
Mer please tell me what did he do to you?
Wow ,the rat begs ,so funny.I told you he was more evil and scary,you even beg at the mention of his name.
She laughed hysterically before whispering
‘ He raped me’
My heart stopped’OMG’!!!

come! Come closer I need to feel you,you big flurry thing’
I was in shock with the revelation Meredith made and even though she was drunk I couldn’t help but feel she was telling the truth.After all a man speaks more truth when intoxicated than sober.
This was all too confusing, wasn’t Meredith celibate because she is a virgin? Does my brother even know any of this?
I had to get more information so I continued to question
‘Mer I thought you’re a virgin,is it the drink that’s making you say these things,does KJ know?
She didn’t talk but instead she grabbed my hair and started giggling
‘ you big flurry thing,I do hate rats but you are an exception and we can be friends if you don’t mention my cheating fiance again’
She started crying’maybe he found out that I dreamt about kissing Nathan,now he wants to leave me’
I was really becoming tired of Meredith’s revelations.
KJ doesn’t need to know about the rape,because in my mind I am a virgin.Though I’ve never really thought about it.I only remember bits of the incident ,he attacked me but when I woke up he was gone.I knew he raped me because of the blood but I don’t remember him doing it.
This fluffy rat is making me talk,enough of all this .come let’s take a nap please.
I moved to the couch and sat down while she repeatedly patted my head. It wasn’t long before she drifted off to sleep .But she had rendered me sleepless,how was I supposed to deal with what I had just heard.
The floor felt comforting so I lay on it with my eyes wide open pondering on what to do.
My life had just become more complicated than it was before.


I woke up with a raging migraine,I realized that I was not on my bed.It was pitch black so I couldn’t tell why the bed felt so strong. I was too tired to stand up so I planned on rolling to the edge of the bed then placing my feet on the ground before lifting my body up.I only managed to roll over twice before hitting the floor.I had also hit another person in the process,she  yelled out in pain and I knew who it was from her voice.
Jane! Jane! I’m sorry,could you please turn on the light and what are you doing on the floor?
I managed to move away from her body and she got up and turned the light on.I felt the light was too bright as it burned my eyes and made my migraine worse.I ended up holding my hands over my eye but atleast it was very clear to me that I was not in my home.
How did we get here? What happened at the party? Where’s Gina ?How come KJ is not here with us? I kept throwing questions at Jane because I couldn’t remember what happened at the party.
She was just surprised at my questions and tried answering all 
While she spoke things came back to me in bits,Then I remembered how I threw a glass of was it wine or champagne on KJ again.I couldn’t remember,I was in a serious mess,how could I have let that man get into my head.KJ would never cheat on me.
‘Jane I am very stupid ,what was I thinking .Have you spoken to him ,is he still angry at me.I let insecurity get to me that’s why I acted that way.I need to speak with him,do you have my phone?
Yeah it’s in my purse,KJ has also been calling you.Whatever happened you should know that KJ loves you enough not to disrespect you.He had a not so good past with women horrible even but he would never treat you poorly.I’ve seen the way he looks at you and cares for you he does love you.Women will always throw themselves at my brother which is quite obvious from what that skank was doing yesterday but he loves you too much to hurt you’
Thanks Jane,I better call him then ,how did we get here? The last thing I remember is throwing up in the rest room.alcohol never goes well with me’
You really don’t remember what happened last night? I got you home by myself and musa helped get you in here.You were quite the actress yesterday’ She answered smiling
I hope I didn’t cause any disaster or spill any money making secrets’ I had intended for that to be a joke but instead I watched Jane tense a bit.Then she stood up and went towards the kitchen
‘I’ll get you something to help with the hangover,Mer you are one strong,beautiful lady and I really do want you to be a part of this family and whatever happens I’ll be here for you”
When she came I had no idea what the concoction she gave me was ,but I gulped it down and took the pain killer she gave me.
She insisted that I don’t help her with breakfast and even prepared my water for bath,brought me clothes and served me breakfast. Jane has always been caring but the kind of meticulous care and attention I was receiving from her this morning was quite suspicious.

I texted KJ and told me to meet me at Jane’s ,I was so embarrassed at my behavior at the party.
He texted back and said he’d be coming in the afternoon ,thank God it was a Saturday and I didn’t have to go to school .I needed to get KJ something to appease him so I convinced Jane to drive me to the mall.
I knew just what to get him.

When KJ arrived I was  in the kitchen Jane left the door open, Gina had called us threatening to kill us if we didn’t get her ,she thought I was having a sleep over at Jane’s and left her to sleep alone in the apartment.
Jane didn’t want to leave because she never wanted me to help her out but she was the one with the car so she had no choice.I was slicing onion for stew and as always it brought tears to my eyes ,I went on to slicing pepper with my hands which I knew was a big disaster because I often rub my eyes with my hands and right on cue I rubbed my eye and the pepper slipped into my eye.
I yelled so loudly in the kitchen and was surprised when KJ appeared.He was very worried and my eyes were blinking so fast with the dried tears on my face.
He got me out of the kitchen and took me to the bathroom where he washed my face ,for someone who was angry with me he only showed nothing but love.Relief came to me but I had gotten my shirt wet.
I wanted to say something but KJ beat me to it
‘What were you thinking putting pepper in your eyes,you’re supposed to be more careful and where is Jane, I wonder why she doesn’t have a chef it’s not like she can’t afford one’
She went to get Gina and I don’t think she would have wanted me to help out,I’m just to clumsy that’s all,ummm can I talk to you ? not here though I’ve ruined this shirt.
I actually wanted to talk to him in the bedroom was because of the things I got him.I gestured for him to sit on the bed before I started apologising 
‘Ummmm baby I’m very sorry for what happened yesterday, I know I was stupid and acted a bit crazy or very crazy,immature when I saw you with that lady.I had no right to ruin your cloth and I shouldn’t have even tasted those drinks ,I’m very sorry for everything and I should trust you more and never let my insecurities get to me’
KJ never said a word oh boy he must still be really angry
‘Mer I had to borrow a suit at the party when I wanted to give a speech with father,mother kept asking of you and I told her you left because you were sick. The point of getting all those things I got for you was to let everyone know at the party,my employees especially that we were engaged. I wanted to announce it to everyone and I was very disappointed with how everything went. Mer we will be getting married soon and the key to every successful marriage is understanding, communication and trust. Whenever you don’t feel comfortable with who I’m with or what I’m doing just tell me,talk to me.we may not agree at first but we will work it out.
I am also sorry if I made you feel neglected but the lady I was with was a representative of her Father’s company and we plan on doing business together. We had history in the past and she crosses the line most times but I’ll never do anything to compromise what we have.’

Ummmm , I don’t know what to say ,I ruined something big ,my surprise announcement. I’m such a mess.I’m very sorry ,am I forgiven?
He replied with a ‘maybe’
Really what do I have to do to make you forgive me ? I hate seeing you angry at me
‘Mer I don’t think I know for now’
Ummm I got you  something, but I think I’ll just eat them while I wait for you to come up with what will make you forgive me.I unwrapped one candy and started licking it slowly making sure that it was taunting him.watching him crave for something and not ask because of his ego was amusing .I decided to make things much more difficult for him.
Mer what are you doing? He asked suddenly very uncomfortable at the new development
Well while washing my face you also spilled more than enough water on my shirt so I think this one needs to go off and I need another one.
I actually started unbuttoning my shirt slowly and by the time I was done KJ was beyond amazed.
I know ,it’s not everyday I pull a sexy lady stunt,but this whole thing was working perfectly fine.No wonder some women had their husbands wrapped around their fingers.
If you’re not comfortable watching ,I think you should step outside a little, this won’t take time.
On second thought I think I need to find a color that suits this very sweet candy and it will take time.
So sat very close to him making that his eyes were on me
After some minutes of thinking within himself he finally stuttered and answer
‘Fi …fine,okay ‘
I didn’t quite get you mister ,what is fine?
I forgive you Mer ,stop tormenting me please and hand me one candy?
Laughter erupted from my chest ,typical of males to fall for feminine charms.
I think you deserve more than just a candy ,I scooched over to his position sat on his lap and passed the candy from my mouth to his through a kiss.I am so loving this sexy part of myself,I didn’t expect things to get  out of hand and the kissed turned into more kisses ,it was either the candy was making me want more or the taste of his tongue.little by little I began to unbotton his shirt and before I knew he was on top of me.
I was called out of this helplessly interesting situation by Jane’s voice 
” I do hope to unsee this someday ,ewwww!,j need a memory wipe’
Then followed another voice that responded with a laughter ‘It’s nothing I havent seen before’.Then her laughter ensued it was Gina of course.
KJ sprang to his feet and got his shirt on ,planted a kiss on my cheek and zoomed off.How wonderful I was going to be the centre of Gina’s taunting .
I slapped my forehead out of embarrassment and I yelled out in pain
‘From what I see Jane ,I think Mer and KJ are in talking terms,even tonguing terms too”
Give me food please I’m hungry!!

I was definitely going to the topic of discussion today,wait till Gina finds out that I haven’t cooked anything.
She stepped downstairs to the kitchen and I heard her voice echoing all over the house ,
Meredith! Chinenyenwa! Onwuka! Come down here this instant !You burnt the meat.
OMG! I forgot I was steaming the meat,I’m so dead

So tell me John what have you found out about that little tramp, I’m becoming very impatient, I need to remove her the picture as soon as possible’
Well Sir I’ve been investigating her ,I’ve followed her everywhere and her routine is from her house to school,back to house sometimes she goes to a man’s house with his kid.I think she’s tutoring the on sundays sometimes your son’s house.Your daughter is also living with her now.But I discovered that the young man with the child seems to be affectionate towards her.So I had him checked out
Wait a minute john! Who is this young man?Do you have a picture of the young man?
Yes Sir I do ,here’s a copy of it
”Well well this is interesting, I happen to know this young man and I know just how to get him”
Get me my secretary I need to make an important call,well done Mr john,your pay will be delivered to you on your way out.Keep up the good job.
I just have the perfect plan to remove Meredith from my life for good.


Are you sure you can’t remember anything else about Friday mer? Jane enquired wearing a concerned look on her face.
Honestly it’s weird but I don’t,it’s as if my memories got flushed away,maybe it’s for the better though because I don’t think I can handle the embarrassment that comes with it”
Ummm okay,well in case you remember anything don’t forget to call me”
‘Sure J ,but what’s the point, it’s not like anything happened ,where’s Gina by the way ?Is she ready for work? She won’t stop making fun of me because she walked in on kJ and I ,you know, and it’s not her first time.Gina is an awful person you know that right,nwanyi ojoo”
Jane laughed so hard that I joined in
But mer, never let me see such thing again,the imagery is stuck in my head and it is very disturbing especially because my brother is involved.
Great Gina is here,Wait for it”
M what’s up have you seen my shirt? I dont know where I kept it ,or was it the one you used for your tonguing on Friday?”
I don’t have strength for you ,Jane biko drop me off ,Gina the shirt is on your body,don’t tell me you mistook it for mine”
Jane started laughing again before we walked towards the car.
See as the kind was sweeting you that you burnt a pot of meat,meat that I was already prepared to devour,” Gina continued
G biko zie nu ,it’s okay !you should be more like Jane ,forget what happened and stop taunting me please”
Mer but for you to have forgotten what you were preparing ,means my brother is definitely good at something”she said amidst a chuckle
Jane please don’t join forces with this evil girl,don’t make me miserable please”
The two of them only made things worse,by the time they dropped me off I already had my earpiece plugged in to block out their taunting.
While they drove off I noticed that a car left immediately after,I got the feeling that we were being followed but I waved it off ” who would stalk us ,it’s not as if people know who I really am?”
On getting to class the kids were already there and they didn’t notice me come in, I went closer to find out what was keeping them distracted and I heard Scott say
”That’s a big lie,it looks nothing like the cookies we used to eat back then in Australia, You can always ask my father when you see him’
But Paul’s mother said it’s American biscuit, maybe it’s how the ones in America are made” I heard another kid say
” It’s so thin,white and fluffy,do you think it’s tasty? Why don’t you have a bite Paul?
Okay I’ve never eaten this before, but I hope it is as tasty as ice cream
Paul ! Paul ! Spit it out now,spit that thing out of your mouth. Everyone else scampered and found their seats,while I struggled to get chunks of fluffy sanitary pad stuffed in Paul’s mouth .
How do these children always get their hands on things like this ? Paul come with me we are going to wash your mouth?
I took the other sanitary pads Paul gave his classmates and stuffed them in my bag .How many did this boy even get from his house,everyone got one piece.
None of you should take another bite out of these things ,they’re not biscuits .Scott you’re in charge watch them.
Paul follow me!
Paul makes me regret teaching them to share things with each other,he always comes with the wrong things and he manages to share them.
My phone rang and I answered with my hand still holding Paul with the other
”Hun this is not a good time,one of my kids just ate sanitary pad ,stop laughing it’s not funny,I’ll call you back later and uh don’t come to pick me I’ll explain later,bye love you!’
Now bend over spit everything out now!,open your mouth ,thank God there’s nothing there.Now I want you to take enough water ,rinse your mouth and spit into the toilet’
Paul did as I told him,but he screamed when I wanted to flush.No! Miss Meredith, my keys please don’t flush! 
Your what !
My keys!!
I didn’t know why but the scenario was so familiar then it hit me” I was in the toilet with Jane’
Paul calm down,I’ll get your keys out ,why’d you let it fall into this place?I notified the cleaners at once and they promised to get it across to me.
I was beginning to remember bit by bit what had happened to me at the party .
I notified Paul’s parents when I got to class about the little gift their son shared amongst his classmates. The fact that they couldn’t keep something’s from their son was beginning to wear me out.
Please everyone gather round I need to talk to you like adults just this once.
Miss Meredith are you mad at us?a voice asked 
No!! I’m actually happy this happened, but from tomorrow I’ll be inspecting your bags to avoid incidents similar to this.
I reached into my bag and picked out a sanitary pad,” does anyone know what this is?
A voice replied ” American biscuit’
No it’s not American biscuit, it is called sanitary pad. It is for women alone,and older girls. We don’t eat it ,we use it when  ummmm we are menstruating”
And like I expected I heard ”what’s menstruation?”
It’s a sign that you have reached puberty as a girl,puberty means maturity ,you’re growing.
Mary please come stand here,everyone look a t Mary ,is she mature ,has she grown?
They all yelled no!! 
That’s good that means she won’t be menstruating yet,but in a few  years she will.
Miss Meredith, do boys also menstruate? Paul asked
No! Boys don’t menstruate, that’s why this is not edible ,we use it to remove bad blood from our system but it only happens to girls.Boys remove bad blood by sweating okay.
So please when next you see or hear about sanitary pads please do not think of putting it in your mouth to avoid it hurting you,just like the devil hurts people. You might get sick and that’s bad because I only love healthy kids.
So do we promise never to put such in our mouths again?
They all responded yes!!
Very good ,the devil won’t hurt us”
That statement brought another memory back and I was shocked by it”OMG!! I told jane”
This is bad,this is really bad! What was I thinking? That’s why she’s been nice the whole time ,I’m such an idiot”
The whole time I was in class I couldn’t concentrate, I was distracted by how things played out in my head.Jane probably confronting her father and KJ finding out from her.
Nathan called to know if I would be coming over and I had to go to his house.on my way to Nathan’s car,I heard two boys talking about menstruation and I knew they were from my class.
”My sister doesn’t let me come close to her when she’s menstruating and she cries too,do you think she’s sad because I don’t lose bad blood and she’s the only one using sanitary pads?
The second boy just shrugged and went away.
I was quiet on the drive to Nathan’s house,there were too many things bothering me and I couldn’t help but get lost in thought.
Nathan didn’t ask me questions and I was glad he didn’t ask .I spent two hours teaching Scott and I was impressed with how well he was doing but I lost my spirit of excitement.
Finally I was done and as much as I wanted to leave ,I felt too scared to walk out of the door.What if Jane had told kj already ? What if they were already talking about it?.I needed a safe haven from all this,I craved a trouble free life.
”Earth to Meredith,wow what’s up with you? You’ve been zoning out all day, is everything okay?
Nathan asked..
I wanted to lie and say everything was fine but a part of me felt I needed to say something to someone.”Actually I uh ,I’m not okay.everything is wrong,I might have messed things up for myself, how does one prevent the past from destroying the future without using a time machine.I feel like my whole life is revolving around one bad day and it’s tearing me apart,I feel that I should keep a secret from fiance because I don’t if he’ll remain with me if I tell him.I just want a normal ,stress free,drama free ,no secret filled life.I’m tired of hiding who I am ,I just want to be happy, is that too much to ask’ at this point there were tears in my eyes and Nathan probably didn’t understand what I was saying.
He didn’t say a word he just pulled me into a hug and I just let myself cry, I cried till I had no strength in me to cry anymore. Nathan kept patting my back making me feel that I actually needed to let everything out. it felt strangely good to be vulnerable in front of Nathan and I was done decorating his short with tears ,I started sniffing his shirt.
His cologne whatever name it was smelled so nice,it wasn’t the normal harsh and strong masculine scent that almost everyone wore,even kJ .it was different, it was masculine quite alright but filled with fragrance. It was strong and a bit feminine. The more the scents hit my nostrils the more I wanted to be kept in the embrace.
But of course he was tired” Meredith, I could led you my cologne if you want,there won’t be any need for you to sniff me like a dog”
His statement made me laugh so hard,he had noticed what I was doing .
I sat down on the floor and so did he,looking straight at my face.”You still look beautiful after your liquid expulsion but I prefer the water works in movie and not in real life,no matter what you’re going through mer ,you’ll pull through.Maybe you should not try to hide the past so much ,haven’t you heard that it helps shape the future? Let things play out the way they’re supposed to.Those who’ll stick by you will and those who won’t will not irrespective of your past ,present or future”
Oh and you owe me an apology for ruining my shirt,it’ll cost you a thousand naira for dry cleaning,unless your tears can turn into diamond much later in the day” he said chuckling.
I felt relieved hearing him speak and I just threw my hands around him .” Thanks a lot I needed a good friend and you are a terribly good friend” A little part of me thought of probably being with Nathan if I hadn’t met KJ.What a less complicated life it would have been.I could picture myself so happy with him and Scott which was weird .I had to shake away the thought but I couldn’t help but stare at Nathan.
” You are one very beautiful Lady, mer and I wish I had come home sooner maybe just maybe ,we could have been more than friends”
He lifted my chin and rubbed my lower lip with his thumb,maybe I should have stood up and left at the instant but I felt glued to the spot.
When he came so close that our faces were inches apart ,I didn’t flinch either .Maybe I need to let things flow maybe I could find out what I actually wanted with Nathan.
He hesitated probably waiting for me to push him away,but I didn’t then slowly he closed the distance between us and kissed me.
His kiss was different from KJ’s it was soothing,comfortable and at the same time a bit demanding. This was wrong of me but what if this was the only break I’d get,the only chance to live a normal life.This wasn’t fair to KJ at all ,I had to stop .
I pushed him away probably a little too late then he apologized so much that I had to scream for him to stop
” I’m the one who’s at fault here not you,you were just comforting me okay just uh forget it happened, do you think maybe you could give me a ride home”
When Scott wakes up tell him I owe him cookies,he’s learning so fast.
He nodded and we left.
On getting to my apartment I thanked Nathan again who apologized once more before driving away.Gina was the only one in the apartment and thankfully jane was no where in sight 
Gina where’s jane?thought you guys would be together”
She left few minutes ago she also asked about you ,she said she had something important to do this evening,why are you asking ? Are you missing her already? She replied smiling
No G there’s a big problem, two big problems actually , I sort of might have told jane about what happened between her father and I While I was drunk on Friday ”
OMG!!! How come she never mentioned it to me,that’s bad .Has she told KJ ? Do you think maybe she went to confront her father? What’s the second big problem please tell me you’re still engaged and Mrs Johnson loves you”
Well today I was so down you know,I uh cried a lot and Nathan was there consoling me and he kissed me and I let him and might have somehow kissed back”
Wow! This is so I don’t know wow! Mer you kissed him ” Then she started pacing around 
‘ please don’t be angry at me ,I think it was a mistake ,I felt I needed a relief from everything that has been happening ,I was just vulnerable and stupid.Now I have more secrets”
Mer I don’t think you should be apologizing to me ,it’s normal sometimes to be attracted to two different men,the only problem here is that your attraction came at the wrong time”
So who are you in love with ,be honest with yourself M ,who do you want? You need to know what you want to be able to fix this .
I love KJ so much but part of me wonders if he’s the right man for me,I don’t think I love Nathan .I only care about him and I was wrong to have let him kiss me”
Mer have you thought about coming clean to KJ ? I think you should just tell him the truth about yourself ,your past ,everything. If he does love you M ,you guys will make this thing work.Maybe it’s not a bad idea that jane found out,give it some thought I’ll always be here if you need me”
Thanks G ,I think maybe you’re right .I need to come clean with KJ so I’ll tell him,everything about me tomorrow. I’ll tell him everything,but first I need to make sure jane hasn’t told him”
I dialed Jane’s phone number and she answered finally, I told her that I remembered everything that happened on Friday and she was glad surprisingly. She promised not to tell KJ she said it’d be better if I did it myself ,She told me she was setting things straight before she hung up”

Do you think Jane’s with her father G?
I doubt that she’s not right now M,but don’t worry hun everything will turn out good,darkness is only thicker when daybreak is close,and after the rain comes sunshine .Maybe these are your rainy it’s not as if her father would kill his own child.
Ehe M I get gist for you,you won’t believe what happened today,I forgot my keys at Jane’s and I had to do the usual,but when I got to the back yard you won’t believe what I saw with my own eyes.
What did you see?
I saw Mrs chinwe smoking weed,chei!! my dear Mrs chinwe the holiest of all ,hiding behind her water reservoir to smoke,my dear I was stunned and excited ”
Gina biko what did you do?please tell me you walked away?
Walk away gini,and let her get away with it.I walked straight to her and told her that she was going to hell,for being a hyprocrite ,I even took a picture of her before walking away.Mer you needed to have seen her face”
G you are heartless but this is so funny ,my God Mrs chinwe smoking” I couldn’t help but laugh some more.please let me see her picture”
When Gina showed me the picture I laughed even more,for some reason I felt bad for Mrs chinwe because I was pretty sure that jane wasn’t going to let this go anytime soon,poor woman.
But she did deserve what she was getting.
Before I slept I kept thinking of how KJ would react when I finally revealed everything to him and it kept me awake before sleep overtook me ,hours later.

My daughter jane barged into my office calling me names ,accusing me of moving her dear friend and other horrible things.Then she shocked me when she mentioned what I had done to Meredith.
She was raving of how she was silent for too long,how she was going to tell her mother and brother,how I was going to pay for everything?
There was no way I could let her do that,my children do not really know that in as much as I’m the one in charge of our wealth ,it was their mother who owned everything. Their mother was the only child of her parents and when they died everything went to her. For years I tried so many things to get her and when I did I made sure we got married.If their mother found out about anything i would   be removed immediately,I would be nothing ,all because of a sily mistake
How could that tramp tell my daughter all these horrible things about me,there was no way that I was letting her destroy everything that I have worked hard for.
I signalled my men to lock my daughter jane in my office,she was to remain there till I figured out what to do with her.But as for that tramp Meredith, her time was over.
I called my Secretary and asked her of my godson’s location which she presented to me. it was time to pay that young man a visit.


I woke up with an uneasy feeling, but I couldn’t place my hand on one thing that made me feel that way. Gina was ready for work and I wasn’t, sadly Jane wasn’t around to give us free rides. Who knew what was still keeping her. She didn’t call me yesterday so I was a bit worried. 
I couldn’t reach KJ over the phone even though it was too early to be calling. Maybe I was just scared  of the new development everything will be fine I had assured myself. 
Gina left before me and by the time I had reached the school I was very late. I didn’t even stress myself I just strutted to class and luckily for me the principal was not in school. 
On getting to class the kids were just sitted quietly on their sits, it felt somewhat surreal to see them well behaved without a new surprise up their sleeves. 
i got straight to business, we started with math and it took so much to get the ones lagging understand better. 
I had noticed how quiet Scott was and other kids too, it felt strange. Maybe it was because I had started with math maybe after break, they’ll come back to normal. 
KJ called during break and I was thrilled that he did and i promised  to come over to tell him somethings. The kids returned after break and  their moods didn’t change. 
Even though I felt uneasy I had to do something. So I decided we were going to play outside. 
I took everyone to the school playground and they were thrilled, we played tag, I pushed some kids on the swing. Then they tried to push me as well, I was having so much fun playing with the kids that my uneasy feeling peeled off. 
Finally we decided to play football, a lot of kids came to my side including Scott and I had to beg most of them to form another team, bribe them even. 
Scott played so well even got his legs to score, such great talent in that kid. I was so excited that I lifted him and hugged him. Finally we were done and while the kids went back to get their things I drew Mary aside to find out what happened.She definitely didn’t know how to hold a secret for long. 
Marys father had a little visit from my classmate who’s father was an inspector general and her father turned a new leaf.He had to, if he didn’t want more visits that could land him in prison for assulting his wife. 
“Mary I need you to tell me why everyone was quiet and a bit sad earlier? Did anything bad happen?
“Ummm miss Meredith I’m not supposed to tell you this’
Oh please tell me, I’ll buy you anything you want just tell me, it’ll be our little secret 
Really!!  Anything well ummmm Scott told us that his father had met an evil man and he wanted to hurt the person his father loves, so now his father is very sad because he feels he can’t save the person”
Oh, well do you know who the person might be? 
Well miss Meredith I think I have said too much Scott said we were going to save her””
Mary who’s the her?  does she have a name? 
It’s ummm Y…, she was interrupted by Paul who practically dragged her out to see her parents. 
Was she trying to pronounce Yvonne, why was Scott hiding this from me? 
When Nathan arrived I told him I was only going tutor Scott for an hour because I had an appointment with KJ and he was ok with that. Part of me wanted to talk about the kiss but I felt it was better to pretend nothing happened. 
Either Nathan was regretting what happened or he was in a really bad mood maybe what Mary told me was true. Maybe he was hiding something but was it in my place to ask him? 
After the tutorials Scott went to freshen up and I was left alone with Nathan who offered me a drink. I did need the drink after all the running I did earlier and I was delighted when he offered. 
It was so chilled that my mouth watered at the sight, I was about to take a sip before Scott yelled. 
Miss Meredith!! 
startled I almost threw my drink away, Scott asked if I wanted to see his new toys. That didn’t sound like an emergency so I told him I would after drinking. He kept insisting that I do what he was asking but I refused. 
I tried taking another sip and he held the glass, I was getting annoyed at this point. What was wrong with the kid? 
Please can we share the drink I’m thirsty as well”  he pleaded
Well I agreed to that, told him to get a glass so that we could share, but the kid won’t even move. He wanted to share the same glass with me. 
Nathan was so uncomfortable that he threatened to spank him, maybe he was over reacting. There was no need for that, I would gladly share my drink with Scott. Nathan kept trying to discourage the boy from drinking while I was dying of thirst. I was becoming so impatient with the way he was hammering about scott being disrespectful. I drew scott close and he took a sip and I finished the rest. So much drama for a glass of juice. 
The drink was so good that I requested for another, while Nathan went to get another one, he took his sweet time and I felt that I needed to rest my head a bit. I still had  thirty minutes more to spend here before going to see KJ. 
But as soon as I hit my head on the couch, everything went pitch black. 

Meredith! Meredith! A faint voice was calling in out to me, but who was that? I opened my eyes slowly and the face was too blurry for me to make out, the person smelled like Nathan. Why? I should be with KJ now. With that my eyes became wide open.
“What happened? i must have slept off, can you please give me a ride to my fiance’s, I’m too tired to take a cab, he is waiting for me? 
He only gave me a weird look
“Meredith you’ve been sleeping for hours, it’s 11pm, you slept off on the couch and I wanted to wake you but you looked exhausted so I let you be”
No! No!  You should have woken me, where’s my phone, I tried getting up but fell back immediately, maybe sleeping too much had made me dizzy”
My phone had recorded so many missed calls, from KJ and Gina, I even got a text from Gina asking me where I was and telling me to take KJ’s calls because he had been calling her. 
I texted Gina immediately and told her what happened. 
I called KJ and he was beyond pissed and worried too, I kept apologizing and he asked where I was. It then occurred to me that I never got there  tell KJ about Nathan and scott. What was  I supposed to tell him now? 
I lied that I was at a teacher’s  and slept off there because I was too exhausted, Mrs Patricia popped into my head and since she was a relative of Nathan’s maybe God won’t count it as a lie. 
KJ was relieved and promised to meet me tomorrow, Nathan on the other hand wore a strange look on his face, maybe it was because ofKJ’s call that I took. His eyes weren’t steady anymore and throughout the ride in his car he never said a word. 
As I got down from his car and thanked him and was about leaving till he came down and hugged me so tight. Apologizing for God knows what? I thought it was about the kiss so I hugged him back and told him that it wasn’t his fault. I’ve got an emotional baby on my hands. He shocked me with another statement “Just know that I really Care about you, I tried so hard.. But forgive me please”
With that he drove away. 
Strange, I got to the apartment so tired, I wonder why I was that tired, sleeping should have revitalized me. 
Gina was so angry and let loose her fury on me, called me names that were quite funny to me
She called me an ant, a goat, an idiot, an ape so many beautiful animals to qualify me. I just walked to my room and within seconds I was already asleep. I was never going to play football with the kids again. 
I woke by 10am with a strange head ache, I did need to check myself up maybe my body was not 100% okay. Gina left a note saying that I was a fool and I should call my  principal. 
Wait a minute 10am in the morning, what was I thinking I was super late, I waltzed into the kitchen and Gina didn’t even leave me hot I hated bathing with cold water but I had to. By the time I was finished it was almost 11am. There was no point in going at all, I called the principal and faked a sickness and thankfully he bought it.  
I decided that I was going to enjoy the day so I got myself snacks from the refrigerator and walked into the sitting room, only to find KJ sitting on the couch with a very bad look on his face. 
My mind went too  jane immediately, had something happened to her? 
KJ! How long have you been here? Is everything okay? 
He gave no response instead he shook his head, was the news really that bad? 
How could mer? How could you do this to us? to me? 
I was confused at this point, ” I don’t understand, what did I do? “
Don’t you dare pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about, was that why you insisted on celibacy, roped me into this relationship. Was I just your play thing?Tell me is it because of f my money tell me!!! 
At this point he was yelling and I was still confused. 
KJ I don’t know what you are talking about, why are you saying these things to me, I actually wanted to talk to you about something “
About…. I was cut off by “to tell me about your lover? “
My lover?  Who is my lover?  I wanted to tell you about Nathan and myself “”
Mer so his name is Nathan, the one you’ve been sleeping around with? Mer what did I do to deserve this?  If my  money was all you wanted I could have given you, my body gladly I love you that much. Why put me through this pain? 
KJ what the heck are you talking about?  Yes Nathan kissed me but it didn’t go beyond that, ok a lot has been going in my life and I’ve tried to handle it on my own and it has been hard. I tried to tell you so many times, I get it I messed up but I have not cheated on you. 
He laughed so hard and fell to the chair 
You are a pathetic liar, do you care to explain this? 
He brought out an envelope with pictures and handed the over to me? 
I brought a note that read” give us a million naira or this would go viral”with a number attached to it. Wasn’t this a childish note I thought to myself. I brought out two other items and I was shocked with what I saw. 
How can… What is…, what’s going on? 
Oh Meredith stop pretending, I have tons of pictures of you and that bastard together, he is just too damn lucky to have removed his face, because if I find out who he is I will Rip  his face off.”
As mad ad he was, he reached into his pocket and popped a lollipop into his mouth. 
I was just too shocked to react to that, Why was there a picture of me half naked lying close to this man
How long has this been going mer? Answer me!!! 
I was just dumbfounded and tears slowly began to leave my eyes, I thought of the one person who could do this to me again. He was winning 
Meredith” KJ began, he never calls me my full name ‘”I’m so heartbroken and disappointed now, don’t call me or text me or come around me, I don’t want to see you till I figure out what I’m going to do next.just stay the hell away from me!! 
He left and I didn’t even utter a word, why was this happening all over again. I slumped to chair and cried my eyes out. 
There was no heart left inside of me, just pieces of it
That evening as I woke up with patches of dried tears on my face, I decided that I had nothing to lose anymore. Andrew had taken the one thing that mattered to me, probably the one thing that kept me from revealing everything and now I was ready to face him head on. 
This was his final blow.


Gina came back and met me in the sitting room looking very awful and she immediately sensed something wrong, she walked into the kitchen and got me a glass of water. I gulped everything and dropped the glass. Then she sat close to me, pulled me close to her and started patting my back. I thought I was done with the water works but somehow tears began to fall again. 
I told Gina everything that happened and she was also angry. Gina felt KJ was very quick to judge me
” I’m serious mer, stop defending him, he saw your pic with a man so what, he should trust you enough to know that you wouldnt do that, now mer the real issue at hand is how the picture came about. How can you not remember anything, were you drugged? I’m so confused and scared. 
I don’t know, I get the feeling that someone follows me, a black Honda car but I waved it off as a coincidence. The day I got drunk it was jane who found me, do you think that maybe Andrew must have done this that day? 
She just nodded
“The only other person who I’ve spent time with is Nathan and scott is always around us, well mostly around us but I don’t think he’d do such a thing”
Let’s not leave anyone out mer, besides I’ve seen the way the guy looks at you, if you ask me I think there’s love brewing in his heart”
G let’s not talk about this anymore okay, I think I’ve had enough of Andrew, I’m sick of being scared of everything, dwelling in the past I think it’s time for me to move on. But first everyone needs to know what Andrew did to me, including his wife and KJ. Now if KJ decides not to believe me I won’t care but right now all I want is for that man to pay for his crime “
I agree with you mer, and I’ll help you do whatever you want to do, but first please remove my headset from under your butt, it needs oxygen for staying there for long, my poor baby! 
Gina always has a way of making me laugh and with a matter of minutes I was laughing my heart out.


The fact that my father locked me up in this horrible office of his has been a nightmare on it’s own. How could he do that to me, For years I had wished for a part of what I saw him do to my friend to be a lie but unfortunately it’s not. Now he also did the same to Meredith, mom has been living her life blinded by his fake, disgusting, stupid marriage to her. 
I had to get away from here, I need to save my mom from this lie, KJ needs to get a wind of all this. 
They even took my phone, stupid ass holes, if I could just get away from here I’d….. Wait a minute I have an idea. 
I started banging on the door, hey!!! Hey!! 
A very huge and tall man opened the door and came in, 
Yes!  Why are you disturbing my peace? Boss said never to let you out on any circumstance but to give you whatever you want. So make your request “
Well as you can see I’ve been wearing this cloth for days, I need a change of clothes and a bucket of hot water, there’s something wrong with the heater here and I can’t bathe with cold water. Make sure you get me trousers and tops, I don’t like tight trousers so make sure I can move my legs in the one you get me. Size 30 to be precise. I’m starving too so get food and be fast about it. “
He only nodded and on his way out he called me a spoil brat. If only he knew what I had planned out for him. 
It didn’t take long and be came back with everything I had requested for, I ate enough food and changed into the clothes he brought me and proceeded with my plan. 
Help!  Help!  Please! Help me! 
He rushed in and came into the office, 
” miss where are you,? What’s wrong? 
In the bathroom, please hurry!!  the hot water started rushing and it poured on my face, please help! Be fast”
I heard him approach and I pretended to be in pain and blind, I started moving towards the hot water he brought me earlier and by the time he got closer I threw it on his face “
He yelled out in pain and kicked him on his groin, he fell and i grabbed the keys he threw on the floor. I zapped out of the room locked him in and proceeded outside, there I saw two more guys talking with the secretary. There had to be another way out of this place, they’d definitely see me if I took that way. 
Of course, I proceeded to the window and I started climbing down, Thank God for Gina she gave a lesson or two about scaling buildings and thankfully father was afraid of heights and would only have his offices on the first floor. 
By the time I was down, I almost died of heart attack, Gina was definitely a fearless lady. 
I got out of the building quietly and hailed a cab, I didn’t have a wallet so or money but I promised him my wrist watch , he must have known the worth because he agreed immediately 
He dropped me of at KJ’s and left,
Luckily for me KJ was home which was odd and his house looked like a war zone. My God!!  KJ what the heck happened here? 
I broke up with Meredith ” he replied still lying down with a bottle in his hand. 
Wow, seems she’s not the only thing you broke up with, why did you break up with her what happened? 
” She cheated on me, I’ve got evidence they are right there on the table”
I picked up a picture and It was indeed mer and another man there, I looked closely at the picture and something didn’t just add up. 
KJ how come mer is just sleeping in the pic, I don’t know but KJ things are not always what they seem to be, there’s a big possibility that this is not real. 
Jane I know you like her but just stay away from this, she admitted that she kissed a guy, so it’s true”
She kissed a guy is quite different from I had sex with a guy, besides KJ you don’t know what Meredith has been through. If she’s managed to be with you all these and especially now, trust me she loves you. 
What do you mean what she’s  been through, I’m the one suffering here, I’m the one going through this crap because of how she broke my heart “
KJ mer is ummm, KJ mer was ummm…. This was even more difficult than I had thought it out to be
Mer was what jane!! 
She was…  I was interrupted by a knock at the door, it sounded like father, I immediately whispered to KJ to tell him that he hadn’t seen me at all. 
He spoke with father who was not thrilled with the state he was in, father asked him about me and he told him I was not with him. kJ returned while I went to peek to see if father actually left. And while he was walking away he laughed. 
Wait a minute, why hadn’t I thought of this maybe father had a hand in KJ’s breakup. I rushed back in asked KJ for a huge sum of money and left. 
It was time to meet the law and mom. 

Gina it’s totally useless calling him, it’s been over a week and he hasn’t he reached out to me, hasn’t taken my calls or replied my messages. 
I wonder how he is. 
Gina!  Gina!  Are you even listening to me? 
Yeah I was till I got this text, it’s from an unknown number. It says tell mer that father was the one who caused your break up, find out who he used, look for a clue there must be something you can use. I can’t come over because I think father has someone watching you. Be careful Jane, 
Jane!  Wow jane where has she been? 
Gina text her back please
She says her father locked her up but  she escaped, Gina replied 
Bastard ! Gina I knew it, that man is despicable. 
Just then my phone rang. 
Hello mom, yes I told you I was coming back but not now, mom there are things that I need to fix, I know I know, yes I’ll be back soon. Mom stop threatening me it won’t work, I miss them too what!  Mom that doesn’t work on me. No!!!  Don’t come here let me handle it for you, it’s not as if you enjoy these things. That’s really good, that’s wonderful you don’t want a merger anymore great! 
Mom I said I’ll come home ok
Mom kept saying chinenyenwa!  Don’t you dare hang up on me!  Don’t you dare, chinenyenwa! 
Mom can be so dramatic, Gina I think I know what to do, first I need to reveal something to the police, Mr Andrew has been left unpunished for too long. 
Gina grinned she had a part to play too

School felt different, Scott was more withdrawn, I could tell that something about me had changed and maybe the kids could tell, I needed to return to being happy but I couldn’t not with everything happening. I met the police and reported about being followed and they assured me that they’ll look into it. 
On my way home I decided to check into the hospital, I felt I needed to check my self, a part of me feared that whoever took my pictures might have done more than that. 
I just wanted to be sure, I never really got to check myself after my first encounter with Andrew so I couldn’t tell if something bad happened to me, but thankfully I didn’t fall sick or pregnant soi was lucky. 
I don’t think I’m comfortable with the test procedure doctor” Was this man serious about this two finger test. Wasn’t this the same as fingering a person.Getting a swab of my private part was for other things but to know if I was touched in any way. 
“Two finger test or Per Vaginal Test is done on a rape victim to check the laxity of the vagina and to determine the extent of damage caused to the genitalia of a woman, wasn’t that what you implied you had gone through miss? ” the doctor just poured out those words as if he was talking about what he was having for dinner. So easy for him to say he’s not the one opening his legs for a total stranger “
I wasn’t even sure that the photographer touched me, I had told the doctor that I wanted a confirmation.he was quite surprised when I told him I didn’t feel any pain around my private part. 
It took an hour of thinking before I decided to go with the test, after all there was nothing the doctor hadn’t seen before . I tried so hard not to think about the procedure but the result and it worked. 
The doctor told me to come back In 3days time to get my result and also for other tests to be run. 
On getting home I had to bathe three times just to be sure my body was safe from post medical embarrassment. 
I thought of KJ again, Nathan too and scott. How distant everyone had become, maybe there was really something wrong with me. 
I reached out to my drawer and started looking at the pictures, then something struck me. There was a tattoo on the guy’s arm. A tattoo of  an A that looked so familiar. 
OMG!  Marvel A!  Avengers A! Whoever did this to me was also a lover of marvel comics, how ironical. They save, he destroys. 
Tomorrow I’ll continue with my quest for truth, but first I had to fix things with my new friends Nathan and scott, I did need them.

Nathan called me and told me that scott wouldn’t be having lessons anymore and I was disappointed. On getting to school I decided to question him. It felt like the little boy avoiding me for some reason
Hey! Scott can I talk to you now? 
Is there something you want to tell  me , I need to know why you don’t want lessons anymore “
Well miss Meredith I don’t think I require that anymore, besides I don’t deserve you teaching me anything “he said looking away
Hey look at me, we are pals even if you did something wrong I would forgive you, you shouldn’t beat yourself up”
Ok I’ll help you find the truth, would you please come over to our house today

I was thrilled by the offer and I agreed to it immediately
After school I waited for Nathan to show up and when he did I was glad, he was surprised that I was coming along but we went anyway. 
On getting to the house scott dragged me to the kitchen, he was looking for something and I had no idea what. He was disappointed when be did not see what he was looking for and almost cried. 
What was wrong with this young boy, I drew him close and hugged him. When be calmed down I went with him to his room and helped him sleep. 
When I came down Nathan was just sitted on the couch lost in thought, I came down and sat close to him
“Do you want to talk about what’s bugging you? ‘
No not really, I don’t think so, I’m an asshole, I’m so weak and stupid, my hands were tied because I was indebted , god father offered to help me but he didn’t lend me the money he promised instead he blackmailed me to do something despicable. See mer you should just stay away from me I’m a horrible person “
I really felt bad for him so I hugged him, seems the Josephs need more comforting than the girl who lost her fiance. 
” KJ and I broke up, it’s been over a week now so I’m almost as distraught as you are, but I think you are not as tough as I am” I joked 
He laughed and hugged me tighter, when we pulled apart I felt slightly disappointed maybe I needed the hug more than he did, I was barely even holding myself together after our break up. 
Nathan just leaned in and kissed me, I simply went in, with the flow, but my mind won’t stop thinking of the last time KJ and I kissed, everything I had pulled on KJ and I wanted to get it out of my  mind. The more I thought of KJ the more I wanted to continue kissing Nathan. 
Something about his kiss had changed, he reached out for my shirt and started unbuttoning it, I was too preoccupied telling my brain that kJ and I were not together that I didn’t notice. Till I felt a hand on my tummy, no I couldnt let that happen
KJ stop!  I yelled  he froze 
Crap I just called him KJ, this was horrible 
I’m sorry I shouldn’t have, we shouldn’t have, I’m just too vulnerable at the moment. I picked my shirt up and when I looked up he had his hand on his head and the portion of his shoulder that had been covered by his T shirt revealed something familiar. A tattoo an Avengers A tattoo. 
I was beyond shocked, I zoned out
Mer! Mer!  Mer! 
Don’t you dare call me that you asshole, what did you do to me? I should have known, that’s why scott had been distant all these while, he knew what you did, how did I not think about this, you still had the efforntary to kiss me, you should be ashamed of yourself! 
Mer I don’t understand what’s going on? He replied
Don’t you dare play dumb with me, you drugged me didn’t you Scott must have seen you, that’s why the kid didn’t want me to take your stupid drink, you took my pictures even. See that tattoo of yours I’ve seen it before and it was on the man lying close to an almost nude version of myself sleeping. 
I was almost sobbing now” please  tell me you didn’t touch me please “
He only  shook his head ” I’m sorry mer, my god father Andrew Johnson he made me do it,  he threatened to leave scott and I homeless including my mom, he threatened my son’s life and he’s a very powerfulman, mer I didn’t want to do this”
But you did, I can’t believe I actually liked you, don’t you ever come close to me again, I don’t want to ever see you again ” I kept thinking of what Mary told me, Scott was indeed trying to protect me. 
I picked up my bag and left and while I was in the bus, I couldn’t stop myself from crying so hard, when the other passengers turned to watch my sniffing self, I simply yelled “o gini” and they all looked away minding their business “
On getting to the apartment I brought my phone out to text Gina and I was only at my first word, before a cloth came over my face and everything went pitch black. 
I woke very dizzy and disoriented but when I tried getting up I realized I was tied to a chair, then It hit me I had been abducted.



Mer had given me instructions about withdrawing proposals for the merger and a little package for Mr Johnson as well. She had to fix things with Nathan and scott, but personally I thought that Nathan guy might be guilty. I’ve seen the way he looks at mer and all the fuss about kissing him, made me feel mer felt something for him too. Poor mer, she’s been through so much.
I got to the building, took the elevator to the sixth floor where KJ’s office was. His skanky secretary was all over my business, giving me stupid signs to steer clear of KJ. What was even wrong with the hag, making me wait and being so rude.
I was just in an official mood, if not I would have dealt with the goat, In her cheap dress.
Two hours later I was still sitting, waiting for the hag to get me into KJ’s office. I was seriously praying to God for patience and tolerance because I wanted to kill that lady with my bare hands. How does Meredith put up with all these skanks around KJ?
I was just about to give her a piece of me before KJ walked out.

He definitely did not look good, he was the human version of Kong, his eyes hollow with dark circles, the man must really be suffering.
He showed me into his office and I sat down still trying to figure out a less wicked way to tell him how he looked.
KJ you look very handsome, seems the break up brought out the “zac efron” in you. He rolled his eyes and continued typing.
“Gina please don’t tell me you came to talk to me about mer, I don’t need that right now ” and stop staring at me like that, it’s scary! seems everyone is on her side
He reached into his pocket and popped candy into his mouth,I wonder how mer copes with this big baby.
“First you need to sack that ape you hired as a secretary, she feels like she owns this place, then secondly we need to talk about your merger with the onwuka’s”
He was surprised at my statement
“How do you know about the merger with the onwuka’s? don’t remember mentioning it to anyone.
Well the onwuka’s want to withdraw the merger, apparently you’re having big issues financially and they’ve already seen foreign investors, they feel it’ll be a liability.
Gina how come you know all these things, and why are you telling me instead of the onwuka’s, it’s not like you’re a lawyer or an agent “
“Their daughter would have come herself, but she’s teaching at the moment” I responded, this was sweet, wait till he finds out the teacher daughter , I thought to myself
“Isn’t that rude ? why didnt she come herself we might actually work things out”
Well she’s heartbroken so she needs space and teaching her kids helps her”
How come you know her? I mean she trusted you with this? “
Meredith chinenyenwa onwuka is like a sister to me, she knows she can trust me with anything “
That’s really co…. Wait a minute Gina, which Meredith are we talking about? My fia… Ummm mer or another Meredith “
I only nodded and smiled, that mer
What!! How’s mer “the Mer”, I mean she never really talked about her family, she teaches for Christ sake, she took my television, how’s this even possible?
I felt the same way too kj
Well it’s another one of her secrets, I mean why would she keep things from me, now I don’t even know what to believe? She kisses a guy I see a close to nude picture. I’m just tired and
Sad. I mean I love mer a lot, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her
” so why didn’t you do what she wanted the most from you? Give her that trust?
Listen kJ I know mer and I know she’s very principled, she would never do anything to hurt you, her life is much more complicated than you can imagine, but she loves you
. And to be honest if you don’t take that leap, and trust her blindly you might not end up with the girl, nature is already tearing you apart but maybe fate can come to your side. Mer is in a tough situation, the road to being with you is rocky and hard,and even though she hasn’t thought about or maybe she has, your rival is the easy way out. KJ it’s left for you to get the girl.
Help me pass the news about the merger to Your father and send him this letter, it’s from Meredith.
I left and headed home , this was a tough situation but I really want the two of them to end up together.

The apartment was empty, that’s odd mer should have been back. Maybe she’s sleeping over at the joseph’s that was not like mer.
Well there was a possibility, I went in and prepared noodles to eat, didn’t have the strength to cook and eyeing that secretary all day had drained the energy from my body.
I waited and still there was no sign of mer, no phone call or anything I kept waiting till I slept off on the couch. I was woken up by a loud banging on the door, which was strange. I went to the door and asked who it was and it was strange because Mrs chinwe and jane were the ones banging.
why was Mrs chinwe even here, they rushed in and shut the door. I checked my watch and it was 11:30 and mer was not back yet. I was getting really worried at this point.
Mrs chinwe what is the matter? Why were you banging on the door, jane it’s nice to see you by the way.
She was nervous and kept shaking her hands, was tjis lady high? Won’t be surprised if she was after i had caught her smoking.
Gina the devil is at work in this house, he is really at work “Mrs chinwe began
Maybe this woman was I’m need of a stick of cigarette, but jane was really eager to hear what Mrs chinwe had to say and urged her to speak.
I saw him. I saw him! Take mer, I was at the back doing something, when I heard someone jump in. I thought it was you Gina, I’ve seen you climb in a few times. But when I looked closely I noticed he was a man, and he had a mask. I climbed to my apartment and started peeking, I didn’t want to make a sound, because I didn’t know if he had a gun. The next thing I knew I saw Meredith coming and he held a cloth over her face and just like that she fainted. He called someone and he brought a car and they took her away.
I was so scared and confused, I didn’t know what to do. I called the police but they didn’t take me seriously. Your friend is in danger.
Doing something indeed I thought, she was smoking that’s why she couldn’t save my poor friend.
Jane just slumped into the chair” guys I know who took mer and I know why, I went home and told mom somethings about my dad, he kept people around the house to be on the look out for me, I had to scale our fence thanks to your lessons Gina, to get in, and I told my mom everything. I begged her not to confront dad about it, I wanted to get her evidence.
This is all my fault, I never knew dad would go to this extent.
This was really bad, mer was in big danger. Luckily for us jane came with a car, if mer had been abducted n this place, it meant jane and I were not safe. We left in her car and went straight to KJ’s Mrs chinwe took her kids and went to the church.

KJ was surprised when we arrived.Jane and I just walked passed him and sat down we didn’t want to involve KJ yet. Jane cooked up a lie and we went to bed, whatever it was we needed to keep KJ out of the dark so that we would use him to get to his father.
Nathan reached out three days later, and was very worried , I didn’t even know the man had my number. He wanted to help as I told him mer had been kidnapped, we thought about involving the police but jane thought otherwise. She knew her father would probably kill mer if he got wind of the law at his back. What about mer’s parents? Maybe we shouldn’t involve them now.
I got to pick a result for mer at the hospital because she wrote down my number and name instead of hers and they kept disturbing me about their balance. Mer was always fond of roping me into her debts as a form of taunting and seek payback for the times she spent on me. How I missed her!
I got back to KJ’s place, Jane and I had been stayinng there now, jane hired someone to trail her dad. We needed to find out where he kept mer and it seemed like he was close to doing that.
I walked in on kj and jane having an argument about mer, she was upset that kj hadn’t been checking up on mer which was why she got missing but she didn’t tell him that
Jane please she cheated on me okay, just let this rest”
Jane was beyond pissed now
KJ you are a big fool, I can’t believe you’d be so wicked and heartless, mer is suffering, do you even know what that lady has been through? What she is going through?
Going through what! Jane I’m tired of everyone siding her, mer this! Mer that! She texted me three days ago okay she left town.
That caught me an I spoke up”that’s not right mer can’t leave town without telling me and why would she text you? Aren’t you having issues something’s is not right.
Gina what do you mean she didn’t tell you before leaving? I got her text and I can show you
He brought his phone and I checked, the text had come from mer, that was odd. Andrew was very smart he probably didn’t want KJ on his back.
Kj how long have you known mer? I asked
Why do you ask Gina?
Can you describe how she writes her text messages?
Gina what’s the point of this interrogation?
She writes them in English of course, sometimes igbo and sometimes pidgin
Kj I need you to check this out , I need you to go through her previous texts and compare them with the last one
I don’t even know where this is headed Gina, but I’ll check
Well uh the last one is not in all caps, why?
Exactly! Kj I don’t think you’ve paid attention to mer, she always sends her messages in all caps. She got used to that because of her father, mer sends proper WhatsApp messages, notes, but when it comes to her text messages they’ll always be in all caps.
Wait a minute Gina, you want me to believe that she didn’t send this text?
It’s true fool, I don’t even know why we are keeping the truth from you, mer has been kidnapped!
And you’ve been too stupid to notice, Gina im telling my brother everything.
I just nodded, maybe it was time for kj to hear the truth
KJ father is not who he seems to be, he knew Meredith before us, before you and it was a very horrible encounter. This will be difficult but you need to hear it.
Kj uhmmm……
I was watching jane get tongue tied and kJ stare cluelessly at her and I had to do something.
KJ dad ummmm…..
Tell him already jane!
He uh…..
Your father raped Meredith! There I said it
KJ was shocked and he couldn’t speak.
Gina that was a bit insensitive ” jane spat out
No jane insensitive is watching him die of curiosity while I have a friend in danger. He deserves to know the truth for once and I’m tired of all this.
I tried walking away and hit my leg on a chair, I bent down to rub my feet and the result fell out.
I went into the room and checked what mer had even gone to check, perhaps pregnancy test, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a pregnancy test with all the love she had been spreading around. I opened the envelope and read through, why would mer even go for this kind of test, it wasn’t as if she was intact down there. Besides I hated the test procedure, it was unethical and partly unreliable.
Wait a minute OMG! could she be! She didn’t even know
I was still in shock when jane ran to call me,
Gina quickly! Come he’s found where dad is keeping mer
KJ had not recovered from shock but he had to save mer first and ask his questions later, we all rushed out only to come face to face with KJ’s rival Nathan.
What was he doing here ? I could see kj trying to kill him, his hands kept folding into fists and he kept eyeing the young man. Nathan on the other hand was too worried about mer to notice KJ and he insisted on following us to rescue her. We needed all the help we could get so even if kj didn’t approve we were going with him.


My body was weak the second time I woke up, what were they even doing to me? the door creaked open and a man walked in. It was dark and I couldn’t make out who he was, till he leaned in and touched my face.
Dad! Dad!
Dad! What are you doing here, Mr Andrew is holding me hostage he’s been drugging me I don’t know what he wants with me. Dad please help me, I’m so tired
Nenye stop crying, you’ll be fine, stop crying!
Dad you don’t understand, for years I’ve been blaming you for everything, blaming myself for what happened. I let him make me hate you, I let this change me turn me into this unlucky person
Maybe he can just finish me, I’m tired, I’m just tired dad!

You know amongst all your siblings you’re the only one who’s like me. We hurt, but we store it in here, our heart and we are afraid to accept that vulnerability. Listen to me nenye accept that pain, anger, let it fuel you. Live through it and fight. There’s no shame in feeling pain and think hard baby, fate is on our side
Dad I don’t want to remember it, it’ll hurt
That’s the point baby, your pain makes you stronger, stop running from your problems face it! It’s your past why don’t you let all these things go, don’t let it shape your future take control of your present and secure your future
Dad, would you please help me?
I will hun just keep your eyes open I’ll be back”
Dad please don’t go! Please don’t leave me!
I woke up screaming and the figure I saw in front of me startled me.
“Hello again Meredith! Or should I say ex future daughter in law, i mean to think of how confident you had become, threatening me, withdrawing the merger, telling my wife and daughter those lies”
You know I’m not even surprised that you did this, and stop accusing me of what I didn’t do, I would love to take credit for opening the eyes of your wife and daughter but clearly it belongs to you, jane found out on her own and I’m pretty sure they’ve figured out that you took me.
I wouldn’t be so sure about that, you don’t even know how long you’ve spent here, do you? You’re lucky my boys are discipline enough to give you pee breaks and all even feed you. I told them to starve you, and keep you sedated, Why do you think you’ve been sleeping so much?
Whatever it you’re doing, you won’t get away with it, my parents will hunt you down, KJ won’t forgive you”
Forgive me? he doesn’t have a choice, I gave that boy a family or didn’t you know? You two keep a lot of secrets for a couple, I keep just one secret from my wife “
I won’t let you get away, you’ll pay for what you did to me in the past and what ever you try to do me ‘why would he say he gave KJ a family, wasn’t he KJ’s father, this man was nuts
A deep laughter roared, he kept laughing hysterically and I was confused.
“What I did to you in the past, what is wrong with you. I see! That hit you got on the head messed you up real good”
Why are you pretending, you know what you did and what nonsense are you talking about?
Meredith you are one sweet, innocent fool that’s why I can never let you go, I’ve been with other girls but you! You eluded me. You made me want you for years and finally nature brought you back to me.
Want me! Are you even listening to yourself, you rapist,you , you disgust me! The girls you raped , girls even which means jane’s friend is not the only one. You are despicable!
Don’t make me angry Meredith, they were victims because of you, I wanted you and when you refused me I was afraid that I’d get locked up, but luckily for me you wanted more , wasn’t that why you didn’t tell anyone, not your mother, your father, not even your siblings. When I thought I had lost you, you came crawling back to me”
This man was a psychopath
Are you even listening to yourself, I was just 14 and I never liked you, I just saw you in our house that day and the next thing you attacked me. I will forever loathe you, you Bastard, rapist!
This time he was upset and slapped me
Stop calling me a rapist! I didn’t even harm you, how could you forget what really happened between us, I never even got to enjoy what you were offering”.
I was stunned what was he blabbing
What do you mean by that, do you mean you never.. You didn’t actually…. Oh my God!
“How could you forget? The hit must have been too hard, I can’t believe you forgot?
I saw wounds on my body, on my thighs I thought you…..
Oh no mer, I didn’t, I can remember exactly how it happened. Your father had issues at his office and directed me to wait at his house, where would have the meeting for a merger. He must have thought you all were not in the house.
The maid ushered me in, and when I was settled I notice that after fifteen minutes everyone was out of the house. I didn’t know why, then I saw you. A beautiful angel in your pink mini skirt, I had seen you a few times with your father but you never paid attention to me. I had my chance and when I called out to you. I asked you why the house was suddenly quiet and you told me you told all the workers to leave and have fun. I then knew you did it for us, creating an environment suitable for our romance. But when I reached for an embrace, you kicked me. I then knew that our love was the violent one, I had to chase you around the sitting room, tear your clothes to show you just how much I wanted you. Maybe I should have been gentler, because when I almost got to where I wanted you slipped away. The last time I threw you so hard on the chair, hoping you’d be more welcoming but instead you slipped and hit your head so hard that you became unconscious. I thought you had died, but when I wanted to leave I heard a young man come in. Peter! Clever boy! He knew what happened and when I pulled a gun on him, he knew better than to help me take care of you.
I did have to get Peter out of the way and when I suggested a merger to his parents they were willing. Peter of course was under constant watch and I pulled a few strings and got him out of the way. Haven’t you ever wondered why Peter never got to see you again. I threatened him with so many things including stripping his parents off everything they had, his girlfriend even you mer!
He made the smart choice and here we are
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, living my life in shame, regret and all of it was a lie. How could I not remember, why didn’t I even tell my parents, my mom.
I didn’t know if I should be relieved happy, or sad about what the idiot had revealed to me.
I was brought out of my thoughts, when he reached for my trousers and started pulling them off, there was no way I was letting him harm me this time. I started kicking him, but the more I kicked the more he came. My hands were tied to the chair but my legs were allowed to move.
He gave me a kick on the stomach and I winced in pain, help! Help! Was all I could manage to breathe out.
He gave me another kick and I felt my organs stiffen. Then he continued with what he was doing, this time I couldn’t even stop him. I started making prayers, hoping for a savior.
My phone rang, all of a sudden and he paused.
Mom was calling me, he rejected the call and when it continued ringing he smashed it on the floor.
Any moment from now, the only thing left for him to get to would be my panties, I couldn’t even fight back and tears were streaming down.
Finally my trousers were on the floor then he slowly traced his fingers from my toes to my thigh, all I wanted to do was to throw up. When he had finally gotten to the edge of my panties I shut my eyes. There was no way I was going to watch this horror.
Dear God please,was all I could mutter.
Then a gunshot was heard, followed by another, something was wrong. He sensed the imminent danger and left assuring me that he would be back.
I mustered up strength hoping that the rope they tied me with would break but it didn’t.
I gave up struggling, maybe this was my destiny after all to be Andrews plaything.

When the door creaked and opened I knew I had lost.
When the figure got closer, he smelled familiar, yes my nostrils knew those scents so well because I sniffed them a lot.
Nathan! Nathan! Please help me! Please
But instead he sounded like a woman, was this a nightmare.
Jane is that you? She didn’t sound like jane. She didn’t sound like anyone I knew at all.

She had an accent just like nathans, did guardian angels really exist, turned out mine was English. She flashed her torchlight and saw the state I was in. She told me that she had a lighter with her and that it was the only way to free me. I knew what I was getting into when I told her to burn the rope.
I felt the burn on my hand and after some minutes I could wiggle my hand, I managed to slip out my hands but not without tearing part of my flesh that had received burns. I was too preoccupied with thoughts of escape to notice or feel the pains from the burns.
Sje helped me wear my clothes and we were on the move.
She never spoke a word again, till we reached the exit,
She told me that two men were also around and that she shot one, she seemed to have known what was going on with the way she described the men. She had left trail of blood from the one she shot and managed to move his body to another place just to distract them.
One had gone to get supplies, all I could think of was a way of getting out of the place alive. We managed to get to the gate only to discover it was locked, shooting the lock would attract the men she said.
Wait, I think I heard someone, quickly come let’s hide”
This lady was a total stranger and she was helping me, It didn’t add up. So when we ducked and hid behind the car I asked her who sje was.
“I’m Sophia Joseph, you’re well acquainted with my son and husband, “
How was this true? Wasn’t she supposed to be in Australia recovering?
“My hus.. Nathan probably told you about me, I messed up big time and I want to make amends, I came to Nigeria about a month ago, I’ve been following Nathan and Scott around. I’m just too scared to approach them. When I saw you come over to their house, I thought you were a threat to me and I decided to get close to you so that I can get you out of the way. But umm I saw you playing with my son in school one day, the way he hugged you and laughed. I felt bad, and I decided to stop. Not until a week ago, I followed you to school hoping to get a chance to talk to you, but I found out that someone else was following you. My instincts told me to maintain my distance and watch them and when they finally abducted you. I knew my guts were right. My father was a soldier, I know a lot about these things and drugs too.
She looked sad
Maybe I can get my family back now, I want them back and you’re the only one who can help me”
I was more than surprised, but can I help her with what she wants. Nathan and I might have crossed the friend boundary. Nows not the time to think about this mer, we have to escape.
It felt as if footsteps were coming towards us, we became very quiet and by the time I knew it, Sophia had cocked her gun. I scooched over to her side praying that the people coming would not harm us.
Shhhhh, let’s hide behind the car, I don’t think anyone is there” I heard someone say, but the voice was too familiar was that Gina OMG!
Sophia drop the gun,they’re my friends, She lowered her gun. And they finally got to where we were hiding . I was so excited to see them, jane, Gina, Nathan even KJ came to rescue me.
Gina hugged me and I tried so hard to get her to be quiet. We didn’t have time to talk we had to get away from there as soon as possible.
KJ reached out for my hand and held me and I was surprised, but the other hand was also being held by Nathan. I felt uncomfortable so I slipped both hands away from the two of them.
This was no time for that, I was disappointed in both of them and I didn’t want to upset Sophia.
I think we should leave the same way we came, jane suggested . “Mer hope you can scale a fence? “
There was nothing I couldn’t do at this point, I wanted to leave. Sophia had also jumped the fence to get to me.
We got to the place they came in from, and Jane was the first one to go, followed by Sophia the gina, I had to learn from them and protect my bruised arm with Part of KJ’s shirt which he tore and equipped me with.
I moved closer and when I started climbing, the whole place lit up. There was light everywhere and a voice stopped me halfway through
You move an inch and I shoot!
He held a gun and pointed towards me”
I got down quickly while kj and Nathan raised their hands above their heads. He made a call telling Mr Andrew to come to the place he was.
Within minutes Andrew was with us and he had a gun in his hands too.
KJ was shocked to see his father, Nathan on the other hand was well acquainted with the monster.
Father! What are you doing here? Please tell me that what I’ve been hearing is true? ” kj managed to let out.
You ingrate! How did you even get here? I see you’ve met my son Nathan
His son! I was beyond stunned, so was Nathan and kJ too. Andrew had already revealed KJ was adopted but Nathan being his son was unbelievable.
Your mother and I had an affair, she’s done so well to keep it from you. Your dead father didn’t know, he wouldn’t have made me your god father. Poor idiot! I am you’d biological father, and I’m pleased that you think like me. Even Meredith fell for your charms, wasn’t that why you got her naked easily? He chuckled
Nathan couldn’t talk out of shock and KJ was paralyzed by the revelation.
I won’t let you hurt anyone, Meredith especially you beast! , I am not your son. I will never be, you threatened to harm my child because of money. You are despicable “Nathan spat out
“I don’t care about you, or your son, all I want is my woman. Your mother has finally liberated me from the shackles of marriage, she wants a divorce. I’ll lose everything but not her. Meredith is mine! “
Dad please stop saying these horrible things, you’re having a break down from mom leaving you. You’ll be fine, you don’t know what you’re doing”
Shut up! I know what I am saying, I know who I’ve always wanted to to be with, John take these two men away.
John walked towards Nathan pointing a gun at him. I was just too riled up todo anything. With a swift second kJ rammed into John who fell on the floor but held his gun. The struggle began on the floor till a shot went off. While I was being pulled away by Andrew.
Nathan had fallen to the ground with both ears holding his ears.
God let itnot be kJ I pleaded. Finally he stood but John was still on the floor.
Kj and Nathan progressed towards Andrew and I and when they caught up with us. The gun was pointed towards them.
Something loud resounded and we all knew what the sound meant. The cops were around, yes maybe they can help us out of this.
Mr Andrew only laughed and pulled me closer, I was facing KJ and Nathan but my back was against Andrew.
I had to get away from this man’s grip so I hit him hard on the bely and left his hold.
He only ducked freeing me but still holding his gun.
Dad please stop this, the cops are here. You’re already in enough trouble “kj pleaded.
Trouble? Trouble is not having her to myself ” he said laughing hysterically
I won’t let them take me, and I won’t let any of you have her!! not if I can’t have her?!!!
He pointed the gun at me and I knew it was my end, so I shut my eyes praying to God to forgive all my sins.
Three gunshots resounded and when I didn’t feel any pain, I opened my eyes just to be sure that I was dead.
But I saw kj, Nathan and Mr Andrew on the floor. I didn’t know what happened but the three men were sprawled on the ground, groaning
Kj!, Nathan!
A figure appeared and revealed himself to me. It was my father’s chief of security. How did he know I was here? That wasn’t important, I had to save kj and Nathan
With tears in my eyes I siganlled david to get help. I rushed to KJ’s side and he was still groaning Nathan as well. But I paid little attention to Andrew.
The police stormed in followed by Gina and the rest, the police knew i was being held hostage and wanted to make sure I was safe before coming in. Apparently someone had tipped them off.
They helped david and I carry Nathan and kj into their cars, I insisted that they take us to the hospital before giving my statement. Kj was losing blood and so was Nathan. What were they thinking taking bullets for me?
Why was God punishing me?

It was an emergency, I kept praying in the car while david got cloths and held over KJ’s tummy to suppress the bleeding. I got one quickly and did the same for Nathan. He managed to reach out for my hand and this time I held on tight. I shouldn’t have said I never wanted to see him again, nature must have heard me.
We got to the closest hospital, a local clinic and they were taken into the OR(operating room)
I kept pacing around praying for everything to go well, jane and gina caught with me and just held me. I couldn’t help crying, I wanted to ask how andrew was but I couldn’t get myself to do it.
I told Gina and jane how KJ and Nathan got shot, though I didn’t see it happen I suspected Andrew to have the two men while david shot Andrew
Jane, you now have two brothers “I said holding her hand
I don’t understand how?
Andrew told Nathan that he was a product of an affair he had, I don’t know if it’s in my place to tell you, but I think you should know the truth, he said KJ was adopted”
Jane couldn’t speak at this point, she was stunned
Also ummm I was the one who moved your friend, from that psychiatric hospital. When you told me how erratic how behavior was, I suspected that your father must have had a hand in it”
She’s getting better now, we could go see her if you want, “
Gina finally spoke to me”Mer I got a result from the hospital, ummm it’s very surprising and good”
Don’t bother G, I know what it’ll say, Andrew never raped me”
What!!! How come! Jane responded
Well he did try to rape me, but he wasn’t lucky. I thought he did for years but I was wrong. I couldn’t remember every detail because I had a hit to my head, which stopped him from finishing his plan”
Well now I know why Nathan has feelings for you to, it’s hereditary “gina chipped in
I managed to chuckle and so did jane
So mer, when they come out of that room, who are you going home with?
Two men took bullets to save your life, I don’t think any one of them loves you less.
Honestly I don’t want to think about it, but I’ll choose my happiness.
Where was sophia by the way?
The lady with the gun!? I think she’s around here. How do you know her M?
She’s uh nathan’s ex”
Oh! Wow, well she won’t be too excited to know her ex took a bullet for you”
I don’t think she’ll be ” I muttered
The doctor walked out and we stood up immediately
His countenance was horrible, something was definitely wrong
Doctor how did it go? Are they okay?
Well miss, the two young men are definitely fighters but one of them is not looking too good
The bullet punctured one of his kidneys and we’ve been trying our best to keep him alive. He might be needing a transplant.
At this point I was almost breathless “which one of them doctor?
The Mr James oh sorry I got confused there, Mr Nathan Joseph “
I couldn’t stop myself from crying at this point.
How’s the other person?
Well we’ve managed to keep him stable but he is in coma
Doctors are bearers of horrible news ” gina spat out
How long will he be in a coma?
“Well it might last for days, weeks, years, you never can tell”
How bad does he need the kidney transplant? Can he last for long?
” with how bad his state is, I’d say three weeks with dialysis”
I zoned out
Mer! Mer! Hey! Calm down let’s go see kj. Don’t worry they’ll be fine. I’ll make sure Nathan gets a transplant ASAP ok. Jane reassured me
Looking at KJ on the bed, the tears continued
Please can I be left alone with him?
Gina and jane left me with kJ and I kept on sobbing.
Why didn’t you let him shoot me, kJ? You idiot! Why did you even come to save me, you’re supposed to be angry ? You shouldn’t even have come in the first place, now you’re in this state

I left KJ’s room hoping that by tomorrow things will get better. I met david who told me how he knew where I was. For years j had thought I was out of my father’s reach but he had eyes on me the whole time.
David said he stopped watching me for a week due to an emergency at home, but when he came back I had been taken. He followed jane to get to me.
After catching up with him to get my mind off things, Gina became a more appealing companion and he left me.
I woke up to noise coming out of two rooms close to each other, nathans and KJ’s. Jane had left the hospital to get supplies and hopefully a donor.
Something was wrong with kj as well because the doctors and nurses kept walking around in his room, another set in nathan’s. I was terrified.
Excuse me, is there any chapel in this hospital “i enquired
The lady directed me to a room and j knelt down and started crying. Maybe God would understand my tears better than words.
I kept crying and when exhaustion hit me I slept off.
Grandma is that you? What are you doing here? “I asked hugging her so tight
I’m here to help you nene” she said patting my back.
I only laughed at her words” grandma this is not the movies, and you’re not a fairy besides I need a kidney for my friend. I don’t see you getting me extra pairs? “
Tell me what are you willing to sacrifice to save him?
Grandma anything at all, but my fiance is also jn danger. I’m in a very difficult situation because I don’t want to lose any of them.
What if only you had powers that could only save one of them nene, which one would you choose to save?
Grandma I love the both of them I don’t think I want to lose any, saving KJ would mean leaving Scott without a father. Saving Nathan would probably make me miserable for the rest of my life, I can’t live knowing that KJ died because of me.
Nene so you’re telling me your hands are tied?
Unfortunately yes grandma, it’s like living out the word dilemma ” I chuckled with tears forming in my ears.
Nene why are you crying?
Well granny I’m sad, what if I chose to save kJ would that make me selfish? I do love Nathan but I think I love KJ more.
Well you’re not actually saving anyone of them, it’s not like you had the power anyway?
But grandma you know I would never risk the happiness of a child to get mine , I would never want scott to be fatherless. So if I had the power, no matter how much I’d want to see myself happy. I’ll choose another person’s happiness over mine.
” well mer it only shows you have a good heart, God loves those with a good heart baby, I think you made the right choice and for that you’ll find happiness , I do miss you a lot, but I’ll take my leave now “
Grandma can’t I come with you? , I need to rest .

Ok I’ll wait for you, first you need to meet your friend”
Who? I turned around and grandma left

Mer! Mer! Mer! Wake up!
I fluttered my eyes open and gina was there hovering over me?
G what time is it? How long have I been here?
You’ve been here since yesterday, it’s already noon. What were you doing here?
I was praying” I replied
Praying? really? Well I didn’t know snoring is included in speaking in tongues, I hope the angels understood you.
G, how’s Nathan? KJ?
Nathan is fine, I don’t know how jane persuaded her father but he’s accepted to give his kidney. Luckily they’re a match. They’ll be prepping him for surgery soon.
That’s good news, what about kj G?
Ummmm mer, you just need to be strong. I can’t tell you, you’ll have to see for yourself.
Let’s go see him” I said deep down I felt kj was no more. Gina was trying so well to hide her pain too. On our way to his room I saw a lady with a packet of candy. So I requested for one I didn’t know why I wanted to eat one so badly.
So mer, if they were to come out alive, Nathan and KJ who would yoy pick?
I smiled at her ” I care about Nathan, but I don’t think I want him to come out there for me, I want to be come our alive because of scott. Maybe Nathan was the easy way out but I don’t think he’s the right person for me “
So who will you choose mer?
I’ll choose the man I can share candies with”
I opened the door and I saw jane and KJ’s mom standing close to his bed. I managed to take two steps close to his bed. Praying that what I was seeing was the opposite.
I reached out for his hand and squeezed it, and shut my eyes letting the tears flow down my cheek.
I was still shedding tears till I felt a squeeze on my hand. I opened my eyes to see kJ smiling, I looked around and so was jane, gina and Mrs Johnson.
He wasn’t dead, he’s alive!
I reached out for his face and held it. I wanted to hug and kiss him but I felt he was in pains.
I held his hand so tight and smiled.
The ladies felt I needed space with him so they left,. I went close to his head and sat touching his face.
He wanted to say something and I felt he needed to,
KJ it’s fine you can talk now”
Ummmm mer I’m really sorry for not believing you, I messed up big time and I’m sorry for everything my father did to you. I can understand if you don’t want that be with me again”
Well King James, I won’t say I’m not disappointed in you, I was seriously considering your brother who has a cute kid though. But I just realized that I’m addicted to these things in my hand and there’s only oneman to share it with me. That’d be you.
And uh your father never actually hurt me the way you think, I just couldn’t remember. I wasn’t raped, I know jane told me gina told you the whole thing.
I love you so much KJ you should know that

Mer does that mean you still want to marry me?
Well first we need to get iron man toys out of our lives for good then I’ll consider being your wife. Of course I’ll marry you candy man.
He was happy to hear that, I unwrapped one of the candies and threw it into my mouth. Then leaned in closely and kissed him.
This time his kiss was not only filled with love, comfort and happiness. I could taste home also. This was where my heart really belonged.

Two weeks later
Nathan had received a transplant and was being looked after by Sophia , mrs patricia and scott. Gina on the other hand was always around david. Jane managed to charge her father to court because of her friend and even though Mrs Johnson was heartbroken she consented.
David had also given his statement to the police so did I and everyone except Nathan who was still recovering. David shot Andrew to protect me, but Andrew was ready to kill me, even after shooting his sons.
I finally spoke with my father and he was thrilled when I told him I was finally coming back home.
Mer! Nathan’s awake, come quickly!
Everyone ran to nathan’s room to see him, we were all thrilled to see him awake. He looked at me and nodded I smiled at him. Sophia was so scared but when she reached out to hold nathan’s hand he didn’t resist. Mrs Patricia was overjoyed and scott was happy too.
Mrs Patricia did have a revelation to make soon.
When I was left alone with Nathan, I thanked him for saving my life and for being a good friend. He was lucky, even though his father was a demon, he had managed to give him the gift of life.
I told him that I was back with kj and he was okay with it.
“Nate maybe you should get back with Sophie, I think Shes changed for good”
He smiled and agreed to give her one more try
“Mer do you think KJ and I will get along as brothers? It’s not everyday you get a brother like me
The one who wanted his girl and did something awful to her”
I laughed, I had forgiven him for that
” well you saved the life of his girl, I think that alone has redeemed you”
He laughed and I left his room.
Three days later gina and I were preparing to take kj home, he was discharged because he was getting better and also because he insisted on leaving the hospital. KJ hated hospitals.
Did you get everything G? Gina! Gina! What are you looking at?
Gina was staring at the hospital gate, where a covoy had arrived. Gina loved beautiful cars and I noticed that she was already picturing herself in those cars.
Kj was on a wheelchair and he was as surprised as Gina
Who are those people, is the governor sick or something?
Mer! not you too? Hun do you know these people?
The bodyguards stepped out before a middle aged man did, they went to get a woman(my mother, two young boys and a young lady”
They walked towards us and I could see that the man was happy to be where he was.
KJ I know these people very well, too well infact” umm hun do you think your mother will be mad if we didn’t get to your house?
No not really, she knows I want to spend time why do you ask?
Well because we will not be heading to your house or anyplace other than Abia state.
And why is that mer?
I smiled at him and said” Well because they have come to take me home”
The old man approached me and hugged me so tight,
Hello father!

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